Top 10 Social Media Networks that are Unknown

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Social networking has become an integral and most important part of our lives now with which survival seems impossible. New Social Media Network are popping up every day. Everyone is aware of the fact that social media network tools are economical and easy means to build connections and relationship. Several new trends are being introduced on daily basis to make it more popular and helpful for the people. Facebook, twitter, Instagram are among the big names with which everyone is familiar; however there are certain other emerging Social Media Network making their way to be included in the ranking of best social medias however some of these have become obsolete. Let us have a look on certain social networks that has not passed through our eyes yet.

10. Whisper

unknown social media network

It is an iOS and Android application that is made available to its users without charge. Whisper is among the social network media of present time that was launched by Whisper Text LLC in March 2012. The concept it has brought out is anonymity. It facilitates its users by allowing them to send messages and receive replies anonymously. In usually a form of greeting cards i.e. text is encrypted on a picture. You can respond to the message received publically or in person.
Whisper allows the user to protect their identity as well. This social media network has nearly 10 million users in April and that number has increased to 20 million by the end of year 2015. With the passage of time it is expected that this social media will become more popular in spite of all the criticism on it.

9. Social Media Network Nextdoor

it needs attention

Nextdoor is another emerging social media network that unlike other social networks allow the people to get connected to their neighbors and nearby living people. In February 2012, it was found by Nirave Tolia. The interesting concept behind the invention of this social media is to connect and promote communication with people living near you; different from other social networks who connect people across the world. It also protects the privacy of its users by minimizing the spread of their information on social media network.
Recently it is becoming a challenging rival for with different social media networks such as Facebook, Google, yahoo etc. Nextdoor helps its users to find local jobs and business, hire babysitters and to update nearby people about possible crimes that can pose possible threats to safety. This social network was criticized by many journalists in the recent months for it being responsible for bullying and racial profiling.

8. Ziitrend

quite famous network in 2000s

Although being out of much popularity now, Ziitrend was one of the most interesting social media networks of its time. It was launched in mid 2000 and highlighted the predictive capabilities of web based community. Users were organized on the basis of their fields of interests that could range from any educational topics to household task. Its servers used to brought together the predictions and post outcomes for upcoming events.

Some social media network expert technicians declared that it was not a user friendly network and did not provide other beneficial features. It has now become defunct social network though it was an interesting experiment in social networking.

7. Vine

got attention from viewers

It is a video sharing network which allows its users to share around 6 second long videos. This social media network was launched in June 2012 and was acquired by Twitter in October in 2012. Vine social network can also be used to browse the videos posted by other users. Videos can be shooted as well as browsed by theme, trend, popular etc.
Having twitter on its back it is not less than a threat to other such social networks like Viddy, Mobile and Cineverse. It has nearly 200 million active users as of December 2015. In the recent years, this social network has made its way up the chart.

6. Ncludr

attention ful media

although now-defunct Ncludr was a social media network that had an interesting take on user-generated profiles on Facebook. It was actually a satire of modern social networks. Its users after signing up had to answer a few questions and a profile was based on answers given by the users. Each and every aspect of a user’s profile was decided by the algorithm and was unchangeable.
Ncludr promoted social media based friendship worldwide. Unlike Facebook that requires people to send friend requests and wait, Ncludr used to connect its users automatically however this feature did not preserve the privacy. Later on it came on screen that Ncludr social media network was a fake network.

5. Medium

friendly media

In August 2012, Medium was found was Twitter and became a very popular platform for blog publishing in social media network technologies. In the past few months it has been evolved into a hybrid of both professional paid contributions and non-professional contributions journalism. Some of its publications like music magazine and technology publication has made their ways to the user’s attention.
This micro blogging social media network can be used to publish stories or ideas that the user want to post using Medium. Users can recommend different stories with this network and can also rate according to their choices.

4. Chirp

source of transfer information

This social media network is used to transmit files and different links to other users taking this social network technology in a totally different but interesting road. Chirp allows people to connect, chat and share information without having any internet connected on their phones. Because of this feature it has become one of the main appeals of smartphone technology.

There is a really fascinating idea behind chirp, it takes the files and encodes it as sound and allows it to be played over any audio device that can be saved by any of its nearby users on their devices. Once Internet access is available, the sound file is decoded by Chirp. There are several other feature of this social media network which are under working. Chirp also facilitates private users to send multiple files extremely quickly.

3. Wechat

want to chat

In 2011, this social media network platform was developed by a Chinese company. This media provides services in both text as well as voice messaging. In addition to these services, it is also used for sharing pictures and videos. Other exciting and crisp features of this media are that it provides the facility of video conferencing, video games and location sharing. WECHAT also supports money transfers. It allows its users peer to peer transfers as well as electronic bill payment. It is available for iOS, android and windows phone users.
An interesting feature about this application is that you don’t have to be connected via WiFi to share contacts with nearby people. You can do this using Bluetooth as well. You are free to contact with people (if they are open to it) in the similar fashion as we do on Facebook.

2. Snapchat

Discover LifeThis social media network is generally used for its pictures and videos sharing feature. This media was launched by a couple of students of Stanford University in 2011. The Unique and most interesting feature of this social media network is that it allows its uses to set a time limit for the visibility of their pictures and videos. After that specific time limit, your snaps disappear and can no longer be viewed.This application is supported by both iOS and android phone users.
This media has a “MY Story” feature too. It makes its users to make a story line after compiling a series of pictures and they can be customized at any time. In 2014, they added an additional feature of text messaging and video chatting services.

1. Secret

powerful media for youngester

This social media was developed by David Byttow and Chrys Bader-Wechseler in the year 2013. Secret is an iOS app service that is used for anonymous sharing of messages and statuses of within the circle of friends. It uses Facebook as 2nd network party in a sense that only people within your Facebook circle or contact list can share secrets But the amazing feature of this application is that you don’t know which of friends shared secret.
New chat features were introduced by the company in December 2014, when it launched its it second much faster 2.0 version. The way it is different from other similar media like Whisper, pop secret a sense that it only allows your friends or people you know to share their feelings which made it more secure and addictive for users. In April 2015, the company revealed its new researches about adding new features in this social media, those features which facilitated their users the most. It was also exposed that this social network is used at several companies like Google, twitter and Facebook. Owing to its user friendly services, no doubt it will emerge and gain extensive popularity to be rated among the top most used social media.