Top 10 America’s Stupidity

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We are here to discuss you the stupidity of the government of america doing with their citizens and the people are not noticing these stupid things because they are too much busy in their personal and social life. just keep calm and scroll down what are those America’s Stupidity  and how they are taking benefit of these weakness of their nation.

10. $35,000 Per Plate Fund raising Campaigns

America's stupidity

No one could just assume that this can be the America’s stupidity of the nation who are denoted as super power in the world, America, The President of America, Barack Obama had fund raising dinners, brunches and lunches for his fund raising campaigns, which cost $35,800, out of which $500 were gone for the Obama’s Campaign—$2,500 to the primary elections while$ 2,500 to general elections and $30,300 for the Democratic National Committee.

9. Discrimination against Blacks

 America's stupidity

America who is considered as super power in the realm, but doesn’t come out of their old, racism mind sets, the individuals asserts, that the administration still oppresses dark Americans, while, American President is black, The Attorney General is a dark American, around 20% of the government workforce is dark while just 14% of the populace is dark and more than 40+% of every elected qualification goes to dark Americans. That sums to three times the rate that goes to whites and five times the rate that goes to Hispanics. But this is again the  America’s stupidity.

8. Responsible Turned Cheater

 America's stupidity

In America the two responsible personnel were accused for not paying their taxes, who are Timothy Geithner and Charles Rangel. Timothy Geithner is the 75th US Secretary of the Treasury who played a vital role in the year 2008, during the financial crisis. Charles Rangel who was the Chairman to House of Ways and Means Committee, he faced various allegations on him, he owned 4 apartments in a renowned complex which he bought on below-market rates. How stupid it is to see individuals accountable to the home-run are carrying forward such blunders and making bad status of the nation globally. We can call it as the America’s stupidity.

7. Terrorism in the Name of Allah

Biggest America's Stupidity

Massacres are being done, people are homicide and bombarding themselves, and spreading terrorism in the name of Islam and Allah, although this is not Islamic ritual to kill people for the sake of religion, but this is what portrayed to the globe by the international media. In certain situations media in America portrays worries regarding the safety of the innocent Muslim pupil living there, who might get hurt in the reaction to all such circumstances. The country is stupid enough to worry about terrorists rather than taking care of blameless and the other natives.

6. Legal and Illegal Citizenship

America's stupidity

Individuals who want to attain legalized citizenship and want to become American natives, have to wait in the long waiting queues, they have to be on hold for years and then once the process started they have to pay a huge number of Dollars, for achieving the blue passport. Whereas, American officials who are the part of government organizations, tells publicly in their speeches that if any individual gets into the nation illegally, 72% chances are that they will get the nationality eventually by two ways: either applying for citizenship or for the residential visa.

How is this America’s stupidity ! After these announcements individuals may think of getting illegal entrée to the state in order to have residential visa or blue passport without hassles or troubles.

5. Extremists and Real Extremists

 America's Stupidity

This could be just another America’s stupidity, that people who follow the rules and regulations strictly, pay taxes on time, respect law and order of the state and stay by the country’s constitutions are tagged as “Extremists”, by the government in charge, whereas, the pupil who are really blamable for the spread of “activism”, or Terrorism are not even characterized, that who they are. Weird! Isn’t it?! Rather to keep a track on those “real” activists, blame above suspicion people.

4. Driver’s License

 America's Stupidity

This could happen just in the super power state America’s stupidity that people need to have driving permit for withdrawal of the cash from the check, or buying any liquor or to bought an aircraft, or to pick up any medicines, whether an individual buy a movie ticket on the phone they have to provide with their Driving License which verifies the Photo, the ID number mentioned on the license, while, if an individual have to poll a vote he/she doesn’t need any kinds of licenses or driving permits.

The states like America who considered to be developed and have a reputation on the world map, their officials have to think before taking such stupid steps, which let down the repute of the country.

3. Higher Gas Rates

Expensive Gas is America's Stupidity

The civilians of America were asking the government to keep check and balance of the gas rates, because the gas rates were getting higher of the Marathon Oil Company, which is a natural petroleum and gas extractors and refiner, based in Houston, Texas. When there was a time to receive the invested resources were getting lower than a branded shoe and apparel manufacturing business Nike.

The establishment was so ignorant of the fact and the problems faced by the people in America that they have to put forward the matter to the government officials. In country like America, officials shouldn’t be so indifferent to the problems faced by their population.

2. Highest Number of Tax Dollar Collect

another america's stupidity

As a nation America could be in the list of highest tax collection from its population, the pupil are so wealthy and rich that if they pay their regular taxes on time, the country may topped the list of highest collected dollars as tax and creates a record. The consumption is more than seven million US dollars per minute and can spend more than that per year; still they have enough money to spend twice every year from now.

The people who are responsible to run the government, than complaints, that the country reserves don’t have enough resources. Isn’t it a matter to laugh at their stupidity and such immature behavior!

1. Taxpayers Accused ( #1 America’s Stupidity)

No.1 America's Stupidity

There are many individuals in the state of America who are responsible and loyal towards their motherland, they believe in, on time payments of the taxes, and bills which help in the government treasury.If there is enough in the treasury and the reserves of the country, ultimately it will benefit the well-being of the public. But, there are enough stupid pupil in America, who loves playing blame games, and doesn’t even bother to pay any percentage of obliged tax, in reverse, they accuse such individuals for not paying taxes and bills who paid 86% of their tax shares. Such stupidity could only be seen in the powerful state of the world, America.

The disaster is that when American business enterprise is without set to make and adjust there really is no spot on earth that can contend. Each American living today has experienced childhood in a nation where its unlimited innovativeness can change the world in ways that resist the creative ability.
But then, we demand surrendering our part as the most intense power for good on the planet to countries that blossom with annihilation. Whatever happened to the sound judgment beliefs, values and dreams that made America, the first world country, so one of a kind