Top 10 Ways to Control High Blood Pressure at Home

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Blood pressure is basically the force which the heart uses to pump the blood to blood pressure. The high blood pressure causes the damage to the walls of the vessels in the form of scarring. High Blood Pressure also known as silent killer is a common problem nowadays. According to the Harvard studies more than fifteen percent of the death in USA. The modern lifestyle that has been adopted by us is the main culprit behind this. Most of the people are suffering from this disease and are taking regular medications.

According to the recent studies, more than 77 million American are suffering from this lethal health problem and most of them are unaware. Although it causes no symptoms as such but it can lead to severe other medical conditions like stroke, heart attack, kidney failure etc. However there are certain lifestyle modifications and other methods that can be easily adopted as a prevention as well as control.

We are presenting here ten ways to control high blood pressure at home.

10. Try Home Remedies

High blood pressure

There are many home remedies for the maintenance of high blood pressure at home and are widely used in this regard. Lemon is an important food remedy containing antioxidants to combat free radical. Other foods that should be used daily include watermelon seeds, garlic and banana as they contain high potassium that helps in maintaining blood pressure.

Similarly other foods like celery helps in the relaxation of smooth muscles and helps in easy blood flow. Patients with high blood pressure should keep their body hydrated. Coconut water is helpful as well as it contains potassium and magnesium in high. Similarly cayenne pepper, onion juice etc should be added in your diet a home remedy.

9. Cut Back on Caffeine

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The role of caffeine is controversial in the development of high blood pressure. It is still under debate that whether caffeine has a direct relation with high blood pressure or not because many studies done on this have shown vague results. The people who consume tea and coffee regularly have shown no development of high blood pressure whereas some people who are not taking caffeine chronically showed an elevation in blood pressure suddenly after caffeine intake.

The role of caffeine thus is not clear but it is better to avoid it owing to it doubtful role. You can also check the effects of caffeine on you by measuring your blood pressure soon after taking caffeinated drink. If there is an elevation in blood pressure up to 10 mmHg, it shows you have caffeine sensitivity and should be avoided.

8. Monitor Blood Pressure Regularly and Visit Doctor

Monitor your blood pressure

This is one good method to keep a check on your high blood pressure and should be done by everyone. First of all regular monitoring of blood pressure tells you that the medication and the life style change are working for you or not. You might experience a high blood pressure on regular monitoring that shows you have high blood pressure that is not being controlled and you need to visit doctor to devise different medications or methods to lower your high blood pressure.

Even if your blood pressure is under control, you need to visit you doctor once or twice in six months. There are many simple devices available over the counter, to measure the blood pressure and you can use these without prescription.

7. Fight with Your Stress

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In these modern times, stress is unavoidable. People work all the day at home and in offices and they are surrounded by stress all the time. It is so difficult to stay back and relax in this competitive life. Stress has also a close relation with high blood pressure.

Increased stress day by day is responsible for the development of high blood pressure along with many other health issues. That is why we all should aim at controlling our stress and thus the high blood pressure. First of all try to find out what is the cause and aggravating factor of your stress. After knowing the cause, find way to relax and solution for your problem.

There are many ways to reduce your anxiety like taking a deep breath, listen to music and watch some movies, aromatherapy and other herbal medication to combat stress. You should know what relaxes and practice it several times a day.

6. Avoid Alcohol

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Alcohol can have both good and adverse effects on your high blood pressure. It is said that alcohol if consumed in low amounts, it can lead to a decrease of 2 to 3 mmHg in your high blood pressure but if you consume high amount of alcohol, it can aggravate your health condition.

To know the safe limits, 1 drink that is equal to 12 ounces of beer can be easily consumed by women and men above 65 years, and two drinks are safe for men below 65 years. So if you drink more than the safe ranges you are going to put yourself in trouble by affecting your high blood pressure

5. Quit Smoking

Top 10 Ways to Control High Blood Pressure at HomeSmoking has become a major contribution in daily health issues nowadays. There is a strong relation between smoking and high blood pressure. Studies have shown that even 1 cigarette can raise your blood pressure up to 10 mmHg more that remains elevated for man hours.

The people who are addicted to smoking take many more cigarettes per day and gradually they develop high blood pressure or if they are already suffering from high blood pressure you can face many serious and adverse effects and complications of high blood pressure. Smoking is much injurious that even passive smoking can cause high blood pressure.

So to control your blood pressure, the need of hour is to cut down your smoking habit. Studies have shown that there are many evidences supporting the fact that people who quit smoking enjoy high life expectancy as compared to those who continue smoking.

4. Decrease Sodium Intake

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Our salt is made of all sodium. This has high responsibility in the development of high blood pressure as increased amount of sodium in your body causes the retention of water leading to increased volume of blood hence causing blood pressure. It is not only the table salt but also other food you eat in restaurants can have high sodium content in it.

Studies have shown that if you reduce even a small amount of salt in your diet, it can reduce your high blood pressure to some extent. The recommend amount of sodium intake per day is 1500 mg and its effect varies on different persons. You can reduce the sodium levels in your diet by reading food labels when you are buying something and food with high sodium intake.

Similarly the consumption of processed food should be cut down. Added salt should not be consumed. If you are finding it difficult to reduce the amount of salt in your diet, reduce it gradually not abruptly.

3. Diet Maintenance or Dash Diet

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Diet plays an important role in the development of any disease. High blood pressure is also related to the dietary habit you adopt. The eating of unhealthy diets mainly the fat food with a lot of fats in it and can be a responsible cause of high blood pressure.

If you maintain diet that consists of whole grains, vegetable, fruit, low fat dairy products avoiding the cholesterol and saturated fat along with processed foods then it could help you in lowering high blood pressure as well as prevent its development. This eating plan for high blood pressure is DASH diet that stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension that can lower your blood pressure up to 14 mmHg.

The food with high potassium content like fruits and vegetable are considered as the food of choice as potassium has a major role in maintaining the high blood pressure.

2. Regular Exercise

 ways to control high blood pressure

Exercise is an important factor in controlling high blood pressure and keeps you active. According to studies it has been proved that regular exercise can decrease your blood pressure effectively. Daily exercises of 30 minutes will not only keep you fit but can also help you in maintaining your blood pressure.

If you are an inactive person, you can start exercising gradually and follow a safe routine exercising schedule recommended by your doctor. There is an important thing to be kept in mind that you should exercise regularly because if you stop exercising, it can cause the reversal of high blood pressure. If you are suffering from a preceding stage of high blood pressure and it has not developed properly, regular exercise can also prevent the development of high blood pressure.

Any type of exercise can be done depending on your physique as well as choice ranging from brisk walking to swimming and cycling or a complete program with several different exercises.

1. Weight Loss to Control High Blood Pressure

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The main culprit behind high blood pressure is weight gain and obesity. Weight gain and high blood pressure are directly related to each other, if the weight increases the blood pressure increases. Shortness of breath can also occur due to obesity that can aggravate blood pressure.

So the main thing you have to do to control blood pressure is to alter your lifestyle and to adopt several methods to control blood pressure that can prove very effective. If you cut down your fat, the level of blood pressure is automatically controlled. Losing a weight of five pounds even can make miracles.

The main target should be the waist fat, which is also called visceral fat and the safe limit for waist line for me is 40 inches and for females is 35 inches. Lifestyle changes include dietary measures, regular exercise and avoidance of fast food can be very helpful and effective in controlling your high blood pressure.