Top 10 Weapons used in Backfired in Terrible Ways

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The invention of weapons has changed the history of wars in a devastating way. Weapons are used in several ways to affect the enemies and to win the war against the enemies. A good weapon is considered to be a weapon that is dangerous for the enemy and does not affect the person who wields it. However; there were some weapons that had flaws in execution. Some of the weapon used in backfire had terrible effects in the history. It can be considered as an engineering failure or sheer stupidity. Here is the list of Weapon used in backfired in terrible ways that can be interesting as well as horrible to read.

10. Nambu Type 94 Handgun

Nambu Type 94 HandgunIt was one of the terrible weapon used in backfired created by Japan. Nambu Type 94 Handgun is considered to be a worst service handgun that was formed ever. It was formed in 1934 and contained an odd, under powered cartridge. There was a lack of accuracy and it was difficult to operate as well. Grip of the weapon was also difficult. The worst flaw the exposure of its trigger that if pressed accidentally could backfire and hence it is considered as one of the weapon used in backfired in history.

9. The Century Series Fighters

high speed fighter bombers

This weapon used in backfired was formed in 1940s by USA. These were basically fast planes having increased ability to climb. They were also referred to as high speed fighter bombers. They had the function of maneuverability. Although very expensive but not so beneficial, these were sold at a large scale. Later on they were replaced by other better weapons. Owing to this weapon used in backfired, there was a terrible loss including 118 pilots in air crashes.

8. The Panzer 68

domestic Swiss tank

This weapon was designed in 1970s by Switzerland. It was considered as one of the weapon used in backfired that was used as a domestic Swiss tank. There usage was continuous till 2003. However; when it was formed, it was revealed that the weapon had many flaws and many of its functions were not proper like random twitching from side to side and interference of radio system with tank signaling system. It was also not possible to shift the tank in reverse direction without moving it forward. These features led to the rapid deterioration in its reputation and then it was removed from frontline. Hence it was added in the list of weapons used in backfired in history.

7. The M22 Locust Tank

war tank used as backfired

This tank was considered to be one of the good additions in weapons history but later on it was considered as a weapon used in backfired. It was light weighted that could be delivered with the help of gliders. However; they were proved as one of the most terrible weapons to be used in battlefield as they fell on the ground from gliders. And their poor function affected many infantrymen that died. Also it was easy to destroy them in battlefield so it was considered better to withdraw these from industries

6. Weapon used in Backfired Sticky Bombs

bombs used as backfired

Sticky bombs were developed in 1930s by British Army and were used as antitank grenade and weapon used in backfired. It was thrown near the tanks and stuck near tank that ensured effectiveness of the attack. Earlier the experimentation was failed as it did not stick to the tank however; later on this flaw was overcome with the invention of new designs having a flexible outer covering. One of its major flaws was its sticky nature as it used to stick to the user or self weapons. These limitations led to its withdrawal from the weapon industry.

5. Bat Bomb

Bomb used as backfired

This weapon used in backfired was created by Mexico. The concept was to form a weapon in the form of bats having device insides. These bat bombs were supposed to be thrown over Japanese cities. The concept of using project x ray and usage of this weapon was approved by government as well. However during experimentation the, bat bomb exploded and entire base of air force was burnt down so it was decided this weapon would not be deployed.

4. K-19 Submarine

missile Submarine

It was a ballistic missile submarine that was also contained with nuclear powered. This submarine was included in the weapons used in backfired with a longer survival though. During its first mission it was close to a meltdown of its nuclear reactor. However; it was saved. The captain on board sent few men to set the cooling system but all of the men died due to high radiations. Owing to the events related to submarine, the weapon was decommissioned.

3. The Novgorod Class Battleships

Battleships used as backfired

This weapon was formed in 1870 by Russia for the purpose of defense, taking the inspiration from British shipbuilder. It was a circular ship that was loaded with heavy guns and a better protection system. It was also considered that it is easy to maneuver. Two of the ships were made but they proved to be useless. Due to many different flaws present in it. It is considered as weapon used in backfired.

2.The Ross Rifle

Charles Ross rifle used as weapon

This rifle was created by Sir Charles Ross and was considered as one of the most accurate rifle. It was considered that this weapon would be best to use in world war l however the concept was wronged due to a number of issues associated with its usage e.g. the bayonet of the rifle was used to fell off after it was fired. All the other features also put the user on danger so it is considered as a weapon used in backfired.

1.The Tegetthoff Class Battleship


It was the world’s first and foremost battleship that has triple gun turrets formed by Austria before the First World War. It was also a weapon used in backfired that was not less than a disaster. These ships were not only heavy but there was an unfortunate happening in 1918 in which the ship sank in the sea after flipping over. Later researches showed that the troops on board did every possible thing to save the battleship. After that mishap, these ships were seized.