Top 10 Youth Movements Who Changed the History

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The youth didn’t always exist. They had to be invented. As the cultural landscape around the world was thrown into turmoil during the industrial revolution, and with a chasm erupting between adults and youth, the concept of a new generation took shape. Whether in America, England, or Germany, whether party-crazed Flappers or hip Swing Kids, zealous Nazi Youth or frenzied Sub-Debs, it didn’t matter – this was a new idea of how people come of age. They were all “The Youth.” History saw that these youth movements brought a lot of changing in this world.

Here is the list of 10 youth movements that changed the history

10. Sawa World

youth movements

Sawa World believes there is a way to end extreme poverty for billions of people on our planet. The solution lies in the minds, hands and hearts of those who suffer it most. They call them Sawa Leaders; unsung heroes who have themselves been among the one billion people living on one dollar a day or less.

The Youth Reporters produce short videos and regular updates about the practical solutions and impact of Sawa Leaders and present them throughout their region and through local media. This allows other impoverished people to feel inspired and to replicate the solutions in their own communities!

9. Global Youth Action Network


GYAN plays an important role as a clearinghouse for today’s youth movements! It is one of the largest networks of youth organizations ever created and connects youth-led and youth-serving organizations in more than 190 countries. It’s known for its role in increasing youth participation within the United Nations System.

8. One Youth Ambassadors

team of volunteers

ONE Youth Ambassadors are a dedicated team of volunteers who help electrify ONE’s campaigns across Europe. They lobby decision makers, work with the media to raise the profile of our campaigns, and encourage the public to sign petitions through online activity and local events! Thanks to their contribution millions of pounds/dollars/euros of funding has been allocated to help the world’s poorest get the services they need to lift themselves out of extreme poverty!

7. Boy Scouts

Adolescent “hooligans”

There came a time when child labor was ending. Adolescent “hooligans” were seen as a social problem that needed to be controlled. In 1908, a British man named Baden Powell said that he found a solution to the problem of youth. He wrote a military training manual for the young called Scouting for Boys, and it became a manifesto for the Boy Scout movement. In the Scouts, young boys transformed from hooligans into fit and healthy soldiers, primed for war.

6. VSO – Voluntary Service Overseas

predominantly youth lead organisation

VSO is a predominantly youth lead organisation with a vision for a “world without poverty“. Its mission is to bring people from around the world together to fight poverty. VSO recruits students and professionals to work as volunteers, living and working alongside local populations in developing countries.

5. World Youth Alliance


World Youth Alliance promotes the dignity of every human being and works to build a global culture that supports social and economic development, human rights, global health and education. They do this by speaking at the UN, OAS, EU and other important international and regional organizations.

4. Global Citizen

global citizen youth movement

Global Citizen brings their community stories and actions that help fight extreme poverty and inequality. They believe 1 billion people living in extreme poverty is unfair and unjust and that we have the power to do something about it, and this youth movements have had an impact on the society and lot of people came to knoe this injustice.

3. Afro Reggae

AfroReggae combats

In Brazil, adolescents are using music to challenge some of their country’s biggest social issues: poverty, racism, drug trafficking and police violence. The group AfroReggae combats violence by empowering children from Rio de Janeiro’s favelas(shantytowns) through music and dance workshops.

2. Iqbal Masih

child labourer in Pakistan

Iqbal was a forced child labourer in Pakistan. He was able to escape and began campaigning against child labour and for the right for children to receive education. After escaping a second time, he joined Bonded Labour Liberation Front (BLLF) a movement dedicated to stopping child labour around the world. He helped over 3,000 children escape forced labour in Pakistan.

1. Peace Corps Considered Peaceful Youth Movements

an international service organization

The Peace Corps is an international service organization that sends Americans abroad to help address the needs of people worldwide. The volunteers work on issues such as health education and new technologies in their communities.