Top 10 World’s Worst Plastic Surgeries

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To look beautiful is one desire that everyone has. Specially the people in showbiz and belong to media are very particular about their looks. Indeed they have to maintain their looks for their viewers and fans. There are many ways to beautify a person, plastic surgery is one of those procedures that gained a lot of popularity since many years. Many actors and actresses have got their Plastic Surgery done. It makes the use of minor surgeries for fixing you skin problems like wrinkles, nose shape.

Many celebrities underwent plastic surgery and that worked out well for them. However not all of such surgeries work wonders. There have been many disastrous plastic surgeries that made the person look horrible. A plastic surgery is a delicate procedure that requires a lot of experience when you are dealing with the most important part of some person like face.

We are here providing a list of top 10 worst plastic surgeries of the world.

10. Michaela Romanini

plastic surgery

She is one of the Italian socialites and titled as Paris Hilton all around Italy. She wanted experiments of plastic surgery since her early age on herself that actually backfired. The plastic surgery changed her looks completely from an attractive young woman to a woman having dramatic facial changes. She underwent many procedures out of which lip collagen injections was her favorite.

She also claimed that she is addicted to lip collage. This addiction of plastic surgery led to a complete transformation in her looks. After going through a series of plastic surgery procedures, she totally ruined her lips and now she has ugly lips completely devastating her appearance

9. Worst Plastic Surgery Donatella Versace

plastic surgery

Donatella Versace is the vice president of the most famous fashion brands Versace and fashion designer. This lady also became the victim of worst plastic surgery that completely destroyed her previous blond beautiful looks. Donatella underwent nose jobs and collagen injections in her lips since 1990s. These procedures were to make her lips beautiful and nose thin looking and small.

However with continuous plastic surgery procedures her nose grew larger, wider and crooked than before that indicates the total failure of her nose job. The collagen injection in her lips has also proved as a terrible experiment and she ended with ugly big lips instead of having hot beautiful lips. Being a woman of fifty four years, she has a very tight skin unmatched with her age showing the procedure of face lifting and Botox injection. The skin on her body is however so loose and her pictures in bikini and recent weight loss also revealed her recent breast implants. No doubt her plastic surgery is one of the worst procedures ever.

8. Tori Spelling

famous American actresses and author

Victoria Davey Tori Spelling is one of the famous American actresses and author. She gained a lot of popularity from her role of Donna Martin in Beverly Hills, the play that was produced by her father in 1990. However in the play he was widely criticized about her deformed breast with a severe depression in her he chest. Although she denied the fact that she underwent plastic surgery with a nose job and Botox treatment.

Along with that, she also received a breast implants or augmentation that look odd and unmatched with her body size and shape. This new addition in her looks was not up to the mark and she ended up having worst plastic surgery. It has been in the air that she is considering other options of plastic surgery and may undergo another procedure.

7. Lara Flynn Boyle

USA famous celebrity

One of the most famous actresses of America who became insanely popular after her role of Donna Hayward in Twin Peaks and The Practice in which she was Assistant District Attorney. Also she played very prominent in certain movies like Men in Black and many more. The actress also underwent a series of plastic surgery procedures that completely transformed her looks. The woman is 44 years of age now and made her appearance with a puffy face and smooth looking skin with the help of Botox injections.

Her facial looks also showed that she made her lips larger by collagen injections. Face lift and cheek implants may be along other plastic surgery procedures which describe her recent looks. Some people also say that she has upper lip implants. However it is an accepted fact that she was much prettier before her plastic surgery that went wrong and she became unrecognizable after that.

6. Scott Thompson

comedian and actor

Scott Thompson is one of the well known comedians and actor in Canada. He was very famous owing to his red haired looks but now he has been included in the list of those people who became the victim of wrongful plastic surgery procedures. His recent looks show that he underwent the procedures of eyebrow lifting along with Botox treatment.

The actor’s face also show that lip plumping and laser peeling has been done as there is sudden loss of freckles from his face. The sudden changes in his body appearance and muscular physique also proved that the actor has been using steroid for long. His plastic surgery has been considered as one of the failed surgeries.

5. Pete Burns

best English songwriter and singer

One of the best English songwriter and singer, Pete Burns who was also a famous TV personality. He was also the founder of Dead or Alive band. This fifty eight years old man has completely devastated looks now. It has been in the air that the singer has had several plastic surgery procedures that totally transformed his looks in to not less than a nightmare.

His caked up face has left her fans startled. He has undergone cheek implants and collagen and polyacrylamide injections in her lips that made these ugly looking big lips. His face lifting and face implant also added to his transformed looks. He also claimed that he has spent her whole life savings over her plastic surgery. He also had nose jobs and other procedure that made his looks terrible and shows failed plastic surgery.

4. Jackie Stallone

the mother of Sylvester Stallone

Jackie Stallone is the mother of Sylvester Stallone has turned out as a completely transformed woman after undergoing her plastic surgery. She is also famous for talking to dogs about future but now the main reason of her popularity is the plastic surgery that changed her completely. She owes her drastic facial looks to the procedure of face life and lip injections.

She is 90 years of age and a mother of 3 children but her looks do no match to her age. She also underwent other procedures of plastic surgery like lip jobs, nose jobs brow lifts. Her tight skin shows that she also have had cheek implants. Her plastic surgery is considered as one of the worst surgeries and she might have omitted it.

3. Michael Jackson

King of Pop music, michael

One of the best singer and songwriters, Michael Jackson, is well known as the King of Pop music. He was also an actor and dancer that rocked the world of music through his blockbusters and amazing styles. The singer is also known for undergoing a hundred of plastic surgery procedures. He started off with a minor procedure on his nose at the age of 19 and then a stream of plastic surgery procedure was done to make his looks better but it all changed him for worse.

Around 10 nose jobs and surgeries, face lifting, chin implants throughout his life were done to satisfy his problems with his looks but later on he changed his skin color too. To hide this, he claimed that he was suffering from vitiligo. However it is a known fact that his plastic surgery was one of the worst surgeries ever.

2. Jocelyn Wildenstein

extravagant woman

One of the socialites in New York, Jocelyn Wildenstein is among one of the most extravagant women. She is well known after having her shocking plastic surgery series that completely transformed her looks in a horrible way you can say. She is around seventy five years old now and has devastated her looks. It started in 1999, her first plastic surgery, and since then she has been changed from ugly to uglier and ugliest looks till now.

It has been revealed that she has spent 4 million dollars over her plastic surgery in all these years and it is said that the socialite has been addicted to plastic surgery. It was basically the result of the pursuit of winning her husband back but even after all her efforts her husband left her and he became the lady with worst plastic surgery ever.

1. Hang Mioku

Hang MiokuThis lady Hang Mioku is one of the most famous victims of terrible plastic surgery. She was one of the famous models who belonged to South Korea and 48 years old and became so much addicted to plastic surgery. The story started when she was 28 years old and did her first procedure of plastic surgery to make her facial appearance better. The results were totally opposite to what was expected and she ended up having a puffy face with a round disfigured contour.

This was not it; she continued undergoing several procedures without having control over her obsession of plastic surgery until the doctors refused to do any procedure on her. To fulfill her addiction she bough silicon injection and started self injections. The more astonishing thing was that she injected cooking oil in her face when she was short of silicon. Although many reversal procedures were done on her later on but unfortunately the devastated looks of her face was completely irreversible. The extra implants and material injected on her face was removed in order to make her presentable. However she still remains the female with worst ever plastic surgery in the world.