Ten Features Which Make Galaxy S7 is Better than iPhone

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The cold war between iPhone and Android is not a new one. Since the launching of Apple, it has dominated the market with its ravishing features. However the smartphone are pulling ahead owing to their user friendly features and are still the priority of many people. The big screens, easy to use, browsing, games and much more make smartphones still a better choice than iPhone.

Samsung is one of the most renowned android and Smartphone Company that keeps on launching new series and products to provide the users best smartphone experience and recently Galaxy S7 is there new product in the market.

The galaxy series of Samsung has become viral since its introduction in the market. With their best software and timely updates, they are beating the other smartphones. Galaxy S7 is the latest phone in the market and is beating up the record. This new handset with its advert features is one of the remarkable phone launched by Samsung.

Here we are describing a few features of Galaxy S7 that makes it still a better choice than iPhone.

10. Galaxy S7 Looks Better than iPhone

galaxy s7

The looks of iPhone are ahead of any smartphone but the big screen of Samsung S7 has given its edge over iPhone. Although it is much similar to S6 in the material used in its formation like metallic framework and glass panel but it has been modified to beautify its looks. Its home button which is also the fingerprint scanner is present in the middle of the front.

The headphone ports and microUSB ports are present in the lower edge however the volume buttons are on the left side and power button placed on the right side. The back of the phone is formed in curved shape that adds to its aesthetic features making it easy to hold and cozy to use while placed in your palm. Also in terms of weight Galaxy S7 beats iPhone and is 35 g lighter than iPhone.

9. The Software of Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 uses Android Marshmallow 6.0

The Samsung Galaxy S7 uses Android Marshmallow 6.0 operating system that is one of its own creation. Although the presence of Samsung TouchWiz interface slows it down but still it remains user friendly operating system and provides the users a better experience with its small cartoon like icons.

The Marshmallow 6.0 system when combines with the powerful battery of Galaxy S7, it makes the phone an energy efficient phone with its better performance that may last full 24 hours even after moderate usage of phone like browsing, messaging, camera usage and much more. This feature of Galaxy S7 makes it a more energy efficient phone.

8. More Powerful Processor than iPhone

Galaxy s7 contain powerful processor

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are much more powerful than iPhone owing to the processor. It has two processor chips depending upon the country in which it is sold. The Exynos 8809 which is octa-core is reserved for UK and Europe whereas the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is available in the sets other than UK and European countries. The snapdragon chip is quad core and is more powerful over Apple’s A9 chipset of iPhone with its much better performance.

According to the GPU performance, Qualcomm 820 was on the top, ahead to iPhone processor. GPU performance basically determines the fluidity of your phone and its interface navigation that how swiftly you can perform the functions. No doubt, the processor of Samsung S7 and S7 Edge has beaten the iPhone in this regard.
In the case of RAM, iPhone lags behind the Samsun Galaxy S7. It has 4 GB RAM that works wonder along with its quad-core and octa-core processors. This is in contrast to iPhone that provides only 2GB RAM with it Apple’s A9 chip.

7. Camera Shortcut

camera by double tapping

Unlike iPhone, Samsung S7 allows you to use camera by double tapping the home button instead of opening the camera through the options which might take time. This is kind of in-built shortcut provided by Galaxy S7 that allows you to never miss a moment and early capturing of the pictures with its sharp and high quality camera. However iPhone does not have any such shortcut button to use camera in less than 1 sec and lags behind Galaxy S7 in this regard.

6. Payment Method better than iPhone

galaxy s7

Most of the mobiles provide you payments systems to deal with your payments. Apple also provides you Apple Pay that depends upon NFC technology. It is used to connect your iPhone with a nearby Smartphone to a payment terminal. However it is not a friendly method to use.

With Samsung Pay, present in Samsung Galaxy S7, you will not require any smartphone payment terminal to pursue your payment. You can make your payments anywhere, any time where your credit cards are accepted even if you do not have near field communication support.

5. Better Display

Galaxy S7

In the field of display, Galaxy S7 has beaten the iPhone. The galaxy S7 contain 5.1 inches display and 5.5 inches display of S7 Edge is user friendly and provide easy visibility. The color scheme used in the phones is amazing with its true colors preventing oversaturation. This makes it 18 percent larger than iPhone. All these features make Galaxy S7 a flawless phone with its terribly glamorous looks.

The larger display of Galaxy S7 is not the only edge it has but also the Super Amoled display and Quad HD resolution used in Galaxy S7 adds to its remarkable features. It’s sharp and bright looking display with Sharp black and other rich colors along with its 577ppi pixel density adds to its beautiful display. A new function ’always on’ is available in Galaxy S7 that inform you about last date and time when you switched off the phone. The iPhone does not provide you these features and lag behind Samsung S7 in this regard.

4. Expandable Storage

 s7 galaxy

Although it is said that the storage of iPhone provide you a wide range of storage with its 16GB model, 64GB and 128GB model as compared to Samsung Galaxy S7 that is only available in 32GB model. However unlike iPhone, S7 provides you the expandable storage through its microSD card slot. That feature was even absent in Galaxy S6. The presence of SD card in Galaxy S7 means that you can enhance its storage capacity up to 200 GB.

Unlike iPhone that provides you fix storage capacity. Also in iPhone, around 8GB memory of the phone is occupied by bloatware in total that is one of the most disliked features of iPhone. Also the storage in Galaxy S7 can be easily transferred from phone to SD card that adds to the user friendly features of the phone.

3. Better Battery

longlife battery, galaxy s7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have marvelous features that have surpassed iPhone in many points. The larger battery used in Galaxy S7 is one of those features. The old battery of 2500mAh used in precious galaxy series has been replaced with new 3000mAh battery in S7. This is much better as compared to 1715 mAh battery of iPhone.

The presence of this battery has not only increased the battery life of the phone but also allows the phone to get charged quickly. It is, without any doubt the most incredible feature of S7. Also the battery of S7 can be charged wirelessly. The incorporation of this most powerful battery has made the phone better than iPhone.

2. Best Camera Ever

galaxy s7

The best ever hardware of Samsung Galaxy S7 has beaten the iPhone in all senses. Without any question, the camera of Samsung galaxy S7 is far better than that of iPhone. It is larger and has much brighter pixels than that of iPhone camera. With its dual photodiode pixel autofocus it provides the best results ever. No phone has ever combined and utilized these both features to facilitate the users. The camera works wonder even it has shown much improvement in low light performance.

The fastest autofocus of S7 has no match, it means that with its 12 MP camera, you can’t only take best quality pictures but also help you capture the image at a fast rate. Also there is a vast improvement in hardware and optimization that works along with the camera. The rear facing front camera of 5 MP is also extraordinary in its functions i.e. sharpness and high quality images.

1. Water Proof

Galaxy S7, Water resistance

Water resistance is of the most remarkable quality of Samsung Galaxy S7. According to IP68 Ratings, the phone can be submerged in water that is 5 feet deep and you can keep it submerged for half an hour or more.so if your Galaxy S7 falls accidently into the water, you should not be worried about the loss as their will be none. This feature makes it one of the best phones and all the phone with such high prices should be made water proof. Apple should definitely take a notice of this feature that makes Galaxy S7 better than iPhone.