Top 10 Ways to Win Someone’s Heart

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Whenever you are in some relation or want to make a relation it is important to Win Someone’s Heart. You are always devising ways to make him or her happy and put every possible effort. When you are in love, you want to make the other person fall for you and feels for you the way you feel for him or her. This is rather not easy; you ask your partner out, take him or her to outing, arrange surprises, give present, and spend time together and much more to win his or her heart.

We are here trying to make this difficult task easy for you by putting forth ten easy ways to win someone’s heart. Hope it might help you to make your love fall for you.

10. Be Respectful and a Good Friend

how to win someone's heart

One of the important way to win someone’s heart is that you show them due respect as well as be there for them good friend. Try to be unselfish and act like good friends. This will definitely make your place in another person’s heart and they will feel that you mean something to them. Respect is also a key to make your way to someone’s heart and it holds significant value in any relation.

You will earn respect if you will give respect. Give others the right to speak and share their opinion. Show respect to others by listening to them carefully, this will not only make you important to them but also make your way to someone’s heart.

9. Give Them Time, Don’t be Needy

if you want to win someone’s heart

You can easily damage your relation if you want to see the results of your efforts early. Being patient is a key to win someone’s heart. Sometimes you should not push people to take urgent decisions as it can make them irritable and frustrated. They would prefer avoiding you instead of letting you in their life. Do not make others feel that you have insecurities and act needy at times.

If you make others feel that you desperately want something, they will act reluctant rather than being attracted towards you. So if you want to win someone’s heart, be patient, give them space and time to work on things otherwise you may rush them to stay away from you.

8. Give Nice Compliments

how to win someone's heart

Compliments are appreciated by everyone. If you want to win someone’s heart, you should compliment them frequently. People dress nicely, wear good perfumes, hold good gadgets, make nice hairstyle, and all they want is nice compliments from you.

If you tell them how good they are looking, how nicely they have performed at work and any such thing; their heart will naturally be attracted towards you. This kind of attitude will make them feel special and they will be inclined towards you and prefer to spend time with you. That is human nature and can be a way to win someone’s heart.

7. Send them Presents

 Top 10 ways to win someone’s heart

Gifts and presents are a way to show their feelings and can also help to win someone’s heart. It is not a new thing and has been a tradition since the beginning of time. Whenever you receive some gift from someone, you will definitely feel special and important in that person’s life.

It is not necessary that you spend a lot of amount to show your love, care or gratitude. You can give homemade stuff like friendship band, card, bracelet or any such thing. This can make you win someone’s heart easily and you can become important to them as it is just a way to show your feelings.

6. Be Kind and Gentle

Be Kind and GentleYour attitude matters a lot towards some person. If you are rude and arrogant people will stay away from you and will hardly talk to you. This kind of attitude is considered antisocial. However if you adopt gentle and kind attitude towards others you will earn not only attraction from others but also can win someone’s heart. Your gentle, kind and polite attitude towards others may look cheesy but it is one of the best ways to win heart.

Your respectful and caring behavior says it all that how much special they are. Even if they have made a mistake, approach them in a gentle and polite way. If you act nice around them, this may help to win them and make a way through their heart.

5. Accept your Flaws and be Honest

Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the best policy. If you want to win someone’s heart, be honest to them. Everybody show their good qualities to others and try to hide the bad ones. However this is not workable when you have to make long lasting healthy relationships. To make your relationship the best ones, be real with others. Accept your flaws and mistakes when you make ones, instead of hiding them.

Your honest approach towards someone will make you win his or her heart as this world is full of fake people and everyone wants someone to rely on. Be real and show what you are and don’t hide your flaws in fear of losing someone. Instead you may not be able to win someone’s heart if you are not honest.

4. Control your Ego

ego is a relation spoiler

Sometimes ego is a relation spoiler. You have everything in your relation, you have love and you care for each other but when it comes to ego, you can’t help it. Ego is not only harmful to your love relations but it also affects other reactions like your relation with your employees, your relation with your boss and much more. If you want to win your love’s heart then let your ego go especially at the moments when the other person is not letting it go.

If you have a fight or argument with someone and you learn to control your ego, you will surely make a place in their person’s heart. The art of learning to puncture your ego can be a life saver and can really help to win someone’s heart.

3. Get to Know Others

To win someone’s heart

To win someone’s heart, one of the most important thing is you get to know the other person well. If you try to do so, this will show your interest towards him or her and in turn he or she will also try to know you well. When you meet someone, don’t beat about the bush and ask the right things and also pay attention to what the other say. Like you should ask about the other person’s interests, likes, dislikes, passions, dreams and much more.

Not only you should know, but you should also keep it in mind. Talk about the things the other person is interested to develop a bond of thoughts. If you know someone well, or if you try to know someone, this can be your chance to win someone’s heart.

2. Be Available

way to win someone’s heart

When someone means something to you, you are always there for him or her. That is the way to win someone’s heart. It is difficult to manage a relation when you are unable to manage time for the people you think are important to you. If you are not available for them it shows that they are not special because you can never ignore someone who is special.

In the time of need, always stay with your beloved and give them support and strength. It is not only hard times when you should be available, but also the share the happy moments to make your way to someone’s heart. Emotional availability is also a dire need when you are looking for a place in someone’s heart.

1. Develop Trust to Win someone’s Heart

to wins someone's heart

For any relation, trust holds the most significant role. If you want a healthy relationship then the most important thing is to develop trust in your relation and make it long lasting. This can be done by your actions and words. If you prove that you are trustworthy, this can let you win someone’s heart. This is however a two way process. If you trust someone they will trust you in turn and you will develop a strong relation.

Keep promises and commitments you made, this can help to develop trust. If someone shares to you his or her secret never tell anyone as it can not only shatter the trust between you but will also spoil your relation. Once you have developed the trust, you will surely make your place in their heart.