10 Women in the World who got their Wealth after Marriage

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Most of the people think that wealth comes with the fortune. If you have good fortune you will get money, however if you are not lucky with the money, you will never enjoy being wealthy. Some born in a rich family and inherit a large amount of property and money with a huge bank balance, that make them wealthy without any hard work or effort. However some earn their wealth in their lives by working hard or choosing a profession that can give them money and someone is luckily get Wealth after Marriage.

In some cases marriages can also make you wealthy if you happen to marry a rich man or woman. And yes! A divorce can also make you rich. There are many women all around the world got wealth after marriage or being divorced.

Here we are presenting a list of top 10 women who got their wealth after marriage or divorced.

10. Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild

wealth after marriage

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild is one of the richest women who got her wealth after marriage . She has been married to Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild who happens to be her third husband. Sir Evelyn Robert is a billionaire in UK. They got married in November, 2000 in UK and she became one of the women who got her wealth after marriage and has around seven hundred million dollar wealth.

Currently she is the chief executive officer (CEO) of her company E.L Rothschild that she shares with her husband. This company is a leading wealth management company in USA. She is also an active lady in politics and one of the female who conducted the conference of inclusive capitalism held in UK.

9. Nancy Shevell Got Wealth after Marriage

got 1.07 billion dollar after marrige

Paul McCartney who was one of the members of the most famous musical band The Beatles is the husband of Nancy Shevell. The marriage between two took place in 2011 and since then Nancy Shevell became one of the women who got her wealth after her marriage and owned the title of Lady McCartney.

She also inherited some wealth 217 million dollar from her father but the main share to her wealth is from her husband that makes it one billion dollar which she owns. Currently she is one of the members of board in New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority and also holds a position of vice president in New England Motor Freight.

8. Slavica Ecclestone

got wealth after marriage

The owner owned around 1.07 billion dollar, Slavica Ecclestone is one among those women who got their wealth after marriage from a rich man. She started her career as a model and became one of the Armani model. She was married to Bernie Ecclestone and their marriage went for 24 years. She filed her divorce case and got divorce from her husband in 2009 and got her wealth of around 740 million dollars after her divorce. She has two daughters and has become one of the richest women who gathered her wealth after marriage and divorce.

7. Mary Haughey

Mary Haughey,2.02 billion $ wealth

Mary Haughey, the Lady Ballyedmond is one of those women who acquired her wealth after marriage. She is a billionaire with her 2.02 billion dollars wealth that she got from her husband Lord Ballyedmond. Currently she is a deputy chairman of the Norbrook Laboratories.

The lady got married in 1972 with Edward Haughey, Baron Ballyedmond. He happened to die in a helicopter crash in March, 2014. His wife, Mary Haughey inherited all the wealth of her husband. She has three children who are all grown up and have achieved high posts.

6. Anita Zabludowicz

got 2.17 billion dollars after marriage

Anita Zabludowicz is one of those women who got her wealth after marriage. She got married to Poju Zabludowicz who is a billionaire with his famous art collection containing around 3000 precious art pieces in London. The lady own around 2.17 billion dollars that makes her listed among the richest women all around the world. Zabludowicz was the founder of this Art collection and created it in 1944.

He has been listed among one of the richest men all around the world. Both the husband and wife are running many hotels, a disease center, a Britain Israel Communication and research center and also take active part in the politics. He is also the owner of ice hockey team named as Tappara.

5. Harriet Heyman

got wealth after marriage

She is one of those ladies who got wealth after marriage. Michael Moritz is the man who is married to Harriet Heyman and shares his wealth. Michael Moritz was a former partner in Google and PayPal. Currently he is on the post of chairperson of Venture Capital Company the Sequoia Capital and a well known Venture Capitalist.

Harriet Heyman was one of the novelists in USA and the couple has two children reside in San Francisco California. She is the owner of around 2.47 billion dollars wealth that makes her one of the renowned women who got their wealth after marriage.

4. Salma Hayek

Salma HayekA well known Hollywood actress Salma Hayek has got much of her wealth before her marriage and owned around 100 million dollars. She enjoyed a very bright career and was one of the best models of her time. In the year 2009 she got married to a French Billionaire Francois Henri Pinault who is also the CEO of Kering that is a French luxury company.

Now the famous actress shares his husband’s wealth and has around 3.77 billion dollars that makes her one of the women who got her wealth after marriage to one of the richest men. She is a very active woman with her massive charity work.

3. Lady Tina Green

got wealth after marriage

Christina Green who is now known as The Lady green was a business woman since her early ages. She was wealthy before her marriage but the actual wealth she got after her second marriage with Sir Philip Green who is one of the richest businessmen in United Kingdom. Her second husband Sir Philip Green gave her shares in all his investments that make her the owner of around five billion dollar with her being the owner of Taveta Investments including its subsidiaries.

The Arcadian Group, BHS British home stores all belong to the family controlling around 12 percent of all the business going on in United Kingdom. Her first marriage ended in a divorce with Robert Palos. She and Sir Philip Green have two children and the lady is enjoying the status of the second wealthiest women in UK with all her wealth.

2. Carrie Perrodo

Singapore women is billionaire

Originally belonging to Singapore, this lady has become one of the wealthiest women with her possession of 8.37 billion dollars wealth. She started her career as a model. Carrie Perrodo got all her wealth after marriage with Hubert Perrodo who was a billionaire and founder of the famous Franco British oil company Perenco.

After the death of her husband in the year 2004, she dealt with all the business and became a famous business woman and the owner of Perenco. They had 3 children. Carrie Perrodo is one of the richest ladies with all her wealth and running her company well.

1. Kirsty Bertarelli

song writer and singer in UK

One of the richest ladies, Kirsty Bertarelli, was actually a songwriter and singer in UK. She was also a well known model and got the Title of Miss UK in 1988. The lady is the owner of around 14 billion dollars wealth that all is the result of her husband’s insane wealth. She married the wealthiest business man in Switzerland, Ernesto Bertarelli. He actually inherited his father’s wealth in the form of Serono which he sold out for around 9 billion dollars.

The couple has been ranked fifth richest in UK and Kirsty has been ranked as the richest women in UK. She got married in the year 2000 and since then the couple resides in Switzerland and have 3 children. Kirsty has been involved in many charity programs and has a very active part in Bertarelli foundation. She with her shocking amount of wealth is on the top of the list of women who got their wealth after marriage.