Top 10 Ticketing Systems in the World

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Ticketing system also known as issue tracking system or ITS is basically a computer software that is involved in the management and maintenance of the number of issues in an organization. It is widely used in customer support call centre and helps in creating, updating and resolving the issues reported by the employees of the organization as well as customers. The name ticketing system is given to it because the specific report on a certain problem is known as ticket and has been originated.

The ticketing system is works for the satisfaction of the customers in any kind of business and is really helpful to make the customers happy. The working of ticketing system is based upon the feedback of the customers and the business is improved according to the complaints. Earlier and even now, the card system works well but online ticketing system is working as well.

We are providing you with the ten ticketing systems that are being used efficiently to manage the demands of customers.

10. Tender Support

top 10 ticketing system

It is one of the premium hosted ticketing system that provide efficient and effective support services. It is said to be better and simpler ticketing software that delivers the best customer support using email notification and community forums. This ticketing software allows you to discuss your issues and devise solutions as well using their public forum.

It allows easy and efficient organization through directing the complaints and feedback to the right agent and the alerts provided in this software helps to respond timely. You can stay connected to your customers even if you are out of station. The tracking option used in tender ticket helps to keep track on the reports as well as the productivity and response time of the agents.

9. Hesk

Hesk ticketing system

Hesk is one of the popular ticketing system that are free open source software. It contains nearly all the basic features that should be present in any online ticketing system like tickets submission, alerts, security and spam protection. It also provides the easy reporting systems and analysis along with the opportunity to rate the reports. This is said to be a simple, secure, fast as well as user friendly ticketing software.

It allows the tracking and resolving of the customer issues and helps to reduce the workload. The other features include its time and money saving features and all in one solution for every problem using its efficient IT system support. The advanced automatic features help in ticket management effectively and to gain full access in tracking hardware and mobile assets.

8. Zendesk

professional ticketing system

If you are looking for a more professional ticketing system, Zendesk is one best option for you that provides you bet online support along with flexibility and customizability. This system fulfils the requirements of customers as well as all agents and managers. The online support system helps the customers to submit their tickets using social media like Facebook, Twitter as well as emails or phone calls.

The customers’ calls are converted into tickets and your feedback and complaints are worked upon. It can also be easily used on mobile phones like android, windows phone etc. It also helps to analyse the working by providing timely comprehensive reports. With the help of Zopim chat used in this software, the real time support is provided to the customers from agents.

It provides you faster communication using time saving tools like triggers, automation and tickets views that helps to deal with the matter directly and provide you 24/7 online services.

7. Mantis Bug Tracker

commonly used ticketing system

This is one of the most commonly used ticketing system software that is ranked among the best open source desk tools. The ticketing tool provides the ability of easy configuration and offers the agent the choice to decide on what email notification they want to work by providing specific notifications. This is done with the help of filters that help to define the severity of the issue via email notifications and allows the recording of changes in tickets.

Different users are given different levels of accessibility. The best feature of Mantis Bug Tracker is the provision of plug-in system that are more than fifty in number that allows you to receive the notification in the form of tweet or text message when the issue is resolved. Other features include the setting of user access through project and role and the tracking of resolved issues through RSS feeds.

It also allows the revision control of notes and texts fields and to make a graphic relation between different issues. However sometimes it requires the manual editing of files especially when the configuration is handled by non developers.

6. Spiceworks

top ranking ticketing system

Spiceworks comes in a free version that provides self hosting and backing up. It provides backup and support for the product that starts working immediately once you have downloaded it. It is one of the top ranking ticketing system that provide free services. Other features include active directory synchronization and Multi Site support. It also provides the server monitoring services and fast window installation in ticketing software.

The main differentiating feature of this ticketing system is the self hosted free version. So if you don’t need it, you can replace it with other software easily. However spiceworks tends to work slowly when used on large networks and it is difficult to install and use on UNIX, Linux and VMware.

5. Freshdesk

commonly used ticketing system

Freshdesk is one of the most commonly used ticketing system and is ranked fourth in Capterra ranking. The main feature that differentiates it from other software is its easy priority of some customers on the basis of SLA policies. It also converts the tickets in the form of knowledgeable articles. Easily accessible through mobile friendly site and the usage of sixteen different languages is among the standout features of Freshdesk.

They also provide free options for up to 3 agents with limited functions. The free agents service can be used if you have 1 to 3 person’s shop. You can easily add additional agents without the change of plan and also can buy the agent in advance for just 3 dollars. With the help of its gamification feature, it improves the work of agents by creating a competition and suitable for large shops.

4. Otrs Free Ticketing System

Otrs Free Ticketing SystemIt is one of the open source ticketing system options that has free availability and function working for all users and can be easily customized. This ticketing system software provides you free notifications in case of creating and changing of tickets. You can sort out tickets according to the status like open or new, watched or pending, escalated or in-process or many other statuses. It provides reports on the processing time and number of tickets and is available in 34 languages.

The feature of ticket lock helps to prevent the working of two agents on the same ticket and the Out-of-office feature helps to visualize the agents which are away. The stand out feature of this ticketing system is its automation of many requests that in turn reduces the errors and helps in the optimization of your agents that is present in their modules. It also provides the auto suggest searching and the free configuration of the workflows that works automatically.

3. Kayako

No.3 best ticketing system

It is one of the best ticketing system for customer support that ensures the provision of a web based support ticketing system. The live chat solutions are provided to resolve the issues. The main features of Kayako include the flexibility it provides and easy to use service in affordable process. It is one of the most favourably used ticketing system by many agencies, small business, enterprises etc.

It also keeps tracks of all responses and complaints with the help of tickets, chats and emails. The other important features of this ticketing system are easy to use features that make it best for those who are not computer friendly. You are provided with a free trial of 1 month for the ticketing system and if you like its function you can get the subscription in reasonable prices.

2. osTicket

open source ticketing system

It is one of the most common open source ticketing system and can be easily used for free. It provides you the opportunity of association of SLAs with the department, as well as with ticket filters and also allows you to set up alerts when the due dates are missed. In osTicket, all help requests are saved in customer portal to provide you an easy access whenever you need. Experts in ticketing system software have regarded it as a full help desk software tool.

With its ticket filtering tool it helps to route the tickets from webforms and phone calls to the selected agents. Dashboard reporting is also provided by this ticketing tool and you can deal with automatic canned response that helps you to work according to the ticket type. It provides a strong community support, however sometimes there occur some issues and takes a long time to resolve and you also need to pay for their hosted version.

1. UserVoice

No.1 best ticketing system software

It is one of the best ticketing system software and has been ranked # 1 among Capterra ranking of customer service software. This ranking has been based upon the total number of customers and users of this ticketing system. The specific features of this ticketing software include the suggestion searches according to the user type and its integration with Facebook. It also helps the users to know where and how they can improve their feedback reports.

Many experts have regarded this ticketing system as an excellent option for shops as they have a lot of feedback and complaints from their customers. The shops require such a system that helps them to organize tons of suggestions from users and need to process; UserVoice helps you in this regard. It also provides you the service to eliminate the similar suggestions with different words.