New Whatsapp Status Feature Review (Say no to SnapChat)

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Whatsapp status is a new and splendid feature of whatsapp through which you can let the people know about the situations or circumstances as well as you can also keep in touch with the other people.
In the past whatsapp status was restricted only to the textual form and in that you can only add text or smiles. But the functionality of adding pictures and videos was not provided by the whatsapp.
The new feature of the whatsapp was introduced abruptly. This feature is alike to the Snap chat and Instagram in which you can upload Videos, Pictures and Emojis. And if you are familir with Snap chat and Instagram then you can easily use this feature as the pictures or videos you uploaded as a status disappears after 24 hours.

How to get this splendid feature in your whatsapp?

There is no special procedure for getting this feature. Nor you have to download this feature or update whatsapp from goggle play store all you need to do is to allow access to your account.
And after that a camera icon will be shown to you rather than contacts tab. And all the videos and pictures will be shown to the selected people and will disappear after 24 hours.

Protection of Whatsapp status:

Whatsapp provides a secure way to share your pictures and videos as it is removed after a time spell. The pictures you uploaded as a status can only be viewed by the persons whom you have given access. And moreover it provides you and end-to-end encryption.

There are three types of access:

  1. Only your friends can see your whatsapp status.
  2. You can select the people whom you don’t want to see your whatsapp status from your contact list.
  3. Or you can select the specific people whom you want to show your whatsapp status.

User of Snapchat and Instagram

If you are user of snapchat and instagram then you can feel ease and you don’t have to worry about updating and deleting your whatsapp status. You can feel at home while using this new feature of whatsapp.

Duration and type of the videos you can upload
There is no restriction of any kind regarding the type or format of the video you can upload GIFs or .mp4 videos respectively. The GIFs are also stored in your gallery and you can also upload these GIFs are your whatsapp status. Uploading GIFs provides you a new way as you can select any GIF from your gallery or where you have placed it and then you can simply edit the video if you want to and then upload it. It provides you a way of getting rid of traditional pictures and i will have a positive impact on the persons mind.
There is no restriction on the type of the video but the duration of the video is restricted you can upload video of 45 seconds. If the duration of the video exceeds more than 45 seconds than you are unable to upload the video and if it is less than 45 seconds or is of 45 seconds than you can upload the video.


Like Facebook groups and pages when the person view your status or pictures you upload then at the bottom a notification is shown off seen and not seen persons.  In the same way the new featured introduced by whatsapp there is a counter which reflects the total number of persons who have seen your whatsapp status. In this way you can notice the number of people how are active.

People’s reaction on new feature of Whatsapp

Many people have responded in positive way about this feature but some people are have reservation and are afraid of this new feature. People who like this are might be user of Instagram and Snapchat that is why they are enjoying this feature of whatsapp. On the other hand the people who do not like this feature or who have some issues are those who are unaware of this feature.


Every new technology or new feature has some pons and cons and this is totally dependent on the use of the use of that technology or feature. In the same way the remarks of the people about this feature are also negative and positive.

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