10 Dump Habits Actually Making Someone Great

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You will be considered insane because you do not express your feelings and emotions.But never be worried it happens all around the world as people do not like this nature.People are unaware of the fact that you are something more than special.

10:You Are Discerned as Cold

You Are Discerned as Cold
People would perceive you a real dump person.No one comes to you and does not dare to talk to you.In fact there are set of feelings and emotions inside you.

9:Strange Expression

Strange Expression
Whenever you try to express your thoughts it becomes unfortunately a bad set of jokes for others and you do not speak any further.

8:Your Love Ones Support You

Your Love Ones Support You
When everyone is accusing you of something there must be good friends around always available to help you any time.That insane category will be jealous of them.

7:Not Every Time Say Even One Word

Not Every Time Say Even One Word
You are so shy sometimes that it is nearly impossible to deliver thoughts rather you are most probably unable to make those thoughts travel from your mind to your tongue.

6:Man of Your Word

Man of Your Word
Unfortunately in this world mostly showy people prevail and prefer what you are saying rather what you are doing.So again you will be unable to stand with those chaps because you are committed to your work.

5:You Are Not Talky Crap

You Are Not Talky Crap
You only listen to people mostly and it seldom happens that you are speaking in a meeting or gathering of gossips.Again you are not in the eyes of people but you have your own personality present in your silent nature.

4:Does Not Respond Well

Does Not Respond Well
You are not giving response immediately.This does not make you a dump person but it is a natural behaviour because you might not understand everything quickly but in the end its all your will and internal courage that matters.

3:You Have Developed Thinking Habit

You Have Developed Thinking Habit
As you are so conscious about yourself so with the passage of time you have developed long time thinking habit and definitely takes time to answer something more than anyone especially your friend.

2:Your Intelligence will be under estimated

Your Intelligence will be under estimated
May be you are not speaking to teacher and other fellows with fluency but that does not prove your intelligence.You will start working mostly late night with no hurry and calm body stature.Your work will not be for the temporary sake but eternal success.

1:Your Attitude!!

Your Attitude!!
People will try to avoid you at every place.Your dressing and your style will not match their requirements.Again you have achieved something unique for yourself. You have got your attitude simple but athletic.