Top 10 Surprising Thing found in the Space

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All of us have almost knows all the Surprising Thing and facts about our world. And we all are all the time interested in knowing surprising and new things about world around us. But from the time space travelling is started people showing interest in knowing facts about that world which is different from their world and they can’t see and visit that world frequently.

People want to know the surprising and weird things about that universe where gravity is not present. So the astronauts help the people and visit space and through them we came to know some strange and surprising things around the space. That is really Surprising Thing. You will be surprised when you know that there are some natural things present there. Things present there is similar to our Earth. Below is the list of some surprising natural things scientists have found on space.

10. Alcohol

Surprising thing

Most amazing and surprising thing which is found in space is clouds of alcohol. It is found in the Milky Way which is surrounded by stars. And that is in that much amount that you make 400 trillion pints of beer from them. The scientists said that they also found clouds of methyl and vinyl alcohol. The weather there is very cool so its sad thing that we can’t do anything with that but scientists only catches the amazing point of their existence there.

This is the organic compound which means that the materials which are necessary for the existence of life are present in it. From these things and their presence tells us about the whole story that how we were created and how this whole world is created and how the world present there is created. These molecules are helpful in creating of this complex life and by finding them we come to know that how they are created naturally there.

If we conclude that we come to know that our solar system have the conditions to create complex life still they are not perfect and ideal as our world but the surprising thing is that these conditions are present there but in more complex position.

9. A Tiny Art Museum

surprising thing

What a surprising thing is that art museum at the place one can never think about. Art and science together wow what an amazing reality it is. Both of them are different edges but they are found together. In 1969 a flight was sent to space and the mission was that the work of Andy Warhol and five other artists send to moon. History told us that this mission was successful the only tiny museum at moon. These six drawings are still present on the moon and bit surprising thing. They wanted to make and leave a mark on the moon and they become successful.

8. The Death Star

death star found in the space

We have see a death star only in Hollywood movies but you will be surprised to know that it exists in reality. But don’t worry that is not present in our world that is only present world out there yes in space. NASA’s kepler telescope discovered the white dwarf which is destroying other planets. This is as large as Texas.

Don’t need to be worried because the speed is very slow of this dwarf. NASA observes the falling of planet into this dwarf but at very slow speed and it will take million years to destroy the whole world. Andrew Vanderburg said that it is first time that they see the death of plants in solar system.

7. The Oort Cloud

a cloud exists in space

Another special and surprising thing present in the space is the Oort cloud. Before knowing that Oort cloud exists in reality we only know that these are present only in theory. But they exist in reality. This is of the certain size and shape and made up of the compounds and looks like rocks which we have studied before. The estimate of the scientists tell us that they are far away from us for about one light year exact that’s why nobody can seen the oort cloud. But only the scientists can seen that because they have telescopes and with the help of these they can see these Oort cloud. There is no lie in that fact that they exists in reality.

6. Space Hubcap

space hubcap

This is the old story when US made many tests as they thought that there is nuclear weapon present underground. On August 27’ 1957 the test was not successful as planned. Then an explosion was made in space and the blast was as narrow as 150 meter shaft. And the surprising thing which is noticed that there is only one thing between the bomb and the freedom and that is a tin steel lid covering the shaft. It was done in the air six times the velocity needed to leave earth gravity. And then never observed again. After that there was arguments about that are hubcap is present in the space or not. The first ever calculations of cap’s speed measured the power or force with it was hit but leave behind the facts like gravity and air resistance. Bob Brownlee made these calculations and he had a doubt on his calculations. Other said that hubcap is burned. But the name of the space hubcap will shine because of the pioneer of the explosion.

5. Golf Balls

human played gold in space

We never come to know that where the longest drive of the golf goes because scientists find the golf balls in the space. Apollo 14 astronaut Alan Shepard also drew some golf balls on the moon in an activity called extravehicular (EVA). All of them are there and the team was returned to earth. Shepard said that one of his shot went miles.

4. Lightning in Space

there are lightnings in space

The lightning strikes are also seen in space. And the powerful electrical current was observed there. This lightning storm was largest but not the first. Because lightning storms are present there and can appear easily in the empty space. They are most probably come from the black holes. If we observe that storm it is that much big that it can stretch for more than 150,000 light years. Which means it is longer than the whole Milky Way. This storm has that much energy that if given to the earth it will be enough for million years. And if we see it from the other perspective it is the good sign that we have that much energy of light which can work for million years.

3. Urine in Space Surprising Thing

Astronauts piss in space

Astronauts pee into the space is an amazing story. Throwing urine into the space is very expensive for them. The vacuum which throws urine in the space costs $30 million. And throwing overboard is the complicated process and for that lot of training is given to the astronaut plus it is expensive one also. $50,000 a toilet, complete with suction and an airlock that create blast out urine in the space. So they have filtration process they filter urine and make drinkable water from that. But still there are signs of urine present in the space and quite surprising thing to believe. AS one of the astronauts named Eugene Cernan said that scene of urine droplets turning into ice is the memorable thing for him which he experiences during his flight.

2. Suitsat

old spacesuit and make a spacecraft

When he was in space an idea click into his mind. He was thinking to made satellite from an old spacesuit. A spacesuit cost multi million so it was not a bad idea. What they have to do take some old spacesuit and make a spacecraft from them. They turned on the radio and give this message to the people on earth. People start congratulations to them. There was just three hours left to his flight suddenly the connection lost. People wanted to hear but there was no response from space. NASA said that might be batteries get frozen in the cold weather but nobody knows what happened. Mr. Smith was killed but no one knows what happened. Suitsat (Mr. Smith to Americans and Mr. Ivan Ivanovich to Russians) launched by ISS on February 3 2006. Something went wrong and he was killed but the suitsat is remembered as it opens the way of other suitsat.

1. Possible Ocean Life

signs of ocean in space

NASA discovered the ocean life on the of Saturn’s largest moon Titan. The water is too cold. They are made up of methane not only the water. They are similar to earth oceans but the only difference is they are made up of methane and earth oceans are made up of oxygen based cells. The research shows the organic respiration on Titan which is like victory for the researchers of NASA.

These were some of the surprising thing which are present in the space and most of us don’t know about them. From these surprising thing we came to know that everything is possible in this world the word of impossible is impossible in this universe. So if you see something strange don’t get surprised because everything is possible here.