Top 10 Bikes You would have Never seen Before..

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10:Predator Bike

Predator Bike

Are you a tough guy that likes intimidating people just by passing close to them along the highway? Then, this awesome and scary skull-covered design is just the right one for you! The Predator motorcycle was made as a commission, by Pitstop Motors, a custom bike shop in New Jersey

09:Jaguar Bike

Jaguar Bike

This cool Jaguar “leaper” cat logo concept bike was created by Barend Massow Hemmes of Massow Concept Cycles along with Polar cycles of Doncaster UK. Professional computer illustrators and even a sculptor contributed to get this truly unique final result

08:Suzuki Biplane

Suzuki Biplane

This futuristic Biplane concept motorcycle was presented in 2007 by Suzuki in Tokyo. Due to the awesome aircraft-inspired design the rider is supposed to have the same feeling as being in an open-canopied biplane.

07:Flying Bike

Flying Bike

If you are a thrill seeker, you will love this one! A flying bike called the Super Sky Cycle, created by former test pilot Larry Neal of Boyd. This original machine can go as fast as 70 mph in the air and 60 mph on the road. The price? About $ 25,000!

06:Uno Bike

Uno BikeWait a minute… isn’t one of the wheels supposed to be in front of the other? Not when we talk about The Uno. This orange and grey colored machine made its first appearance in the 2008 National Motorcycle Show in Toronto. It was invented by 18-year-old Ben J. Poss Gulak, who also gave the unique motorcycle certain interesting features, like running on electricity and being controlled by body language.

05:Electric Chopper

Electric Chopper

Take a look at The Smart Chopper, an awesome electric motorcycle presented a few months ago by Siemens. It is charged in 5 hours when plugged into any 110-volt socket but this could be reduced to even one hour when plugged into a higher-voltage station, according to Siemens.

04:Shoe Bike

Shoe Bike

Now, this is an original one! The orange shoe motorcycle was spotted by Dale Murray around Chicago downtown. The unusual machine was promoting a shoe sale at Marshalls.

03:Cartoon Bike

Cartoon Bike

Are you the kind of person that wants all the attention on you? Well, you would love a ride on this one! This crazy cartoon-inspired motorcycle took part in a Motorcycle Rally. The event, that gathers motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world, presents the weirdest of motorbike designs once a year in Sturgis, South Dakota

02:Ammex 250cc

Ammex 250cc

Gary Jones won four consecutive 250 National championships while racing for Yamaha, Honda, and Can-Am. When he suffered a leg injury at Daytona and Can-Am bought out his contract, Gary took the $70,000 and started his own motorcycle company. Not an easy task, but at the time, Cooper Motorcycles was going out of business, and the Jones family bought the Mexican based company and used the Frank Cooper designed enduro bike as a prototype for the first Jones-Islo (the name would later be changed to Ammex, which stood for American-Mexican).

Under Mexican law, 68 percent of the Ammex had to be manufactured in Mexico, so the pieces that would be out-sourced included Sun rims, Diamond chain, Mikuni carbs and ART pistons. To ensure that the Mexicans didn’t use pot metal in the castings and frame, Jones shipped American-made chromoly and aluminum to the Saltillo, Mexica, Moto-Islo factory. The Mexican metallurgy was always suspect, especially in the crankshaft and transmission.

01:Crane bike

Crane bike

This is a good question but a simple answer in that i wanted to break another record and i wanted to do something with motorbikes but speed records are all far to expensive so while searching the guinness site i came across this one and thought here we go some big long useless thing thats right up my street. To start with i made the front and back first and fitted them to a “small” 4m long frame just to see if we had any problems that we could sort before the big stretch . This was worth doing as we are using a moped the only control going from front to back is the throttle and just a 4m long cable gave us problems with sticking etc , we tried putting bigger springs in carb and splitting the outer so just bare cable ran through the frame and these things did help but were not the final answer. In the end i came up with a very simple but effective system , each end of the bike had the throttle pre wired and tensioned to a lever and the levers were simply joined with ail mig wire and as this was so light and could have a little slack in it but the throttle stay tight at each ends it was perfect and even at 46ft felt like a normal throttle.

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