Top 10 Football Teams In The World

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After cricket and tennis, football is taken to be one of those sports for whom people simply drive themselves crazy. As you will going to look around in the world you will be finding hundreds of football grounds and stadiums. This shows that how much this sport is taken as favorite among the people. There are many Football Teams who have made their best place in this profession. Any football team is normally mentioned in the ranking of the top teams after getting through with the complete review of their total number of victories and efforts made in winning the titles.

Some of the famous known football teams are Brazil national football team, Argentina national football team, England national football team, Colombia national football team, Portugal national football team and so many more.  No matter whether you love Messi, Ronaldo or someone else player you will just going to support with the team that is best in their football skills and has catch up with the maximum victory stands.

Coming to the point through this post we will be discussing with the list of famous and top 10 football teams in the world.

10. England

Football Teams

On the 10th spot of our list we have the name of England! This England national football team hence represents England in international football. This football team is all controlled and supervised by the Football Association. England has been known out to be the two oldest national teams in football just as alongside Scotland. They played with their very first international football match in the year 1872.

England’s home ground is known as Wembley Stadium, London. This team won with their very first World Cup in 1966. They have even grab up with the success in the UEFA European Football Championship. This team has been accompanied with some of the best players in their category.

9. Uruguay

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The Uruguayan national football team represents Uruguay in international association football. This team is controlled and hence supervised by the Uruguayan Football Association. Its present head coach is Óscar Tabárez. This team was set up in the year 1900. In their so far career till they have been established this team has won with almost 19 matches in an amazing way. This team won with the 2011 Copa América. The Copa América has made a record of winning this title for about 15 times.

Two times this team has won the FIFA World Cup. Along with it they have even grab the victory in the football at the Summer Olympics twice as in 1924 and 1928. This team made themselves to be the center of attraction at the time when they wear various shades of shirts that is all shaded with the solid green and white tops.

8. Portugal

Football teams

On the 8th spot we have the name of Portugal national football team! This team hence represents Portugal in association football. This team is hence controlled and supervised by the Portuguese Football Federation. This team was set up for the first time in the year 1914. Since the time of their establishment they have played almost 125 matches on the minor and major level.

They have won 58 matches in their record. They made their very first appearance in the World Cup in the year 1966 FIFA World Cup. This team has been all added with some of the best players who are even listed in the top famous footballers all over the world. Which one is your favorite player from this football team?

7. Brazil

Brazilian Football team

On the next we have the name of Brazil! It represents Brazil in international men’s association football. This team is hence administered by the Brazilian Football Confederation. This team is even known out to be the member of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) since the year 1923. This national team was established in the year 1914. Their very first 1914 match was between a Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo select team.

This team came up to be one of the most top and successful national football team in the FIFA World Cup with five championships including with the years of 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. They have made the superb record of 70 victories in 104 matches played just as with the 119 goal difference as well as 227 points and only 17 losses.They have won a total of 62 official international titles. This team has 100% proved themselves to be one of the powerful football teams in just the beginning of their few matches.

6. Spain

Spain national football team

Next we have Spain national football team. This team hence represents Spain in International association football. It is all supervised by the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Its present head coach is Vicente del Bosque. The team was established in 1909. Spain’s national team made their very first appearance in the football ground in the year 1920.

They have participated in a total of 14 of 20 FIFA World Cups and 9 of 14 UEFA European Championships. This team has been incorporated with some of the best players who have each single time given their best shots to take their team’s next to the victory line. If we talk about their uniform style then they normally wear with the traditional kit is a red jersey with yellow trim that is all found to be set with the dark blue shorts and socks.

5. Germany

Football teams

On the fifth spot we have The Germany national football team. This team is hence represented Germany in international competition since the year 1908. This football team is all controlled and supervised by the German Football Association. It has been so far recorded that Germany national football team has come across to be one of the most successful national teams in international competitions.

They have grab up the success victory on total of four World Cups including the years of 1954, 1974, 1990, 2014. They were even came up to be the winners of the Olympic Gold in the year 1976. This team is no doubt one of the best football teams currently in the book of world’s football.

4. Colombia

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On the 4th spot we will add up the name of Colombia national football team. This team hence represents Colombia in international football competitions. This team is even known out to be the member of the CONMEBOL. This team was founded in the year 1924. They have witnessed the successful and strongest period during the 1990s. This team was known out to be the very first team to win FIFA’S best mover in the year 1993.

This team has missed playing the 3 major World Cup as during the 2002 and 2010. This team has stayed in the spot of the top ten for the first time since the year 2002. They have put their name in the top five consistently for the first time since the year 2004. Is this team your favorite too?

3. Chile

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Chile is another one of the top known football teams in the whole world. This team was founded on June 19th, 1895. The Chile national football team represents Chile within all the minor and major international football competitions. This national football team is all supervised and controlled by the Federación de Fútbol de Chile.

This team has given away the appearance as in over nine World Cup tournaments. They even hosted 1962 FIFA World Cup. In just the small time period of their start this team has definitely made itself to be one of the top successful football teams in the world.

2. Belgium

Football teams

Belgium national football team represents the Belgium in association football. This football team was founded in the year 1895. They have so far played most of their matches at the place of King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels. Their team has played in the three quadrennial major football competitions. Almost four times they have won with the UEFA European Football Championships.

They are one of the strongest football teams. They are famous known with the name of Red Devils since 1906. Don’t forget to support this team in the coming World Cup tournament!

1. Argentina is on oTp in Football Teams List

No.1 spot in Football teams

On the last and yet on the top we have the name of Argentine football national team. This football team was founded in the year 1904. This team hence represents Argentina in football. This team is supervised by the Argentine Football Association (AFA). They have played most of their matches in the Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti in Buenos Aires.

They have been known out to be very much successful in Copa America where they have won 14 times. They have even won with the South American Championships in the years 1941, 1945 and 1946. They were even given away the victory over the FIFA Confederations Cup and the Kirin Cup as both in 1992. Are you ready to support this team?

So this was the complete list about some of the top known and best 10 football teams in the whole world! Besides all such teams there are many more strongest teams as well but we figure out the previous records of victories and successes then these teams have definitely the best of the best efforts! Which one of the football team do you support in the football ground?