10 Things That Make You Ultimately Happy..

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Today everyone is asking about the ways of happiness.Is it impossible to get such a meager thing?Yes actually it has become difficult for the few years because of our life style,our attitudes and our mistakes which create least opportunity to attain happiness.

10:Many Followers and Likes on Social Media

Many Followers and Likes on Social Media
During the last month i have noticed one thing that people keep a keen interest when someone likes even their one comment.But when the number of follower increase it is so much joyful for them especially when a girl follows!!!hahahahaha

9:Having Brand New Phone

Having Brand New Phone
That does not matter whether you have a good or a simple phone but it does matter when you are in the company of friends having brand new cells.So,its again a moment of happiness to have a slim smart phone among them.


Although it is the least joyful thing from all the things i am describing here but even then lots of people believe in a good personality with a very good book.

7:Drinking a juice of very old brand

Drinking a juice of very old brand
Nostalgia:which we believe is the real powerful thing to take you back in young age.Similarly when you are enjoying a juice with some quite old brand.

6:Waiting for episode

Waiting for episode
Sometimes its quite hard to control ourselves because we get excited for some tv series which could possibly be simple for others but gives us a real happy time.

5:Watching Body Muscles

Watching Body Muscles
It is very exciting to see the people in wrestling with good muscles but when you are watching yourself in front of the mirror it is even great!

4:Deal With People Frankly

Deal With People Frankly
Today one of the worst things which are giving us the real stress is our behaviour with people.If we deal people frankly and freely it will be very easy to relax and be happy.

3:Get Rid of Old Worst Memories

Get Rid of Old Worst Memories
Old memories always develop relaxing mood but some of them also make us sad.Our deeds and acts make us ashamed of ourselves.But if we commit to never think about them in future it will be easy to go ahead.

2:Its not a duty

Its not a duty
Make happiness your habit not your duty.It has been seen that above 60% people try to be someone else rather inducing changes in themselves in some compulsion.

1:Plan for Achievement

Plan for Achievement

Life becomes very precious when you start making your goals and work for them.Again its not a job its the dream you are going to work on to make yourself happy in the end.