Top 10 Unknown Facts about Fast Food

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Fast Food is what you hear everywhere. In this modern time, where we have fast life style, everyone wants the food that is quickly made, easily served and comfortably eaten and all these features are possessed by fast food. Eaten widely, this food gained a lot of popularity in every corner of world. The other name of fast food is junk food and actually the fast food is junk.

This is a known fact that fast food is not healthy and can have several effects on our health. We are here describing a few bizarre facts about fast food that you may be astonished to know. Next time whenever you order fast food, keep these bizarre facts in mind.

10. Fast food Hamburger Contain Meat from 100 different Cows

fast food

This is one of the bizarre facts. The meat in the fast food is taken from several animals and mixed on a large scale. This is not only restricted to some fast foods restaurants but all the fast food brands either local or international have been into it. It is really a gross thing that your one burger contains meat from several animals may be up to 100 or more. This is rather a bizarre fact and you may think before eating your hamburger now if you have this fact in your mind.

9. French Fries

the most popular fast food in America

Most of the people don’t even consider French fries as fast food. But this is not true. Indeed French fries are the most common type of fast food all over the world. It may be an unnoticed fact, but have you ever though, you get French fries with most types of fast food. If you order a burger of any kind, you get French fries with it. If you want a wrap or roll, you need French fries with it. Any kind of fast food is not completed without French fries that make it the most popular fast food.

Most of us however are not aware of the bizarre fact that it is not a low calorie food. If you take regular sized French fries from Dairy Queen you are taking 700 calories. The simple French fries from Arby’s curly and McDonald’s have 600 and 570 calories respectively. Yes! This is too much, and you take it without consideration.

8. A Frosty from Wendy’s contains 14 Ingredients

A Frosty from Wendy’s contains 14 ingredients

Another misconception we have is that a milkshake or frosty is made up of only milk and cream with sugar. However the reality is bizarre and you may not be aware of it. If you take a forty from Wendy’s you are taking in more than 14 ingredients in a single sip. You may find it unreal but this is the true fact. In your simple looking milky frosty, there is mainly the addition of many thickening agents to make you enjoy the thick creamy frosty without you knowing that it contains much more ingredients than you have ever thought.

7. Taco Bell’s Salads contain 52 grams of Fat

Taco Bell’s Salads has more than 52 grams of fat

Why do you order salad? The answer is simple. You are calorie conscious. You want to maintain your weight by eating salads. But wait, your salad has 52 grams of fats. Is it healthy? We thought you have ordered a “salad’. And to your surprise, when you order a taco Bell’s salad, you may be consuming fats higher than that present in combined five regular tacos. Now after knowing this fact you must consume salads in a careful way and think before you order.

6. Fountain Soda Machines contain Fecal Bacteria

fact about fast food

Ok now this is gross! Most of us are not aware of this fact that the fountain soda machines are loaded with fecal bacteria. It is not only a bizarre fact but also a scary one. Most of us use fountain soda machines at outlets, cafes, shopping malls and much more places. But who knew that such a thing would ever happen.

A number of studies have shown that arounds half of fountain drink dispensers contain the traces of bacteria in them. So by taking such cold drinks, you may end up having diarrhea, vomiting or stomach ache and it can get even severe. Next time you think of using fountain soda machines, beware.

5. Hash Brown is even Worse the Cheeseburger

Hash Brown is even Worse the CheeseburgerAnother misconception you have is going to be cleared today. When it comes to hash browns, most of us are the opinion that it is a better choice of fast food that has fewer calories. But to your surprise, hash browns contain much more calories. The fat content of hash brown is even higher than the cheese burgers. Yes you have read it right.

Most of us think that a cheeseburger or a Big Mac have high fats level in them. This is true but the bizarre thing is hash brown fat content is even higher than these burgers. So when you think of having hash brown, keep in mind its fat content as well.

4. Strawberry milkshake has more than Fifty different Chemicals

Strawberry milkshake has more than fifty different chemicals

We think that milkshakes are simple kind of foods that has milk sugar and the fruit it is flavored of. Just like any shake, we think that strawberry shake has only strawberry, milk and cream. But this is not true. The fact is that to enhance the strawberry flavor of your strawberry milkshake, many artificial flavors as well as a number of several chemicals are added in it.

This is not known by most of the people who consume the shake that it has chemicals in it and some of them are harmful as well. Even the chemicals used in perfumes are added in strawberry milkshakes. This is scary and even harmful for health. You never know what you are eating when you eat outside. So the safest option is to make your own strawberry milkshake at home to avoid consuming any harmful chemical that may affect your health.

3. The Cheese is not even Cheese

fact about fast food

No fast food is complete without cheese. Pizza has no taste without cheese. Even the extra cheese topping is one of the most common pizza topping. When it comes to burger, a slice of cheese is a must. Ham burgers, sandwiches, wrap, rolls nothing is complete without cheese. But here is a bizarre fact about our favorite cheese. The cheese used in our burger I not cheddar cheese. More precisely, it can be said that it is not even cheese.

Many conducted researches have shown the cheese undergoes many procedures before reaching in our mouths. A number of additives and artificial chemicals are added in cheese. Also a large amount of fat is added during processing of cheese. As a result the end product can hardly be referred as cheese and has even less than fifty percent pure cheese. This bizarre fact makes you think that what are you eating exactly?

2. The Bad Eggs

facts about eggs

Your breakfast is not complete without eggs. From boiled eggs to cakes and pizza, egg is the one of the main constituents of our food that is used routinely. However to your surprise, eggs we eat are also not pure. To save the production cost, many companies keep our health at stake and prioritize their own benefit. The premium egg blend is used by many of the restaurants in their breakfast. The adverse affects on health come from their high glycerin content.

Glycerin is something that you are encountering with on daily basis. Yes! This is the main ingredient of your body lotions, soaps, shaving cream and other such substances. But who among us knew that this is present in our eggs as well and we are consuming it unknowingly. Indeed it is one of the bizarre facts about our fast food and premium egg blend should be banned.

1. You brain is being Drained by Fat Food

You brain is being drained by fat food

One of the most bizarre as well as alarming fact is that the fast food affects your brain severely. The chronic and long time exposure to fast food is rather damaging to your brain. The fatty content present in fast food like burgers, pizza, cheesy stuff, fries and even soda can have adverse affect on our brain. Apart from the fats, the high amount of sugar is also detrimental to health.

Along with that the chemical, artificial flavors and other additives present in fast food can also be harmful. If you keep on eating fast food on daily basis, the blood supply to your brain decreases. Ultimately after a few years you brain might be damaged permanently and your ability to think may deteriorate. This is the most bizarre thing about fast food so the need of hour is to cut down the usage of fast food to avoid any such detrimental effect.