10 Very Old and Rare Recipes of Food from History

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Have you ever thought that how did the cooking started? Who has developed the idea of cooking in ancient time? Well that is something which cannot be traced due to lack evidence. Most of the people think that it must be an accident, where these Old and Rare Recipes are gone. Researches done, showed that it was the meat that accidently got cooked on fire to form toasted meat made on fire. With the passage of time, home cooking became a part of human life and they end up having some good results.

Although we are not aware of all the recipes they tried but a few of those are known to us now. These are the old and rare recipes that can make you surprised.

We are describing here the top 10 old food recipes from the history that can make you curious.

10. Ancient Roman Pesto

old and rare recipes

This is one of the food recipes from old times belonging to the Roman history. You would find it interesting that the recipe was made from a poem. Virgil is the poet of first century B.C.E who mentioned this recipe in his poem. A peasant with the name Similis in the poem grinds garlic along with salty cheese. Then he added oil and vinegar in the mixture and at the end some fresh herbs in it.

The mixture was to be eaten with plain bread that does not only make it tasty but more appetizing. The other name for this ancient Roman Pesto is herb, garlic and Pecorino cheese pesto. However this ancient recipe has been modified with the addition of new substance and seasoning. But the original old recipe under the name of Moretum is still used.

9. Renaissance Ravioli in Rich Broth

old and rare recipes

This is one of the old and rare recipes that belongs originally to the Italian Renaissance and was written during circa 1300 to 1700 AD. The basic procedure was the filling of hog’s tripe or may be calf’s head. Although in the present times, it is difficult to pursue the old recipe and can be very challenging. The ancient people used mushrooms and parmesan for filling along with other substances.

This ancient recipe which we cannot enjoy now in true way has been modified by Cathy Kaufman who is a culinary historian. He added shiitake mushrooms along with mascarpone, ground spices and Parmesan filling to make it tasteful for the people of modern times.

8. Meat Cooked in Water

One of the old and rare recipes

This is one of the ancient recipes that were created in 1600 BC. It belongs to one of the oldest written food recipes that were engraved on clay tablets along with 34 other recipes from Mesopotamia. It is the mixture of meat and vegetables. However the recipes inscribed over the plates were incomprehensible and the method was not completely understood as many of the ingredients were unknown.

Jean Bottero, a French historian tried to translate the recipe and he was of the opinion that he would not even use these recipes for his enemies even. Some of the ingredients are still not translated that makes the recipe vague. In some recipes it is written that meat is used. So the accurate replication is not possible however some with some modifications the modern version of these old and rare recipes has been made.

7. Linzer Torte

old recipe

Cake is one of the most commonly used deserts nowadays but in the history have you ever thought who made the first ever cake? The Linzer Torte is one of the oldest recipes of cake that is ever known to us. Although it is not clear that who discovered this recipe or where it was made but it is named after the city Linz of Austria. The recipe was written in the year 1653 in the cookbook, Book that contain all kinds of homemade things, such as sweet Dishes, Sauces, Cakes and also every kind of fruit and other good and useful things” in Verona by a countess.

The first commercial production of Liner Torte was done in 19th century; however in year 1856, the recipe was introduced in America. The actual recipe involved ingredients like crumbly pastry base along with lemon zest and almonds. The topping included a grid of dough that is well seasoned along with filling of jam. It is also referred as Bowl Cake, owing to the baking of Linzer Torte in a dish shaped like a pie.

6. Ashure or Noah’s Pudding

old recipes

This is one of the old and rare recipes that go back in time to Turkish history. It is said that it belongs to the time when Noah and his family had run short of food supplies so they made sure that was a Middle Eastern dessert. This has been mentioned in the Turkish legend that Noah collected all the leftover and grains. He put all the stuff in the bowl and cooked it with water. The dish came out to be a delicious and tasty sweet dish that helped in feeding all the people on the board.

Owing to his cooking of the dish, it has been named after Noah as Noah’s pudding. The recipe involved the addition of wheat, lentils, beans, dried fruit, sugar, honey and nuts. For the aroma in the dish, he added rose petals and orange peel. This is one of the traditional dishes in Turkey and they make it on Ashure, the holy day of Turkey. The old recipe has been modified for modern people.

5. Sprayed Sow’s Womb

sow-recipeIt is among those old and rare recipes that belong to the West and was mentioned in a western cookbook written by Marcus Gavius Apicius. He was well known cook of his time and it is said that the man killed himself with poison when he could not bring up the best cuisine. His book, the art of cooking includes all the best recipes for elite class Romans that mainly involved the usage of meat like flamingo’s tongue, pig uterus and many such things which are not appealing for us in present times.

The book has several sections like vegetable, meat and seafood but the recipes have not given instructions of cooking and any quantities of ingredients to be used. The most commonly mentioned ingredient in his book was a sauce known as Garum. It has both sweet and savory taste and similar in taste with the fish sauce that is made in our time.

4. Hen in Winter

older recipes of chicken dishes

This old and rare recipes of chicken dishes were discovered in Medieval English Cookbook that belongs to 1140 AD. It was considered that the recipes utilizing hen served only medicinal purposes but apart from that a few culinary recipes were also found that were common among slaves and tinctures. Most of the recipes were to make puree and sauces to be used along with different type of meat and a dish known as a hen in winter.

Hen in winter was made using garlic pepper and water along with chicken. To give it a Mediterranean touch, there has been mentioned the addition of parsley, mustard, coriander and sage in ample amounts. The recipes were added in the syllabus of cookery workshop 2013 in Durham University and were considered a masterpiece.

3. Kishkiyya

oldest recipe in Arabian times

This oldest recipe belongs to Arabian times in 10th century. During these times, drinking was banned in Baghdad but the people of the area found some way to overcome their need to drink and later on dealing with the hangover. The book of cookery was written by Ibn Sayyar that involves around six hundred recipes for the luxury and their cures. It is said that the book has only 3 copies present in Istanbul, England and Helsinki.

The book described the recipes to avoid hangover that is experienced after drinking. It was written that eat cabbage before drinking and eating snacks during drinking can save you from hangover. Also the drinking of water next morning can save you. However the main recipe, Kishkiyya is basically a stew made up of meat, spices, yoghurt, grape juice and chickpeas which has been regarded as the ultimate cure of hangover.

2. Nettle Soup and Roast Hedgehog

on of the old and rare food recipes

This is one of the old recipes that belong to the history of England. A team of vigilant researchers begin the search of the oldest recipes of British in Wales. The main focus was to find the entire ingredients, ancient people like to combine and the time this was all started. Dr. Ruth Fairchild, the lead researcher came with the conclusion that the oldest recipe is of Nettle soup or nettle pudding that belong to 6000 BC.

It has been found that this nettle soup was made of beaten nettles with stick and then these were mixed with barley. Water was added in the above mixture to make balls of it and the balls were being placed in the animal’s’ intestine. Later on these were boiled in stew or water. Other recipes like Smoky stew made up of fish or bacon, roasted hedgehog and many more other recipes were found as well.

1. One of the Old and Rare Recipes is Beer

very old drink

Beer is not a newly created drink instead of the ancient people used to drank it much more than water. The alcohol present was considered to make it germs free. So to your surprise, the old and rare recipes known to us is that of beer. It goes back to 1800 BC a poet of Sumerian wrote a poem in which a precise beer recipe has been mentioned that was exactly followed by Anchor Brewing company in 1989.

This 4000 years old recipe was replicated by the Company and they named it as Ninkasi. This beer was presented in American Association of Micro Brewers like ancient times in large pitchers along with drinking straws. It was enjoyed in its purest form by the members.