Top 10 Ways to Save Energy at Home

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The requirement of energy is increasing day by day so the need to Save Energy. New appliances are being developed as the technology is advancing and this has led to the increased usage of energy and hence the utility bills. It is obvious that if you use less amount of energy in your homes, you are going to save a big amount from utility bills. Also cutting off the usage of the usage of several appliances putting a high load requiring a high amount of energy can help to save your money.

Along with that, the less consumption is going to make the environment clean by releasing less harmful gases and pollutants. Now you know a few benefits of saving energy at home, we are going to tell how you can save energy. There are many efficient and simple things you can follow.

Here are the ten ways how you can save energy at home that might help you in saving.

10. Plant Trees and Shrubs

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You may find it irrelevant but both of these have strong connection in between. If you have a cover around your home made of various trees and shrubs, these will reduce your home exposure from the sun. This will maintain the temperature of your home at a moderate level lessening the use of electricity over air conditioning and thermostat and can save energy up to 40 percent of your utility bill.

It is a way of insulation around your home in every season whether it’s summer or winter and also depends upon the location of your home. Many agencies work on that and help you in planting the trees and shrubs in reasonable cost. It is not only environmental friendly but also reduce the pollution. It has been proved that by planting trees and shrubs at a distance of 1 foot from home, a dead airspace is created that provides a shield to your home in both hot and cold temperatures. Hence you can save energy by using this method.

9. Use appliances and Electronic in a Responsible Way

Use this method to save energy

Our houses are loaded with a number of electronic and appliances which are used every day. If we adopt better methods to use these appliances, we can save energy up to 20 percent at homes. We should not place freezers near warm places as these areas forces the devices to use more energy to remain cool. All the electronic devices should be turned off when they are not in use.

Laptops are more preferable over desktop computer as they consume less energy. Chargers of mobiles and laptops should be unplugged when they are not in use. At the end we should prefer efficient ENERGY STAR rated appliances and electronics.

8. Smart Cooking and Laundry

Save Energy

Cooking and laundry are integral parts of our daily routine. A large amount of energy is used for day life cooking. Smart cooking is a term used for the adoption of methods to cooking energy efficient ways. Replacement of regular oven from convection ovens that use fans to circulate hot air out of oven ensuring the cooking at lower temperature. It saves around 20 percent of the energy consumed by conventional ovens. Similarly the use of microwave oven, pressure cookers etc. is used for efficient cooking and by doing this we can save energy.

Laundry is also required to be done in energy efficient way by using several ways. Avoid the use of medium setting in your washer and also avoid high temperature settings when the clothes are not soiled properly. Prefer the air drying of your clothes and wring the clothes before piling them in the dryers. If we adopt these methods, it will help us to save energy.

7. Install Efficient Showerheads and Toilets

save energy in your toilets

Toilet and showerheads are important cause of more energy consumption. There are certain options you can choose from to save energy in your toilets. Installation of low flow shower head is available with different rates of water flow and a few have pause button in them that can stop the water flow. Similarly low flow toilets are helpful in this regard and can prevent the excessive usage of water. The vacuum assisted toilets have a vacuum chamber installed in it that sucks the air from the bowl and helps in efficient filling of tubes.

Another option is dual-flush toilet that is gaining popularity and has options to choose between 1 gallon liquid waste and 1.7 gallon for solid and reduces water consumption by 30 percent or more. You can choose any of the energy efficient showerhead or toilet to lessen your utility bills by saving additional energy.

6. Install a Tankless Water Heater

water heaters used in homes to save energy

Hot water is a necessity especially in winters. To get hot water people have installed water heaters in homes that makes water hot for you. According to the studies, water heating is the third most things to consume high energy. This adds to a large sum in your utility bills. The Demand-type heaters are a better choice in this regard.

These water heaters provide you hot water only when needed preventing the standby water heating that occurs in heaters attached with tanks. This is turn will save large sum of money. This tankless water heaters are convenient to use as well and should be replaced with the regular tank water heaters used in homes to save energy.

5. Insulate your Home Well

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Insulation of the home is very important to save energy at home. It is one of the most effective way and easy to follow. You do not need high technicalities to insulate and seal your home and can be done on your own. First of all prevent the air leakage as it interferes with the thermal regulation. Look for the common places of leakage like electrical outlets, mail slots, attic hatches, around piper and wire, bash boards, window frames etc.

if you find any leakage site, seal it properly as it can be a cause of your high utility bills. Improving insulation can help you to save energy. You should also make the windows more efficient by changing the window glasses which are usually thin and poor insulators. If you can arrange a new storm window installation, this would be the best choice and can seal the windows effectively.

4. Change your Light Bulbs to Save Energy

Light BulbsWe use many bulbs in our home and they make a big sum of our utility bills. One of the ways to save energy is to replace your regular bulbs with energy efficient appliances. There are many options available in market that you can use instead of your bulb and one such example is CFL, Compact florescent light bulbs. These are not only cost effective and economical to buy but also these bulbs use around seventy five percent less energy as compared to the regular bulbs.

With their longer lives of more than six months, these bulbs are best choice to save energy and are approved by Energy Star. These will save around $30 dollars. It is said that these contain mercury and can be harmful but this is a wrong fact. These CFLs contain mercury but it is not released while these are being used and they are called the safe bulbs by Energy Star.

3. Programmable Thermostat Installation

save energy by using programmable appliances

We all use thermostat at home to keep the temperature in suitable ranges. It consumes a lot of energy while being fixated time to time. However you can save energy by installing a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat works automatically and adjusts the temperature in your home according to the schedule you have selected in. It keeps the temperature comfortable only when it is needed to be. Also, throughout the day if you have not adjusted your thermostat, it could save energy around fifteen percent on the costs of heating as well as cooling.

2. Using Energy Efficient Appliances

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There are many appliances that are consuming high amount of energy at your home without you knowing about it. What we can do about it? We can buy the appliances that are energy efficient which implies that the appliances that use moderate amount of energy for their functioning and saves the rest of energy. This is however easy, when you go to purchase the electrical appliances, all you have to do is to see the Energy Star label of Environmental Protection Agency.

The appliances with energy stars are designed to consume less amount of energy cutting it down to 10 to 50 percent as compared to the same appliances manufactured by other. You may hesitate buying these appliances as these are bit expensive than their counterparts but you should look for the long term benefits to save energy as well as money.

1. Minimize Phantom Loads

save energy by reducing load

Phantom load is a common problem since so long. It basically refers to the amount of energy consumed by the appliances when they are not turned on or working. It makes a huge contribution to your bill. Studies and data analysis have shown that the major contribution in our bills is due to the phantom load. U.S department of energy have passed the statement that around seventy percent of our electricity used at home by electronics that are turned off and are not in use. This is a lot actually.

According to a study from California total six percent of the energy usage in all residential consumption is contributed by phantom load. So the need of hour is to cut down the phantom load. All the electrical appliances that are not in use should be turned off. This can not only save energy but will also decrease your utility bill after you have followed the simple method.