Top 10 Smartwatches 2016 in the World

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Have you ever think about wearing the watches through which you can control all your functions and tasks? What if you are given a watch that is added with all the android and iOs features? Well it’s not a dream but a reality that now Smartwatches 2016 are accessible in the market places. There are so many companies of technology that have introduced with such type of the watches for bringing some easiness in the lifestyle of their customers. Now for keeping the updates you don’t need to search for the iPhone and smartphones all the time because these all features have been provided in just one watch!

Below we will going to highlight down with the list of top 10 best smartwatches 2016 in the world whom you would surely going to love wearing all the time.

10. Pebble Steel Smartwatch

Top 10 Smartwatches 2016

On the 10th spot we have the name of Pebble Steel smartwatches 2016! This smartwatch has been designed in a complete classic and brilliant way. This watch is just like the iPhones and Android phones. It’s amazing feature is that its screen is readable in bright daylight. It is even swim- and shower-friendly. This watch has been all built-in pedometer for the purpose of the persistent fitness tracking. You will be finding it to be set with the wide variety of quirky apps. This watch required with the charging twice a week.

Plus it has been all added with the heart-rate monitor or more advanced fitness features. It is much affordable with the rates as its current market price is about $123.00. You will surely going to love wearing this watch all the time because of its so impressive features! So are you ready to wear this smartwatch right now!

9. Huawei Watch

famous best smartwatches 2016

Huawei watch is another one of the top most famous smartwatches 2016 in the world. This watch is coming up to be the mixture of the classiness and smart technology that by end comes up with the enduring timepiece. This watch has been all set with the coverage of the superior full circle that hence display offers a window onto the world. It is innovative and high with its performance.

In its main features we have that it is scratch resistance and has been beautified with the coverage of the sapphire crystal. It has the amoled display along with the stainless steel casing. You will definitely be finding this watch as the signature style! Grab it now before it gets out from the market!

8. Motorola Moto 360 (2015)

android best smartwatches 2016

The Moto 360 is on the 8th spot for being one of the most attractive android smartwatches 2016 in the world. Its market price is around $136.49. It has the poor battery quality but still it is coming out to be one of the most demanding watches. It is light in weight and comfortable to wear. It has been all set with the leather as well as metal straps. It has the setting of the ambient light sensor all along with the wireless charging. It is included with the chamfered glass and circular design. You will surely going to fall your heart on this watch!

7. Pebble Time Round

best smartwatches 2016

On the next of our list we have Pebble Time Round! This is finally the watch that actually looks like a watch. It is just 7.5mm thin that makes it so much lightweight. It makes you feel that if you are not wearing it. In its main features we will talk about the alerts of the events, texts as well as app alerts, incoming call, fitness all along with the sleep tracking. It has the thinnest design that makes it appear to be one of the most striking looking watches in the market places.

It is all accessible in the varieties of the colors, sizes, and styles. Its battery power can stay longer for at least 2 days and the full day of power will takes just 15 minutes. Its market price is around €169.95 EUR. So stop wasting time and catch this reasonable watch right now!

6. LG G Watch Urbane

famous smartwatches 2016

This is another one of the finest and most famous smartwatches 2016 in the world. This watch has been included with all the features which you need to grab the attention of others. It has the sleek thin design with the longer lasting battery power. It has been all designed with the metal framing. It is light in weight that will make you feel as if you are not wearing any watch. So why wait more? Be the first to catch this smartwatch right now!

5. Samsung Gear S2

smartwatches 2016

On the 5th spot we will mention with the name of Samsung Gear S2! This is the watch which you almost all the people have dream about. Samsung mobile handsets have already attained the top positions in the market and now it’s time for their smartwatches to rule on the world. This watch has been coming out to be the third Google-powered smartwatch in 12 months from the side of the Korean company. This was the very first watch that was considered to be added with the latest android wear updates. Its current market price is about $349.

It has been all set with the silver or gold finished stainless steel. This gives away this smartwatch with the eye- and light-catching look. You will going to view that this watch has been added up with some of the extra physical buttons. Its thickness is about 10.9mm. It is quite in demand among the women these days. You will love the way it’s designing and features are working together that will going to make your daily tasks much easier.

4. Samsung Gear S2 Classic

smartwatches 2016

Samsung Gear 2 Classic is another one of the masterpieces by Samsung. This watch will definitely going to make you forget blinking your eyes. This smartwatch was designed by Alessandro Mendini. You will going to catch up with the simple twist on top of the Gear S2. You can make the use of bezel to scroll through long emails as well as zoom in on a map or skip a track during playback.

It has been accompanied with the touch screen control all along with the side. Moreover it has the Home and Back buttons. Through this watch you will be able to keep the complete track record of your daily activity levels, heart rate and water vs. caffeine intake. So when one watch is giving you with so much in its features then why to wait for any other watch?

3. LG Gizmo Gadget

best smartwatch 2016

On the 3rd spot in our list we will mention with the name of LG Gizmo Gadget. This watch is all set with the smartwatch touch that is incredible to use. This watch has been all set with the designing of the stainless steel through which you will be able to keep the track record of your information and data. You can even take this watch to be best for the school going kids. It is attractive and designed in a complete easy way. It has the good sort of parental control too.

Through this watch you cannot send free-form text messages. Primary parent must be a Verizon subscriber as it will going to benefit them a lot. Hence the school kids can use this watch just to stay in touch with their caregivers via voice and text. The GizmoPal 2 is accessible at the cost of $79.99 and the Gizmo Gadget is present at the cost of $149.99.

2. Microsoft Band 2

best smartwatches 2016

The Microsoft Band 2 is on the second spot of our smartwatches 2016 list. This smartwatch has been all designed with the great sum of functionality that make it turn out to be the fitness trackers to have this year. It has been all set with the larger, curved screen. It has the longer lasting battery life. It is not waterproof. Some of the features of Android and iOS are added in it.

Through the use of this smartwatch you will be able to set the navigation as well as start the heater, lock the doors, flash the lights, or honk the horn. All along with the curved screen and new sensor this Microsoft is accessible at the cost of $249.

1. Apple Watch (Best Smartwatches 2016)

smartwatches 2016

On the last and yet at the top we have the name of most beautifully designed Apple Watch. This watch has been designed in flawless way through which it will be able to handle the messages. It has been added with the amazing feature of the solid fitness tracker. By using this watch you can send and receive voice calls all the way through an iPhone. You can even store with some music for local playback over Bluetooth.

The only fault in it is about its battery life that lasts very little. But still this smartwatch is known out to be one of the best watches existing today in the world. The Apple Watch Collection cost is starting from the $549 and goes up to $1049 in 38mm whereas the 42mm once again adds $50 to the price.

So this was the complete list about the top 10 best and famous smartwatches 2016 in the world! All the watches are best at their places because each one of them is offering with the high quality and amazing features within it. You will surely going to love wearing all the watches! Which one of the smartwatch is your favorite?