10 Ways How Video Games Affect on your Brain and Health

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Video games is one of the most important part of our childhood. In early 80s, Atari was one of the most famous video games, but with the passage of time and improvement in technology, a number of new games were introduced in the market. Today’s market of video games, it is even difficult to count . The games cannot only be just entertain but they can be educational and can enhance your reasoning and thinking skills.

Similarly some video games involve fighting, racing, gun killing and much more. The video games is also categorized according to the age group of children, as some of the games can only be comprehensible by adults. Whatever the games are, being an integral part of our lives, these games affect not only on our brain but on healtha well in several ways which can be positive as well as negative.

Here are ten ways how video games affect on our brain and health.

10. Depression and Anxiety

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This is one of the most common effects of video games on our brain when you are a chronic player. Depression is seen usually in most of the kids who spend a lot of time in gaming. The children who become addicted to the game are mostly antisocial and prefer to remain in isolation in order to play more video games. Such children become less comfortable with others.

The constant anxiety taken during the video games can become the part of the daily life of the child and have negative impact. Research conducted have shown that the continuous stress, restlessness and irritability that occurs when the child in unable to play the game can cause anxiety.

9. Siblings’ Relationship

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Most of the time siblings play the video games together. As most of us have experienced that if you are playing with your sibling, you definitely slaughter him or her brutally during the game. But owing to your surprise this is not something negative. When you play video games with your siblings, you are basically developing a strong bond with one another. A study conducted at Brigham Young University has shown that how gaming together affects the sibling.

The results were rather surprising as it came out that the siblings who play games together are less likely to have conflicts in real life. This point actually negates the aggressive impact of video games. Hence the siblings not only play against one another in the video games but also save one another’s life in the games. So this can lead to strong bond and strengthens your relation as well.

8. Decision Making and other Skills

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Among the positive effects on the children have while playing video games, one important effect is the ability to make a decision. This also depends upon the type of game you play. The children who are involved in intellectual games have enhanced abilities to make a potent decision in time. Playing video games help you to analyze the difficult situations and makes you alert.

You become more experienced to handle circumstances and your mind become expert to work in stress. The people who are into the video game are able to so nimble thinking and according to the research brain learn to make better decisions depending upon the probabilities. Such children also develop problem solving skills that help in daily life functioning as well.

7. Attention Deficit and Impulsiveness

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This is one of the main effects that occur when the children play a lot of video games. They pay less attention to the surroundings when they are involved in their games and hence this kind of behavior leads to attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome. Impulsiveness is also a problem in such children along with other behavioral changes. They become spontaneous in their actions and talking.

Sometimes such children also show abandoned behaviors. However according to some studies, the video games help the people who are suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity and make the person focus. These patients show improvement in their disease owing to the help provided by video games.

6. Effect on Physical Health

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The children who play video games don’t only suffer with the mental and behavioral problems but this also harm their physical health as all systems of our body systems are eventually depend on brain. Such people who are addicted to video games, first of all don’t have time to eat. They keep on sitting most of the time and don’t spend their time in healthy activity or outdoor playgrounds and sports. This projects a main effect on the health that deteriorates day by day.

Even when you are absorbed in gaming you are not aware of your surroundings. Along with that, the posture you acquire can lead to several health issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, headache, eyesight problems, weight gain, and migraine, sleep disturbances and backaches. Such children suffer from eating irregularities and are usually obese. Poor personal hygiene is also among the major health issues faced by people who are addicted to video games.

5. Poor Concentration at School

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The children who are involved in video games up to a dangerous extent are usually among those students who get poor grades at school. They tend to disappoint their teachers and parents. Several studies are conducted that have proved that the poor concentration in studies is mainly the reason of excessive interest on video games. Such children ignore their studies, even if they study; they find it difficult to focus in learning and other activities on school. They are correlated somehow but not the only cause.

The children who remain busy in video games spend less time in doing their homework and completing the assignments. But again it is also related to the type of the video games you children are interested in. if your child like to play intellectual games, there are high chances that he is scoring excellent grades in the class. But again excess of everything is bad so a limited time should be set for the games.

4. The Strategy of Anticipation

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The children who love to play video games also develop the some of the great habits one of which is anticipation. Such children who are in the healthy gaming can keep both long term and short term strategies in their minds whenever they encounter any difficult situations.

The intellectual video games help the children to set their minds strategies and this has been regarded as telescoping when you keep the long term effects of a step taken now for a better future. Such children bear entrepreneurship minds and can do wonders in business world. They become better planner and can take accurate decisions.

3. Brain Exercising and Increased Cognition

Brain Exercising and Increased CognitionNot all the effects of playing games are negative. Addiction of everything is however bad but still you can use video games for better functioning of the brains. There are certain video games that are good for your brain and stimulate it. It works like an exercise for your brain.

According to new studies conducted about video games it has been found that the stimulation of new neurons formation takes place when you are playing video games and increases the connection and better functioning of different parts of brain. The cognitive functions are enhanced like memory, audiovisual functions, reasoning and other activities.

This idea has been utilized in training surgeons and also it is considered that the video games can be used to treat several psychiatric disorders associated with decreased cognition.

2. Changes in Emotions

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Changes in emotional behavior is one of the major effects that occur when you are playing games most of your time. Video games basically something that brings you to a new world of fantasy very much away from reality. It is said that the people who play video games, may use it as a way to get relief from the stress. However this works opposite for the people who are at the stake of emotional changes in their lives.

Such people become depressed and quiet. They show antisocial behavior and desensitization to major happenings in real life even to death. Lack of emotions can be a major side effect of playing excessive video games.

1. Effect of Video Games is Aggression

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The most common effect that your brain suffers from is aggression when you keep on playing games. It is one of the common behavioral effect that damages everyone of us less or more. The violence shown in most of the video games is responsible for our aggressive behavior. The mass shooting, killing, fighting and stuff like that is present in most of the videos game is absorbed in our minds and we become less sensitive and more aggressive.

The research conducted has shown that it depends upon many factors like the character you are playing in the game and also your expertise in the game. The games included in research were those of Zombies and mass shooting along with the intellectual games like puzzles. It came out that the people who play violent games are much more aggressive and those who play word games; puzzles etc are the calmest people. So the choice of the video games matter.