Top 10 Richest Football Clubs in the World

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We all are big followers of soccer and we love to see the teams playing and kicking the ball, and pushing it towards the goal. We created a list of top ten Football Clubs with some validate facts. All the fact and figures mentioned under are accurate and follow the rankings of Forbes, made in the starting of May,2016.

10. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

hotspur Football Clubs

Established in the year 1882, this club won the Football Association Cup in 1902, it ranked on number 10 amidst the top ten football clubs, the net value of the team is $ 1017 million dollars, and 310 million dollars is the revenue gained per year. The owner and stakeholder of the club is Joseph Lewis. UnderArmour is there official kit provider, with whom they are in dialogue to replace it with Nike, (the eminent provider and makers of sneakers and attires.) hopefully, the agreement will initiate after the new time of year and it will cost $45 million per annum.

Their home stage to play is White Hart Lane, located in England, and it has a capacity to accommodate 36 thousand and 200 spectators only. In the year 2015, they ranked 13 among the richest clubs but this year they jumped towards the achievement and achieved 10th place.

9. Juventus

football clubs

The word Juventus is imitated from Latin language and it means “youth”, the football club named Juventus was established in the month of November, 1897. The country of origin is Italy, and it is the most beloved clubs in Italy. Conferring to the Forbes, it is the ninth richest football clubs in the world of soccer. It has value of $ 1299 million, with yearly turnover of 390 million dollars. The owner and stockholder of the club is Agnelli family.

It has won many trophies, out of which Serie A TIM is one and more than thirty domestic champion leagues won by them. The associate allies in promotions are Adidas, Samsung, BWin, Jeep, Trussardi and many more. In the last league they won a record 31 serie A title, in which the club gained a revenue of $62 million for a day, which is 25% earning of the earlier term.

8. Liverpool Football Club

football clubs

Started on 3rd June, 1892, Liverpool club is 132 years old. As understood by name it is based from Liverpool, England. The soccer club has a history of achieving numerous domestic and international league championships. Estimated value of this club by Forbes in the month of May, 2016, is 1548 million dollars with average revenue per year is $ 471 million. The home stadium is Anfield, with a capacity of around 45000 spectators.

The associates in advertisings are Carlsberg, Dunkin Donut, Standard Chartered Bank, Garuda Indonesia (official Training Set Sponsor), New Balance (kit provider), Vitality and many more. The Liverpool football clubs is responsible for gaining 18 domestic Champions League trophies and Barclays Premier League. The anthem of the club is You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

7. Chelsea Football Clubs

football clubs

This is an England based club initiated in the year 1905, and is commonly recognized as Chelsea, with the nicknames associated with them are The Blues and The Pensioners. The home ground of the football club’s Stamford Bridge, which has never changed. The ground has 41,800 seating space for spectators. They earned 5 Domestic Championship titles and once Barclay Premier League winner. The value of the club Is 1661 million dollars, calculated by the Forbes and an annual revenue of $ 505 million, which was estimated in May 2016.

The official partners in promotions are Adidas (sneakers and t-shirt manufacturers), Apple, Delta, Singha, Yokohama and Hublot and many others. The owner of the club is Roman Abramovich who has planned to renovate the ground and will spend up to $785 million, for maximizing the capacity to 60,000 audiences.

6. Manchester City

football clubs

Manchester City FC is placed on number 6, in the race of richest football clubs by Forbes. The club was founded in 1880, with the name of St. Mark’s, which then later changed to Ardwick Association FC in 1887 and finally the title changed to Manchester City in 1894, which is still continuing. It is England based club of football. According to Forbes, the squad worth a value of $ 1921 million and generates an annual income of 558 million dollars, the shareholder and the owner of the club is Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan. The official partners in promotion are Nike, Nissan, SAP, Aabar, Hays, Etihad Airlines and many others.

5. Arsenal FC

football clubs

The club is a much trained football clubs from Holloway, England. It was established over a century and 3 decades ago in 1886. The club is famous for winning the most FA cups in England, it also gained 13 League Titles, is also a champion of UEFA cup once. And many within cities leagues victories are until its label. The Arsenal Football Club value 2017 million dollars with a per annum revenue received is $ 524 million, deliberated by Forbes in May 2016.

The official partners are Emirates Airlines, Citroen, Puma (world renowned manufacturers of Shoes, kits and t-shirts),Europcar, Vitality Health and many more. The home ground of Arsenal is Emirates Stadium, with a capacity of 6o thousand 300 hundred spectators, the shareholder and owner of the club is E. Stanley Kroenke.

4. FC Bayern Munich

richest football clubs

The squad comes on the fourth place from last three years consecutively; the football club is commonly recognized as FC Bayern Munchen, founded in the year 1900 and is 116 years old. It is a German soccer club, from Munich, Bavaria. This is the best football clubs in the history of German soccer; it earned 26 national titles and a record breaking seventeen national cups.

The squad worth $2678 million, with an annual income of $570 million.(according to Forbes). The official kit partners are Adidas, with which the club has extended its deal for 10 more years, until 2030, for 968 million dollars.Other major sponsors are Audi, Allianz, SAP, Lufthansa Airlines and T mobiles.

3. Manchester United F.C

football clubs

The third richest soccer club in the world is Manchester United, which is an England based squad, the team is nicknamed as Red Devils, it was founded In the year 1878 with the name Newton Heath LYR which then changed to Manchester United in the year 1902. The team has 20 victories under its banner. The estimated value of MU is $ 3317 million, with the 20% debt, by the Forbes, published in May 2016, the official partners for the kit of the squad is Adidas, (big name in the dealing and manufacturing of shirts and sneakers), with which the club signed a ten year record agreement worth $750 million. Other partners are 20th Century Fox, Chevrolet, Aon, Columbia, DHL (worldwide delivery provider) and many more.

2. Barcelona F.C

no.2 football clubs

On the list of top ten football clubs, Barcelona ranked out as number two, the team was established in the year 1899, by few Swiss and English and Catalan soccer players. The country of origin is Spain and has millions of followers who enchanted with the charisma when the squad entered the ground. The club worth $ 3,549 million with a debt percentage of 3%,, (according to Forbes, May 2016). The controller and owner of both the club and the money are the members of the squad.

In the year 2015, Barcelona became the only team that has won treble (league, Spanish League, Champions League), twice in the year 2008 and 2009 and also in 2014, 2015. The major sponsors are Nike (expert in manufacturing Shoes and t-shirts), Audi (a big name in the car industry), Intel, Qatar Airways and many more. The biggest rival of the team is Real Madrid, and it is seen in the League La Liga, that when the two teams from the same country are standing opposite to each other and the play is than named as El Clásico.

1. Real Madrid Club de Fútbol

famous richest football clubs

The number 1 football club in the world Real Madrid, (according to Forbes), it was founded in the year 1902, it is 114 years old club that is the most popular soccer club, and it has millions of fans. Cristiano Ronaldo is a biggest super celebrity of this team. The squad is the richest and worth $3,654 million, out of which 4% is debt, according to Forbes consensus published in May 2016, the member of the squad are the shareholders of the money, from the last decade the team earned 7.6% increase in the revenue generation every year.

The media partners of the shirts are Emirates Airlines currently, other strong sponsors are Microsoft, Adidas (specialized in sneakers and apparel), Audi, Bwin (official online betting site), IPIC and Mahou and so on. The club is now also associated with a famous social media app, Snapchat, it is the first sports team that is linked to any social interaction platform like this and it has already get a hit likes of 110 million fans on another social interface, Facebook.