Top 10 Self-made Entrepreneurs of the World

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There are many wealthy people around the world. Some of them have inherited the wealth whereas some has put their lifetime efforts in earning money. However, to become a billionaire with your own efforts is not an easy job. Entrepreneurs are the people who designed and launch a new business and organize their enterprise with a risky initiative instead of working under someone’s supervision.

There are many Entrepreneurs who are well known not for their life time work, but not all the entrepreneurs reach the level to become a billionaire even after their hard work and struggle. To become a successful entrepreneur, you require a lifetime struggle, ambition and determination for achieving your goal.

This article includes the top 10 Entrepreneurs of the world who made their way through success, working day and night and now they are being ranked among this list of top most entrepreneurs.

10. Michael Bloomberg


Michael Bloomberg is one of the entrepreneurs that have been regarded as world’s top most self-made entrepreneurs. He is a famous American business icon and a politician. His philanthropist work has also added to his popularity. He started his career at Salomon brothers and later on he established his own company in 1981 and became it CEO. He became a mayor in New York in 2001 and maintaining his position since 3 elections.

Not only this, he has also ranked as sixth wealthiest person in USA with his massive sum of 41.1 billion dollars. Being an owner of Bloomberg L.P, he is the top most entrepreneurs who found this organization and also is his CEO. It is a financial data and media company that works globally. Also famous for Bloomberg Terminal, that is famous among investment professional. Nowadays he is very active in his politics and may become a possible candidate for US president.

9. Wang Jianlin


One of the top entrepreneurs, Wang Jianlin, is a business icon in China and has also been ranked as one of the top philanthropists. He is the founder and chairperson of Dalian Wanda Group that serves as the largest real estate company not only in China but also all around the globe. The man has made 20 percent contribution in football club in Spain. He started working as an administrator in Xigang District and later on became its General Manager.

After that, he joined Dalian Wanda Group and is serving as its CEO since 1993 and made it one of the largest theatres all around the world. He has also built Madrid in Spain. Currently he has been working on many grand projects like Oriental Movie Metropolis. Being one of the richest men with his 28.8 billion dollars, he is one of the top self-made entrepreneurs in the world.

8. Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is one of the top entrepreneurs in the world. He is a computer programmer in America, an internet entrepreneurs and a one of the top ranked philanthropist. He is the cofounder, CEO and chairperson of the most popular social media website, Facebook. He started his work as a software designer and computer writer and developed many programs.

With his 47 billion dollar wealth, he is also included in the list of top richest men in the world. The man launched his networking website directly from his hostel room in Harvard along with his friends that became viral in no time. Currently he has been involved in many charitable foundations like The Giving pledge, and this entrepreneurs has become one of the top influential men all around the world.

7. Carlos Slim

richest man and top entrepreneur

Carlos slim is one of the richest people in the world. He is one of the famous businessmen in Mexico, an investor and one of the top entrepreneurs. He is called as the Warren Buffett in Mexico. He began his career from stock trading in his country Mexico and later on he shared interest of large companies of the country. Keeping the hold of many Mexican companies with his Grupo Carso, he is the chairman and CEO of Telmex telecommunication company.

The man is also a CEO of America Movil that is largest mobile carrier in America. With a massive sum of donation in Carlos Slim foundation, medicine research project, several art and education projects like Museo Soumaya and running his three nonprofit organizations, he definitely is the Warren Buffett of Mexico. His total donations of 4 billion dollars make him one of richest entrepreneurs all around the world.

6. Jeffrey Bezos

American technology entrepreneur

Jeffrey Bezos is one of the top American technology entrepreneurs in the world. He is also an investor who has played a very major part in the development of e-commerce. He worked in the computer science post in Wall Street and built an international trade company network.

The man is the founder of in 1994 that has become one of the major website for online marketing and video stream website. He also purchased the newspaper The Washington Times and has been ranked as one of the richest entrepreneurs all around the world.

5. Ingvar Kamprad

Swedish entrepreneur

He is a Swedish entrepreneur, a founder of IKEA ( a company specializing furniture). He has a net worth of 48.1 million US dollar. He was born in Sweden in 1926. He developed his skills of business as a young boy selling matches to his neighbors and later he moved on to selling fishes, Christmas trees etc.

In 1948, he diversified his working experience by adding furniture to his Uncle’s Kitchen table. This was where the elevation of his career took a certain degree of rise and He became one of the best entrepreneurs of the world.

4. Lawrence Ellison

American internet entrepreneur

Lawrence Ellison is an American internet entrepreneurs and a businessman. He is executive chairman of Oracle Corporation. By the end of 2014, he was the world’s third wealthiest man in America and fifth in all over the world. He was born in New York in 1944. He has a net worth of 51.5 million US dollar. He did his graduation from University of Chicago. In 1970, after his graduation, he joined Amdahl Corporation where he did database projects.

He named these projects for CIA as Oracle. In 1977, he founded a Software development Company along with two partners. In 1979, he renamed his company as Oracle System Corporation. In 1994, Oracle was given tough time by its rival company, Informix. This war continued for three years. In 1997 Informix was absorbed by IBM. In 2005, Oracle Corporation paid him a 975000 US dollar salary and a lot of bonus too. In 2009, after a long race of competition, oracle showed its intents to by SUN Microsystems. But the beginning of 2010, Oracle had approved acquisition of SUN Microsystems. Ellison also had interests in aviation, tennis and politics too.

3. Amancio Ortega Gaona

Spanish businessman and entrepreneur

A Spanish businessman and chairman of Inditex fashion group, having a net worth of 65 million US dollar. He was born on 28th of March In 1936. By the end of October 2015, he was given the title of world’s richest man just for four hours having a net worth of 78.6 US dollars at that time. He is the youngest of his siblings. He belonged to lower middle class family. Owing to this fact, he had to leave his school and did a job for a local shirt maker. There he learned to make to clothes.

In 1972, he himself stepped into fashion industry when he founded Confecciones Goa. In 1975, he along with his wife opened their first Zara store (now a part of Inditex group). Now he holds 59.29% shares of this group which are apart from other 6000 stores including brands like Zara, Massimo Dutti, and Kiddy’s class and has a total number of 92000 employees approximately.
Until 1999, there was no photograph of him ever published. An astonishing fact was that he usually refuses to wear ties, generally wears a simple uniform which are not Zara products either. He made his first appearance on media in 2000.He gave up his place to Vice president of Inditex in the textile empire.

2. Warren Buffett

world second best entrepreneurs

He is the world’s second best entrepreneur having a net worth of 70.1 US dollars. Warren Buffett, an American man belonged to upper mediocre family. His father was a congressman. Warren Buffett showed his interests in investing and business at quite a young age. As a result of this, by the age of 15, he made 175$ monthly income by delivering newspapers. Interests in stock market drove him to investing and business.

In 1951, he worked at Buffett-Falk and company as a salesman and by the end of 1970, owing to his endeavor, he became CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. In 1973, he started acquiring stock in Washington Post Company and he purchased Buffalo Evening News for 32.5 million US dollar. In 1988, he eventually purchased 7% of Coca-Cola Company Stock shares for 1.02 billion dollars. In this way, he made a lot of money out of others companies later in his career and became a successful entrepreneurs.

1. World’s Best Entrepreneurs Bill Gates

bill-gatesWilliam Henry Bill Gates, a computer programmer, a renowned American entrepreneur and philanthropist generally known as the best known entrepreneur of computer revolution , born on 28th October 1955. His father, William Gates, was a prominent lawyer and his mother used to serve for board of directors of United Way and first Bank System. He has a net worth of 85.7 billion US dollars.

He along with His companion Paul Allen founded a company now named as MICROSOFT. During His stay at Microsoft, he had been the CEO, chief software architect and the largest shareholder of the company. He withstood the title of world’s wealthiest man from 1995 to 2007 and later in 2009; he restored his title having his wealth increased to 82 billion US dollars from 40 billion US dollars.
During the early years at Microsoft, he oversaw business details along with writing codes. In 1980, Microsoft was being approached by IBM for providing them with operating systems. He had a competitive and aggressively broadened management style. He himself appeared in a lot of Microsoft ads for the promotion too.