Top 10 Worst Terrorist Attacks in the World

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Terrorism is the second name of violence but it is mainly done for political aims or to resist the government using intimidation. Man has been suffering from this devastating issue for so long and as we have moved on in time, terrorism has shown massive increase in frequency and severity. If you get updates from the media now, we are having Worst Terrorist Attack all around the world off and on.

The new methods used for terrorists attack cause damage at an immense scale killing innocent people at a large rate. It is impossible to describe all the terrorist attacks but here are few of the most horrifying terrorist attacks that have affected thousands of lives.

10. Dubrovka Theater Siege/ Russia

10 worst Terrorist Attack

People know this terrorist attack by the name of Moscow Theatre hostage crisis or 2002 Nord-Ost siege that happened on 23rd October 2002. This worst terrorist attack started when around 40 armed Chechens seized the Dubrovka theatre. These men had claimed Islamist militant separatist movement’s allegiance. More than 800 people were made hostages and the put their demand to withdraw Russian forces from their region, Chechnya and to bring an end to Second Chechen war.

The terrorist had dangerous and powerful explosives with them. The siege continued for two and a half days during which two females were executed, when the Russian forces, the Alpha group, used an unknown chemical agent to pump it in the building and raided the theater. All the forty attackers were killed along with 130 hostages death who were killed by the chemical substance used during terrorist attack.

9. Mid air bombing of Pan Am Flight 103

worst terrorist attack

This is one of the worst terrorist attack that involved aircraft N739PA that was travelling from Heathrow to JFK on 21st December 1988. The aircraft was exploded with the terrorist bomb that led to the death of all passengers. There were 243 passengers and none of them survived the terrorist attack along with 16 crew members. The exploded parts of the aircraft affected the land areas causing injuries to the residents.

The cause of the attack was a bomb placed in the aircraft a determined by the investigators and it was believed that it was sanctioned by Libyan Government. However an extremist group claimed to be responsible for the attack in response to Iran Flight attack. Later on a Libyan man Abdul Baset al Megrahi, was found guilty for this worst terrorist attack.

8. The Mumbai Worst Terrorist Attack

worst terrorist attack

The Mumbai attacks refer to the series of worst terrorist attack conducted by the members of an Islamic militant organization, Lashkar-e-Taiba. There were total 12 bombing and shooting attacks in November 2008 by ten terrorist starting from 26th November to 29th November. Total 164 deaths occurred and around 300 people were wounded during these attack.

The locations of the attacks included various places in south Mumbai like Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the Taj Mahal , Oberoi trident , Leopold café, a Jewish community center the Nariman house , Cama hospital along with Metro Cinema and St. Xavier’s college. There were two other explosions at two other places but in the morning of 29th November all the places were secured and NSG operation as conducted to find out the remaining attackers.

The responsibility of the attack was put on Pakistan, the Zaki ur Rehman being the mastermind that was disclosed by Ajmal Kasab.

7. Truck Bombing of US Embassies

worst terrorist attack

These worst terrorist attacks occurred on 7th August 1998. There was bombing attack on US embassies that resulted into the death of around 200 people. There were two truck bomb explosions at two different areas; one was at United States embassy in Nairobi Kenya and the other were at united state embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

It is said that the terrorist attacks were conducted by Egyptian Islamic Jihad, al Qaeda organization with the main members being Osama bin laden and Ayman al Zawahiri. All these attack put Osama in the list of top ten most wanted fugitives and the FBI made it connected to Azerbaijan. Nearly 4000 people were injured in these terrorist attacks along with heavy damage to the embassies buildings.

6. The Wall Street Bombing

worst terrorist attack in USA

It is one of the worst terrorist attack in the history of US. It took place in the Financial District Manhattan, New York city in the afternoon of 16th September. There was a blast that killed 30 people at the spot with 143 people wounded terribly making it the worst terrorist attack after 1910 bombing attack of the Los Angeles times.

Investigations conducted on the attack spotted the fact that the Italian anarchists group was responsible and it was related to the social unrest along with anti capitalist rage in US.

5. Bombing of Marine Barrack

worst terrorist attack

It is one of the worst terrorist attack that occurred in Lebanon 23rd October 1983. This is also known as Beirut Barracks bombing. It happened during Lebanese civil war during which two truck bombs collided with two different buildings of military forces United States and French. A total 299 servicemen were died during this worst terrorist attack out of them 220 were Marines.

An Islamic Jihad group claimed to be responsible for the attacks and they were linked to the government of Iran and Syria. It all referred to the Iranian revolutionary guard corps commander named as Hussein Dehghan. However; all of them denied their involvement in this deadliest terrorist attack.

4. World Trade Center Bombing

worst terrorist attack

This is the first and worst terrorist attack that was conducted on World Trade Center on February 26th 1993 during which a yellow Ryder van with the bomb was driven just below the North Tower of World Trade Center in the garage of the building. After a few minutes, the heavy detonation material, around 1400 pounds in the truck, got exploded.

The explosion was intended to bring both the North and South towers down but unfortunately it couldn’t work that way and ended up making a 100 feet wide hole in four levels of concrete. The investigators and researchers concluded that the attack was conducted by a group of terrorists, The Liberation Army that received the financial aid by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

The convicted men were found and arrested including truck drivers, Ramzi Yousef and Eyad Ismoil. Six people died as a result of this terrorist attack and a thousand were injured.

3. Beslan Massacre

worst terrorist attack in Russia

The Beslan Massacre was one of the worst terrorist attack occurred in Russia on 1st September 2004. It lasted for three days and was a hostage taking terrorist attack that captured around eleven hundred people in which 777 were children. It all started when the School Number one, located in Beslan, Russia was attacked by a group of heavily armed Islamic terrorist.

They put forth the demand of the independence of Chechnya in UN along with Russian army withdrawal from Chechnya in exchange of the survival of hostages. This all continued for three days when Russian forces attacked the building using tanks and other weapons like rockets.

It was considered as one of the worst terrorist attacks in Russia with the death of around 390 hostages were 190 of them were innocent children. Around 1000 people were injured in the attack. This incident led to many considerable reforms by federal government and the powers of Russian president were strengthened following the incident.

2. Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing

worst terrorist attack

This bombing is another devastating and worst terrorist attack in the history of US. On April 1995, a domestic terrorist attack was conducted on Alfred p. Murrah Federal building located in Oklahoma City. Two men, named as Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh were responsible for the blast. Total 324 buildings were demolished and 86 cars were burnt along with minor destruction in 270 nearby buildings.

It all cost around 7 million dollars worth of loss. The number of people who died during the terrorist attack exceeded 170 with 700 people being injured. Rescue efforts were conducted immediately by local and federal agencies along with the donations from other countries to assist the recovery operation.

Timothy McVeigh was arrested within two hours of the attack whereas Nichols was arrested within a few days and were execution and sentenced to life in prison respectively in the year 2004. Indeed it was one of the worst domestic terrorist attacks before 11 September attacks.

1. World Trade Center Attack, 9/11

worst terrorist attack

The September 11 attacks famously known as 9\11 are the worst terrorist attack that targeted the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the White House in US. It was basically a series of four incidents that were conducted by the Al Qaeda group on September 11, morning.

The attacks included aircraft hijacking of two flights, the American Airline Flight 11 and the United Airline Flight 175 that were asked to crash into the North and South towers of World trade center leading to their collapse in less than 2 hours leading to massive damage. The other plane of American Airline Flight 77 was directed to the Pentagon that partially damaged the building.

The fourth plane was unable to complete its directed operation and crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. These terrorist attacks are considered the deadliest attacks of all time that killed up to 3000 people along with 3 trillion losses of property and infrastructure. Since then many countries supported US in anti-terrorism legislation and to prevent any such terrorist attacks by empowering intelligence agency.