Top 10 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

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We all experience anxiety in every day of life. Sometime it is so much stressing that we become unable to focus on other important thing. The perplexing thing is that you don’t know how to get rid of this situation. Anxiety can be related to your work, home, family, future, grades in school, money etc. whatever is the reason, you find yourself in a crippling situation and most of us are unaware how to Reduce Anxiety.

Some people sleep to feel better, some people eat and drink, some go out for walk, some listen to music, some people take medicines while other keep on haunted by anxiety. Psychologist and behavior experts are been working on this thing for so long and have told us many way to reduce or finish our anxiety.

In this article we are presenting ten ways to reduce anxiety that are devised by experts. I really hope it works for you when you are anxious.

10. Listen to Music

anxietyMusic is a mood changer and there no doubt about it. When you listen to hip hop and rock music, you experience changes in your mood. However it does not work for all people. So if you are a music listener and lover you can use it as an effective helper for you to reduce anxiety. If you select a good music it makes you feel pleasant and calm. But the choice of the music matters a lot.

If you listen to sad music while being sad, it will exaggerate your sad mood and you might end up feeling more anxious. So if you are anxious, you should choose the music according to what you want to feel and not according to what you are feeling.

9. Therapies to Reduce Anxiety

Therapies to Reduce AnxietyThere are certain therapies to get rid of anxiety. One of these is self hypnosis which means that you keep yourself in a peaceful state of mind when you are anxious. This can give you help in overcoming the situation. Yoga therapy is also helpful to reduce anxiety.

It is a form of relaxing exercise that works wonder to combat anxiety. Similarly another therapy is aromatherapy in which you can uses specific scents that stimulate your brain to stay calm and change your mood. Therapy research can be done using internet and can be helpful to reduce anxiety.

8. Drink Water

water for anxietyIf you are anxious there are high chances that you are dehydrated. You may feel fatigued and irritated if you are dehydrated along with being anxious. So it is important that you rehydrate yourself to reduce anxiety that is exaggerated by dehydration. Anxiety can be associated with sweating that increases the requirement of water in your body.

Besides taking water, you also can take juices or sports drink. It has been a known fact drinking water during anxiety is an anxiety reducing therapy. As you start thinking that your body needs water, your mind is distracted from what you were thinking before and hence you are engaged in other activity moving your mind away.

7. Let it out

Let it outOne of the main reasons of anxiety is that you keep it to yourself and suffer from inside. It has been proven that the people who find physical ways to get over their anxiety are most successful in fighting tough conditions. In simple words if you suppress your anxiety you may not get rid of it instead it keep on piling up and damage you from inside.
The best way to fight anxiety is to let it out.

There are several ways you can do this. You can go to some place where you are alone to spend some relaxing time. You can also shed your anxiety in tears or by screaming into pillows. Throw things if you want, this can help you to get over the situation but don’t harm yourself during such stressful situation. There should be certain limits of what you do to reduce anxiety. After letting it out, you will feel better.

6. Focus on Meaningful Activities

Focus on Meaningful ActivitiesWhen you are anxious or worried for something it might be important for you to change your focus. Many psychological experts have advised that anxious people should concentrate on some goal directed and meaningful activities. It is like you question yourself than what would you be doing if you were not feeling anxious.
Don’t stop from anything you were going to do before getting anxious. Go for the movie if you were doing it, do cooking, laundry or anything else.

Most of the people during anxiety, sit back on couch thinking about the worrisome situation over and over again keeping them back from doing the daily activities or routine work. It has been proved that if you engage yourself into some meaningful acts, it will help you to feel better. To simplify it you should keep on pursuing the routine work of your life instead of sitting and thinking that you are anxious.

5. Exercise

ExerciseIt is a common practice to do exercise when you are going through anxiety. Also it is extremely helpful way get a quick relief. This is not just a saying but it is scientifically proved. During anxiety, the adrenaline in your body is increased; this excess of adrenaline is used when you do exercise hence getting rid of high adrenaline and thus the anxiety. Also the stress hormones are washed out during exercise and the mood enhancing hormones are released taking you away from your anxiety.

There are several options of exercise you can use and it depends upon your choice. You can do running or swimming or you can go for cycling and jogging all of these can provide you relief from the anxious thoughts. There are certain yoga exercises that are specially used during anxiety and adopting those can also be helpful.

4. Positive Talk

Focus on Meaningful ActivitiesTalking is very important to reduce anxiety. There are two ways you can do that, one is that you can do some positive self talk. When you are worried, it keeps on running in your mind. The negative chattering keeps on haunting you during anxiety. So it is better that you tell yourself that everything is alright. You should devise strategies to work out of the situation and keep saying positive thing to yourself.

You can also talk to someone else who you trust. A trustworthy and reliable friend would be a blessing to talk to. Choose someone who understand you or know you well. Share your anxiety with that person or seek his guidance about your situation. It might give you insight or new perspective of thinking and might change your opinion in a positive direction.

3. Imagine a Calming Visualization

Imagine a Calming VisualizationThis is termed as meditations and is one of the best methods to reduce anxiety. A well known psychologist Hyland has suggested that you should practice meditation on regular basis. It involves the visualization of a calming situation that you want to be in. If asked to meditate, most of the people start thinking of some emotional situations like good or bad, regarding love life and this can become to exaggerate your anxiety.

The correct way of a calming visualization is important. You can picture yourself in some natural scenery like on seaside, riverside, in green field and keep your focus and thoughts over the clouds, water, trees and leaves.

2. Eat Something you Like

Eat Something you LikeAnxiety may become precipitated if you are not taking a proper diet for long. So when you are feeling anxious grab on to something you like or eat as quick eating will reduce anxiety. It is a known fact that if you are hypoglycemic, the anxiety will be precipitated so during this condition you need to maintain your sugar level. Fruit is preferred and fruit juice is important. Intake of simple carbohydrate can also be helpful.

Any handy thing can work for you in anxiety like candies, cookies, white bread etc. Don’t think of being overweight or about your dieting while anxious and grab on to something you can easily eat. If you want a drink, choose a caffeine free drink as caffeine can exaggerate anxiety. However for long term, you should avoid complex carbohydrates and fatty meals.

1. Take a Deep Breath

deep breathing for anxietyIt is said by Tom Corboy that the first thing to be done when anxious is to breathe deeply. Most of us think that it is just a common thing, breathing, and how can it help to reduce anxiety. However the breathing and anxiety are strongly related. People when anxious stop breathing or breathe rapidly and you can become hyperventilated.
Deep breathing using diaphragmatic muscles is an effective technique to reduce anxiety as it stimulates the relaxation response of the body.

During anxiety our body is in fight or flight response or sympathetic response which on breathing deeply goes away and stimulates parasympathetic response of the body. What you have to do is inhale slowly for counting up to 4 and hold it for four seconds and follow it by exhalation slowly for 4 seconds. Repeat this process for several minutes after which you will definitely feel better.