10 Ways to be a Better Boss

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Running a successful company is not a single person’s job. It requires a team work and contribution of all employees of the company. If you are supervising a company, means if you are the boss then you have to manage your company well. It is not just a post where you will enjoy more salary, more facilities but it is also a very big responsibility. To manage your staff and people under your supervision is a challenging task but being a boss you should aim to make a cooperative team, which enhance you as a Better Boss

To achieve this goal, you have to be a good boss and make everyone like you. This article is written to help you in this regard. We are providing you some key points and guidelines that may help you to become a better boss and earn your respect from your team members and employees. Follow these guidelines, you may become everyone’s favorite and people desperately intend to join your supervision. It won’t take more, just read the following ten ways that may help you to become a better boss.

10. Appreciate your Employees

better boss

This is one of the key steps towards becoming a better boss. Appreciation will not only encourage your employees but they will become more determined towards their mission. If a person receives some words from his boss, in which he praises his hard work, it would made his day. So be a good boss and appreciate little things your employees do, if possible in front of your customers.

The use of compliments off and on will make you a boss liked by everyone. They will feel confident and will want to perform much better next time. Following this guideline, not only you will help them grow, but also they will respect you more. Similarly saying thanks and doing something nice for your employees will help you to become a better boss.

9. Better Boss always be an Effective Listener

better boss should be good listener

You might have heard that,” I hate my boss! He doesn’t even listen to me.” Yes this is one of the major problems. Most of the bosses consider that they are high heads and have all authority. They think that they possess all the power and nobody can know better than they do. Well this is where the problem begins. This kind of attitude would make you a person running his company but without the trust of his employees.

If you know the true meaning of teamwork, you should be an effective listener. Listen carefully to what your employees have to say. They might give you a better suggestion, better solution. If you have to become a better boss, try to become an effective listener even if you don’t agree. This will not only earn respect for you but also you employees will listen to you more carefully.

8. Give them Challenges

can be better boss

Challenges are incentives for better work. To run your company successfully you should develop an attitude that helps your employees perform better. A better boss creates a healthy environment of competition among its worker. He provides them challenges to accomplish a given task, to solve a problem and any other thing to develop a sense of competition in them.

This will not only create a healthy environment in your office but also help you employees to accomplish the task without getting bored. This kind of attitude will make you a good boss, may be a favorite one, if you appreciate your workers after they completed the challenge given to them in a successful way. Also it develops a trust between you and your workers and they perform better as it is in their mind that their boss has put his faith in them by giving them this challenge.

7. Deal the Problems Directly

want to be a better boss?

This is one of the main point you should follow to become a better boss. If you see a problem or you find a flaw in the work of your employee, being a better boss you just deal with it. You avoid criticizing your workers for something that has been done wrong. It does not mean that you let them do wrong and later shout on them. Guide your workers but if they have done something wrong, you being a better boss should have the ability to fix the mistakes and deal the problems.

Avoid being so blunt that people prefer to stay away from you. Make a goal to develop an environment of productive behavior from your workers in your office. Your quick dealing with the problem and handling the situation without being rude will help you maintain your respect and make you a better boss a well.

6. Cooperate them in Learning

Help them in learning

Don’t be like bosses who think they know it all and nag their workers all the time. This kind of behavior will earn disliking and hatred for you from your employees. To become a better boss, you should guide your workers properly to perform a given task. If you find that any of your worker is having problem with the work, help him with it so that he may become self sufficient later on.

Similarly in other conditions when you find out that workers are having issues, help them to resolve it to maintain a healthy environment. Don’t intervene in the matters of your employee unnecessarily but only when needed. This will develop a sense of responsibility in your workers and they will avoid any such thing that bothers their good boss. Help your employees learn and grow, polish their skills as it will help you in the long run.

5. Have Fun when Needed and be Real

always therefore when they needed

You should be real to your employees and honest with them without being blunt though. This works wonders if you want to become a better boss. You should not be an expressionless person. If you like something in the work of person you should appreciate it. Similarly if something bothers you, talk to your employee directly and show your opinion and suggestions. Be authentic in what you say and do.

This will create a sense of honesty between you and your employees and they will follow your policy as well. Similarly also try to be frank with your employees when needed like have some party in case you achieve some goal or accomplish your project successfully. Laugh with your workers to make the mood light and make the environment stress free. Joke with them that will help you develop a better boss and have a strong bond with your workers.

4. Make them Focus on the Mission and Admit Mistakes

better boss always do this

You being a good boss should help your employees focus on their given task. Be available for them all the time and help them to solve any queries they have. This is the quality of a good boss, who knows how to deal with his employees and how to get his work done by helping his workers to focus on their mission. Remind your workers about their given task off and on and also talk to them about their progress in their given work. Give them incentive and make the situation clear to them that how you want a certain work to be done.

Never make them leave the track that where you want to see your company and what you expect from your employees. Also a better boss should be able to accept his mistakes in front of his employees instead of being rude and putting the blame on others. This kind of behavior encourages your workers to admit and fix their mistakes too.

3. Know your Employees Well

A good boss knows employees

A good boss knows the strength and weakness of his all employees. Keep a close watch on your workers and stay aware about their performance in person. You can also go to your worker to talk about his issues in the work and help him to fix the issues he or he is facing. This can happen only if you know about your workers.

Understanding your workers desires and motives regarding their work will help you to develop a team work where you would know what kind of task a certain employ is capable of. Know their abilities, capabilities, motives and challenges they are facing. This will develop a bond between you and your employees and they will perform better to impress you.

2. Trust your Employees while Entrusting Responsibilities

be faith and be a better boss

A better boss always put his faith in his employees. If you have hired someone for a task, you should know that you have chosen the right people. Checking on them again and again will only bring frustration between you two. They will think that you are disrespecting them.

So avoid micromanaging as it is not a quality of a better boss. If you want to be a better boss, you should entrust complete faith in your employees and have complete confidence on your employees while giving them a special task. This is the beauty of your team work and it will enhance you as a better boss.

1. Realize the Importance of Workers and Lead them by example

do it and be a better boss

The foremost point to be a better boss is your realization that your workers mean a lot to you and your company. Don’t be such a boss who thinks that he is all in all and consider his workers nothing, negating their hard work. This is not what a good boss do. A good boss knows the importance of teamwork and his employees. He gives due respect and appreciation to his employees and the credit they deserve to have. He knows that he is nothing without his workers.

Another quality of a better boss is that he sets an example for his workers. If he respects his workers, the workers will respect him, if he doesn’t respect his employees he should expect. So he should know that he will get the same attitude from his workers as he shows to them. So a better boss is always honest and respectful to his employees.