Top 10 Venomous Snakes Found on Earth

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Snakes belong to the category of reptiles. The specific characters of snakes, known by all of us are that they don’t have legs, they produce eggs, they can live on water as well as land and they are carnivorous and they eat other animals. They can vary widely in shape, color, size, habitat and many other features. Snakes are well known for their venomous nature. Most of the people think that every kind of snake belongs to Venomous Snakes, however; this is not true.

More than half of the snakes are non venomous and are harmless to human kind. The venom present in snakes is used to kill their prey and can be deadly to humans as well. The poison can affect muscles, brain, blood and other body parts and can cause the death. The list of top ten venomous snakes that are found on Earth has been presented here.

10. Saw Scaled and Chain Viper

 venomous snakes

Vipers are found on every part of the world but specifically are present in Central Asia, Middle East including China, India and SouthEast Asia. Vipers are included among the most venomous snakes especially the Saw scaled snakes and chain snakes which are also fast moving reptiles. The snakes are nocturnal in nature and are furiously aggressive when they are being tempted or irritated.

Most of the snakes possess venom that when injected during bite; can cause intense local pain and blistering along with the swelling of the areas swelling of the surrounding areas which later on become dead and shed off. Bleeding occurs in no times and causes lowering of the blood pressure and collapse. Death usually follows system failure like cardiac failure, respiratory failure or infection in the blood that may occur in 24 hours or may be delayed up to 2 weeks.

9. Philippine Cobra

 venomous snakes

One of the deadliest and strongest snake is the Philippine cobra that is listed among the venomous snakes in the world. Unlike the other Cobras, the venom of this cobra is very potent and can be spotted at a distance of 3 meters.
The venom of Philippine Cobra mainly affects the nerves of human body and is called neurotoxin.

It affects the cardiac system as well as respiratory systems that leads to the paralysis of muscles, inability to breathe and hence death. The other signs and symptoms that occur after the bit of snake include pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, convulsions and collapse.

8. Tiger Snake

venomous snakes

Tiger snake is found in Australia and is among the most venomous snakes all around the world. The venom of the snake affects nervous system of our body. The attack of the snake is so severe that it can kill a person in 30 minutes and the mortality rate is up to 70 percent even after the administration of antivenin.

The snake usually doesn’t like encounters but when it attacks, it attacks aggressively. After the bite, the person experiences pain at the local site that is followed by shortness of breath and paralysis leading to the death.

7. Black Mamba

black mamba the most venomous snakes

Black Mamba is one of the most venomous snakes found in Africa and is among the dangerous organisms on Earth. The snake is aggressive in nature and has precise attacking ability. Being the fastest snake in the world, they don’t let their prey go away and attack repeatedly until it is killed. The venom is capable of killing 10 to 30 adults with its single venomous bites.

Once it bites a human being, the complex of signs and symptoms start like tingling around mouth, visual abnormalities, local pain at the bite site, behavioral changes, fever and muscle paralysis. Death can occur in nearly half an hour depending upon the site of bite and amount of venom injected.

6. Death Adder

most venomous snakes

The snake has been regarded as the most venomous snakes in the world and has been named perfectly as Death Adder as it causes early death of its victims which are usually the other snakes. . The Death Adder has been found mainly in New Guinea and Australia. In appearance, they look similar to Vipers but different in their head shape which is triangular and their body is short and squat as compared to vipers.

Death Adders have the quickest strike rate among all the snakes present in the world. The attack and bite of Death Adder is one of the most dangerous one and I the most fatal if remain untreated. However, the death rate falls rapidly when treated with antivenin which slows the effects and signs and symptoms produced due to the venom.

5. Eastern Brown most Venomous Snakes

venomous snakes

The eastern brown snake is among the venomous snakes, which is also regarded as aggressive snakes. The 14000 th part of its venom is sufficient to kill a human adult. The venom of the snake can affect both the muscles and the blood. The snake is mainly found in Australia and can also be a resident of populated areas instead of remote localities.

The snake is not only fast moving but has also the ability to perceive threat. Once it realizes something as threat, it follows it and strikes it again and again or other may follow it out of the snake’s territory. However, less than half of the snakes’ bites contain venom in them and also the eastern brown snake does not bite until and unless provokes or aggravated by movement to do so. So if you encounter the snake, stay still and you won’t get harmed.

4. Rattlesnake

most venomous snakes

Rattlesnake is one of the most venomous snakes that has a rattle on its tail end and hence easily identifiable. These snakes belong to the Pit Viper Family and are the only type of snakes that are found in America. The snakes can attack at a length of 2/3rd of their own length. It is said that the juveniles are considered much more venomous and dangerous as compared to the adults and they can’t control the level of poison they can inject during attack.

Most of rattle snakes have venoms that poison human blood leading to the damage to several organs and systems. The local effects of its bite are so severe that it can lead to the amputation of limb as well. It can lead to shortness of breath and excessive bleeding along with the paralysis of the body parts leading to fatality. However if we apply antivenin in time, it will reduce the fatality rate.

3. Blue Krait

venomous snakes

Blue krait also known as Malayan is one of the most venomous snakes present on Earth and it is considered as one of the deadliest snake of the species. The Blue Krait is found in Indonesia and South Eastern Asia. It is said that nearly half of the bites of snake contains poison and are fatal and the victim can’t survive even after administering antivenin.

The snakes are nocturnal hunters and like to attack their prey at night and they are a bit timid in nature and hide during the fight. The venom of the snake is sixteen times more potent than the venom of Cobra. Once it attacks the prey, the muscles of the prey are paralyzed. It is followed by the occurring of tremors and rigidity in the body and death usually occurs in less than a day. Even if the patient survives, he may end up in hospital and suffer from permanent damage.

2. Inland Taipan

venomous snakes

Inland Taipan, a subspecies, holds a specific place among the venomous snakes that is found on land rather than in water like belcher’s sea snake. Small amount of its poison, a few milligrams can kill around 100 people making it one of the most toxic snakes present on land. The poison of inland Taipan is ten time more potent than that of Rattlesnakes.

The Inland Taipan is also known from other names are small scaled snake or fierce snake and they are considered as mammal hunter owing to the ability to kill warm blooded species. It is mainly found in Australia. The snake can kill an adult human in less than an hour but fortunately, no death due to this most toxic snake has been recorded ever.

1. Belcher’s Sea Snake

no.1 among most venomous snakes

This is one of the most venomous snakes present in the world and is been placed in the category of sea snakes. The snakes are found commonly and a small amount of the poison can be sufficient to kill around a thousand people. It is usually found in the seas and rivers located in Northern Australia and South East Asia. The snake is thin and long with stripes located on its skin.

It is usually not an attacking type of snake but can bite you during self defense. Even then only 1/4th times chances are there that you may be injected with the venom as it is not carried by 3/4th number of these venomous snakes making a large number of snakes harmless. The victims are usually the fishermen though who may catch the venomous snake in their nets