Top 10 Youngest Billionaire Women in US

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You want money for everything especially when you are young. Some people are fortunate who get money through inheritance and can easily spend their lives in luxury. Others earn their money through a journey of hard work and struggle and make their way to become a Youngest Billionaire.

In case of female, they can also get good status in terms of money through their marriages and this can be seen in many historical examples. You are never falling short on inspirational examples showing that the people who made their money in young ages. The progress in technology can help you in earning money and the best example we have is of Mark Zuckerberg who became a billionaire at the age of 30.

We are here giving you a list of ten women who became billionaire in young age.

10. Thai Lee

youngest billionaire

Thai Lee is one of the richest females who earned her status of youngest billionaire through her own hard work and became one of the richest self made women in US. Thai lee is 57 years old female who is presently working as the Chief executive officer of SHI international which is the largest female owned business organization of America and also the founder or owner of SHI.

It all started when she along with her husband bought an IT provider Software house that was experiencing a failure that time in the year 1989 by spending 1 million dollars. They changed the name of the Software Company as SHI, Software House International. Now the Company has become one of the largest companies with a total six billion dollars sale per year dealing with the famous brands as customers like Johnson & Johnson, Boeing etc. With the sixty percent share in the company she is one of the American youngest billionaire with her total wealth of 1.1 billion dollars.

9. Eren Ozmen

self made America's youngest billionaires

Eren Ozmen, is a 57 year old lady who is one of the self made American youngest billionaire. She has earned her status in a young age by working as an entrepreneur. She owns an aerospace company Sierra Nevada Corporation, SNC, along with her husband Fatih Ozmen. Under their supervision, this has become one of the largest Woman Owned Federal Contractors in America.

Eren is the president and the chairman of SNC now, however going back in time, she along with her husband started their career as employees of the company and they bought the company in the year 1994. With their active management and strategic work they made it one of the best working Companies in USA with 1.5 billion sales by building satellites. Currently they are working on the project Dream Chaser spacecraft.

8. Abigail Johnson

youngest billionaire

One of the youngest billionaire, Abigaile Johnson, is 54 years old American business woman. She is working as a president and CEO of a firm FMR, Fidelity Investments which is a US investment firm. She is also the chairman of Fidelity International. This company was established by Edward Johnson, her grandfather in 1946 and later on it was handed over to her father Edward Ned Johnson and now has been running successfully under the supervision of Abigaile Johnson.

With her 14 billion dollars wealth, he is not only the leading billionaire of America but also the wealthiest woman in the world. She started her business career after completing her education in 1988 and became President in the year 2012. She was ranked as CEO of FIL in 2014 and still enjoying her position.

7. Jin Sook Chang

youngest billionaire women

Jin Sook Chang is a youngest billionaire entrepreneur along with her husband Do Wang Chang. The couple moved to US from Korea in 1981 to work and earn money. They opened their own clothing shop after three years of working hard as employees. They named their clothing store as Fashion 21 and it was located in Los Angeles. The shop gained so much popularity and it earned around 7 million dollars in the first year.

Jin Sook Chang and her husband spread their business to different areas and cities and opened up a new outlet every six months. They changed their names from Fashion 21 to Forever 21 and made the best selling clothing brand all around the world with around 700 stores and 4.4 billion dollars sales in a year. Jin Sook Chang with her 3 billion dollars worth ranks among the youngest billionaire of US.

6. Laurene Powell Jobs

youngest billionaire

Laurene Powell Jobs is a 52 year old lady who has been ranked in the list of youngest billionaire female in America. She is an American business woman and is the co founder of Emerson Collective. The lady is also the cofounder and president of College track that works for high school students and is a nonprofit organization.

Powell Jobs is the widow of Steve Jobs and has three children. Now she is managing Laurene Powell Jobs Trust that was previously known as Steven P. Jobs trust and carries her 140 million shares in the trust and is also the largest shareholder in The Walt Disney Company. With her 18.2 billion dollars wealth that she has inherited from her husband, she is one of the youngest billionaire female in the World.

5. Tory Burch

youngest billionaire woman

Tory Burch, a 49 year old woman who is ranked among the youngest billionaire in America. The lady has earned her money through her own struggle and currently possesses a worth of 1 billion dollars. Tory is an American fashion designer and a businesswoman who is working as a CEO, President and the Chairman of Tory Burch LLC. She has won many awards in the fashion world and is considered among the female philanthropists.

After completing her graduation, she came to New York City and started working alongside of Zoran, a fashion designer. She later on begin with her own fashion label named as TRB by Tory Burch and it was named as Tory Burch in the year 2004 and expanded worldwide with its 160 stores all around the world and working successfully to expand her business even more.

4. Sheryl Sandberg

youngest billionaire women in US

Sheryl Sandberg has been ranked among the youngest billionaire women in America with her age of 46 and net worth of 1.31 billion dollars. The lady is an author, an activist as well as a technology executive and working as a chief operating officer in Facebook. She was elected in 2012 by the board members of Facebook and is the first female who is serving the board of Facebook.

She has also served the chief of Staff in US secretary of treasury Lawrence Summers. She also worked as a Vice President in Global Online Sales at Google and also had a big hand in launching of in the year 2012, she has been ranked among the most influential women all around the world who has earned her position by her own hard work and is one self made youngest billionaire in America.

3. Sara Blakely

youngest billionaire

Sara Blakely is an American business woman who is a billionaire woman with her net worth of 1 billion dollar and is considered as a self made youngest billionaire. She is the founder of Spanx that is American intimate apparel dealing with the manufacturing of leggings and pants. She started her job in Walt Disney World and worked there for a few months.

After a struggle of many years, she started Spanx in the year 2000 under the name of Favorite product. It gained so much popularity and achieved a total sale of around 4 million dollars in the first year and reached 10 million dollar sales in the second year. With her successful business and struggling career he has been considered as one of the most influential women all around the world.

2. Chelsea Clinton

youngest billionaire woman

Chelsea Clinton is among the youngest women of America with a net worth of 1.5 billion dollars rank among the richest women all around the world. The lady is only 36 years of age and has inherited her wealth from her father. She is the daughter of US former President Bill Clinton.

Chelsea Clinton started her professional life by working at McKinsey & Company in New York City. She worked as a special correspondent in NBC news for four years starting from 2011. Now she has been working in Clinton Foundation and also in Clinton Global initiative with a prominent role with a board’s seat in the foundation.

1. Elizabeth Holmes (Youngest Billionaire)

No.1 billionaire businesswoman

Elizabeth Holmes is a 32 years old, youngest billionaire woman in America who is an American business woman. The lady is the Chief executive of Theranos, found in 2003 and is the largest blood test company in America. Now with her net worth of 3.6 billion dollars, she is the youngest billionaire not only in America but also in the world.
She has a family history of charity work and work for poor nations.

Her father has provide his services to many programs like USAID, disaster reliefs etc. Elizabeth herself established the Company Real Time Cures that was later renamed as Theranos. The company has claimed to use a new device called Edison that requires only a few blood drops for blood testing instead of taking a full vial of blood. The company has now been progressed a lot and has been shifted to Arizona laboratory.