Top 10 Ways to Control Diabetes without Medication

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Diabetes is a major health problem nowadays and is affecting a number of people. Most of the people are suffering from diabetes without knowing and they come to know when they develop some complications. Getting a regular checkup holds specific importance in this regard and continual monitoring of foot, eyes, blood pressure, nervous system, and kidney function are the best way to Control Diabetes.

There are two types of diabetes that a person can have mainly. Diabetes type 1 usually occurs in early age and is associated with the deficiency of cells producing insulin. This type is only treated by insulin. The other type, diabetes type 2 is mainly determined by dietary and lifestyle factors and is usually controlled by lifestyle modifications.

We are here giving you a brief overview of ten ways to control diabetes without using medicines.

10. Sleep properly

ways to control diabetes

Sleeping properly is important factor in the health maintenance and combating many health issues, including diabetes type 2. As the stress and working hours all the day can lead to increase stress hormones in your body. Many studies have proved that the patients suffering from diabetes if do not get enough and proper sleep experience high blood sugar levels in blood. So getting a peaceful and proper sleep can lower the insulin resistance and helps in lowering the blood sugar level.

Basically both the sugar levels and sleep are directly related to each other, high sugar levels can prevent you to get proper sleep and when you don’t sleep properly you get your sugar levels raised. Avoid caffeine during bed time as it can lead to ineffective sleep disturbing the sugar levels.

9. Take a Supplement

supplement to control diabetes

There are certain supplements that are effective in lowering the blood sugar levels and can provide you long term benefits and effective way to control diabetes by bringing the sugar level down quickly. One such supplement is cinnamon pills that can reduce the level of sugar in 1 hour. Most of the people have added it in their regular meals. Chromium picolinate also have been proved very effective in lowering down the sugar level in patient suffering from diabetes type 2 by various studies; however you need to take this drug carefully as it can damage liver.

Most of the people also use green tea extracts if they don’t want to take green tea regularly as both of these have same effects on diabetes. Other substances like Fenugreek powder and apple cider vinegar is also considered effective supplements to control diabetes.

8. Drink Effective Beverages

control diabetes

It has been proved by several studies that certain thing in your diet can effectively lower down the sugar levels. There are certain drinks that can help you in this regard. One of these is unsweetened tea that may be white, black or green tea lowers the sugar level in 30 minutes and can be used effectively to control diabetes. Similarly a glass of red wine can be very helpful and lowers your blood sugar level in 1 hour as it prevents the absorption of glucose from intestine.

The constituents of green tea are helpful specifically in this regard and should be used in your routine to prevent the raising of sugar levels. However beer is not considered effective as it raises the blood sugar level so do not confuse the beer and red wine as both have different effects.

7. Home Remedies

home remedies best to control diabetes

Besides the supplements described above, there are certain home remedies that can be very helpful t0 control diabetes. Bitter Gourd is one of those substances that lower the blood sugar level by affecting the glucose metabolism and helps in increased secretion of insulin from pancreas. Similarly Indian gooseberry or Amla is also effective in lowering the blood sugar and owing to its increased content of vitamin C it also acts as antioxidants.

Other helpful substances include mango leaves, black plum and curry leaves also help to control diabetes. Aloe Vera is among the most widely used substance for diabetes along with guava and okra, that can be added in your diet and helps in lowering the sugar levels and thus in controlling diabetes.

6. Meditation

control diabetes

Stress is a common factor in the development of any disease. It has been proved through several studies that when you are in stress, the insulin resistance increases to a greater degree and remain as such for many hours. In the modern times, the constant stressful life is responsible for affecting our health and it can lead to the development and aggravation of diabetes as well. So the most important thing to control diabetes is to control our stress.

Meditation is one of the most important things in this regard. Studies have supported the fact that meditation can help in controlling sugar levels. The stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline etc raises the insulin resistance while during meditation these hormones are absorbed and replaced by relaxation hormones thus normalizing your sugar level and thus the diabetes.

5. Get Support

Get support to control diabetes

It has been said that if you have been diagnosed with diabetes the first thing you need is support. Most of the people just know about diabetes and its associated complications and some have seen people died of diabetes. So many people have the image of this disease as a nightmare. There is no doubt about it that this disease is associated with several complications and the struggle of life time.

Many people with diabetes live a strong, healthy and active life and have maintained their lifestyle that favors them and prevent complication. Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes you need to talk openly with your doctor. You can also get help from diabetes educators, dietician, endocrinologist, psychologist etc and keep yourself informed and updated regarding to control diabetes. You also need support of family and friends to make you stable emotionally.

4. Regular exercise

control diabetes

Sedentary lifestyle is one of the major contributors in the development of diabetes. Most of the people keep sitting all the time and can’t get themselves moving. Exercise can help you to control diabetes and is one of the most important things so far after diet. Regular exercise is however important. If you are not exercising now, you can start doing it gradually and make it a part of your daily routine.

The advantages of exercise are numerous. Besides keeping you fit and active, it helps you to fight your diabetes maintaining your blood sugar level. Along with that, regular exercise can also helps you in maintaining blood pressure, cholesterol and you will feel. It works wonder for the people with type 2 diabetes and the patients don’t need any medications. You can perform any type of exercise you want and thus prevent the development of complications of diabetes.

3. Eat Fewer Carbohydrates

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Carbohydrates are the main substances whose balance is affected during diabetes. Insulin is responsible for the maintenance of sugar levels in the blood. When the insulin production and effects on the body are altered the level of sugar in the blood becomes uncontrolled. This all leads to the development and exaggeration of diabetes. So carbohydrates, being the major source of sugar in our blood need to be managed properly in the diet. The carbohydrates when taken raise the sugar level of blood in no time and this is something that needs a continual check.

So if you want your sugar to stay in a controlled manner, you need to cut off the amount of carbohydrates in your diet. The ratio of carbohydrates in your diet should not be more that fifty percent as these are the major sources of energy for us. You also need to avoid the refined sugar in your diet and have to rely over complex carbohydrates that provide slow and steady rise in sugar levels.

2. Maintain a Healthy Diet

top way to control diabetes

Dietary modification is one of the most important factors in controlling diabetes at home. Instead most of the people with type 2 diabetes are managed by changing their diets and other lifestyle changes without needing any medication. It is rather the easiest method. You have to maintain the ratio of carbohydrates up to fifty percent, proteins up to 20 percent and fats up to 30 percent in your diet.

The main target of eating healthy diet includes the addition of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet but avoid the fruits with excess of carbs in them. Similarly you have to cut down the use of highly processed food with saturated fats and food with sweetening agent. Such foods can cause spiking of your sugar level and can aggravate diabetes. You also have to divide your diet in five or six meals per day so that you sugar levels are controlled. The adoption of healthy dietary habits is crucial to control diabetes.

1. Weight Loss to Control Diabetes

Weight loss is best for diabetes

Obesity is one of the main reasons that lead to the development of diabetes. The type 2 diabetes can solely be caused by obesity, so the importance of weight loss in diabetes can never be denied. The process behind the relation between diabetes and weight gain is that the excessive amount of fats on your body and cause insulin resistance. Most of the patients with type 2 diabetes have normal insulin levels but decreased sensitivity to insulin owing to the presence of excess of fats in the body.

Studies have proved that even if you lose 10 pounds of weight it can lead to the increased sensitivity. However weight loss is not an easy job. Regular exercises along with the changes in dietary habits are all required to work in harmony. Keep in mind that never fast to bring your weight down and it can lead to hypoglycemia. Losing weight can be very helpful if done properly and can control your diabetes without needing medications.