Top 10 Reasons Why Future of the World Will not Secure

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It is not strange that everyone is intrigued about their future. The curiosity of knowing what will happen next is a natural thing present in every human being. However we sometime think about what future of the world, Some of the people think that the Future of the World will be scary owing to the development of certain thing that can endanger human life, while in other people’s opinion the future of world will be peaceful as the problems of world will be solved.

But in actual the Future of the World will be unpredictable in the sense that there will be many such new additions that can have positive or negative effects of human life. But here are some of the reasons that will make you believe that the future of the world can be terrifying. These are only possible prediction but most of them will become true and future of the World will be terribly affected.

10. Future of the World can be Terminators

future of world can be Terminators

Lethal Autonomous robots also know as LARs is also one of the reasons due to which future of the world will be terrifying. LARs is basically autonomous machinery that obeys your commands and follows exactly what you say. They are designed in such a way that they can kill anything that might cross their way and they are designed to combat in wars. In future, LARs will be sent instead of real human soldiers that will lead to massive devastation of areas that are attacked upon. You can imagine with these terminators, the future of world will be much more terrifying and can lead to increased paranoia and massive life losses. It is difficult to imagine, isn’t it?

9. The era of Drones

future of world will be like this

Drones have been used in the past few years for military purposes. However the drones have been secretly used by FBI in USA. There are also non military drones known as domestic drones. Owing to the widespread use of drones in the near future, the future of the world will be terrifying. Imagine a large number of drones; more precisely spy drones that are monitoring all your activities, indeed no one will like the fact.

Fully autonomous bee sized drones are under construction and in the future there will be microscopic drones with cameras. In the shadow of the fact future of world will not be secured and there will be no privacy. The climax is, we won’t even know that we are being noticed each and every moment, so the future of the world will be terrifying without any doubt.

8. The Rising of Water levels and Flooding

future of thr world can be dangerous

Sea levels change all the time owing to the climate changes that are occurring continuously. This rising level can be dangerous and future of the world will be horrifying as around half of the population of the world have houses near the coastal areas and can face the floods more than ever. This change is predicted before the year 2100. It has been predicted that the certain areas of the world near sea shore will be under water in a few years and the rising level of water will massively affect the population living in that area.

The flood will be for more than 30 days every year. Most of such areas will be uninhabitable after 100 years leading to a miserable condition of the people with their home, property and business in such areas. Owing to that reason the future of the world will be terrifying and this is the reason why people are shifting far away from villages and small cities producing a huge burden over big cities.

7. Pandemic Diseases killing Millions of People

future will be terrifying

If you see the history, you will find deadly pandemic and outbreaks in history like the black death due to plague, Spanish flu , HIV Aids, swine flu etc that have killed a large number of people. The future of world will be no different. Even right now, 0.7 million die each year due to infectious disease and this number will reach up to 10 million. The horrifying thing is that the chances of pandemic to spread in near future are rising each day.

A pandemic can not only affect millions of human lives, but also put a great burden over the economy of the country. According to the predictions made, the world is going to face serious pandemics in a few years and the future of the world will be terrifying as a pandemic is nearly unpreventable.

6. Microbes with Antibiotic Resistance

future of the world will not save

You might have heard that a medicine is not effective because the disease causing organism have developed resistance against it. Future of world will be so different owing to this increased resistance of organism. It is highly predicted that the increased development of resistance in such organisms will be cause your death in the upcoming fifty years. The reason behind this is the over usage of medicines that are available over the counter and are widely used.

As a result these medicines are losing their effectiveness day by day and the bacteria are becoming strong. If we go on prescribing stronger drugs, it will develop more resistance and eventually all the available drugs will fail to combat the resistant infections. Either we should develop some magical medicine against which resistance does not develop, or we can wait to die. All this tell us that future of the world will be highly risky in terms of infections.

5. Peak Oil and Prohibitively Expensive Oil

future of world will be not saved

Massively increasing population has more demands of energy, fuel and other resources to live on. Future of the world will be deprived of resources that can be easily predicted by present condition. Peak oil is a point when the global oil production will come to an end and according to a research this point has reached. Although other researchers say that it is because of slow production of oil, however the near future of world will be facing increased demand of oil combined with decreased production as well highly expensive oil that would not be affordable. So either we have to find some other source or we may be left with no fuel.

4. The Number of People living in Cities will be Tripled

increasing population

Over population has been a major problem since long. As the number of people is increasing, there have been increased demands of resources and natural reservoirs are falling out due to increased usage of fuel, oil, water, food. In the mid 20th century, around 750 million people moved to urban areas. But now more than half of the world’s population has been moved to urban areas. Owing to these factors the future of the world will be scary.

The increasing population will not only lead to the depletion of sources but also can be responsible for the spread of diseases like respiratory diseases due to increased pollution. The increase in urban population will lead to many other problems like unemployment and the future of world will be massively affected. In addition to that the rising temperature of the world will act as a catalyst for chemical reactions and will lead to increased amount of pollutants in the world and future of the world will be full of diseases caused by pollutants.

3. Mechanization

future of world will be machines

The developing technology will bring threats of unemployment in the near future owing to the increased mechanization. The future of the world will be filled with robots and it is highly predicted that each and every worker in big industries would be replaced by robots. It is strange that men are making such machines that will replace men as robots can do a better job, minimizing human errors, won’t fell ill, need no break etc. the future of world will be highly mechanized and will lead to social unrest, unemployment and a miserable life where you are dependent on robots for everything.

2. Extremism will be at its Peak


The world is growing fast into a scary place where you cannot assure your safety. Future of the world will be more insecure due to rapidly increasing terrorism all around the world. There is a constant threat to everyone’s life owing to this increasingly growing extremism that completely shows that we have not learned anything from our history. All around the world there have been increased riots, terrorist attacks and other violent activities that clearly indicate the future of the world will be dark in this regard with even worse situation.

1. Millions Of people will be without Food and Water

Future of world will be

Production and consumption of food are going out of balance day by day. The reasons behind it are manifold and owing to this the future world will be in a miserable condition. The global warming increased pollution and economic unrest all are responsible for decreased production of food. The problem is progressing with increased crop pest in warm regions and high rates leading to food deprivation in many areas.

Similarly for water, there are around 2.7 million people that don’t get enough water to drink because either they can’t afford it or they not have access to clean drinking water. Future of the world will be more terrifying as this condition will get worse in the upcoming years and decreased water will also lead to decreased irrigation of crop producing fields and hence less food production. Future of the world will be facing a global famine like condition where there will be deaths due to unavailability of food and clean water to nearly half of the population.