Here Are Golden Globe’s Top 10 Winners

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This was a big night for The Revenant in the Golden Globes, the harrowing true-life depiction of a frontiersman’s battle to sustain after being left for dead.The Hollywood Foreign Press Association gave this best motion picture (drama); the best actor (drama) prize awarded to its star Leonardo DiCaprio and the best director award (not split into drama and musical/comedy) awarded to Alejandro.

10:Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio
As expected Leonardo dicaprio has won this award for his brilliant performance in The Revenant.The Revenant actor was the happiest person of the big evening finally getting home the trophy for Best Actor in a Motion Picture. But the title aside, Leo went home a winner by showing his brilliant expression for LADY GAGA.

9:Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet
Kate won the best supporting actress for STEVE JOBS.These awards were of paramount importance where two Titanic icons were meeting again.

8:Matt Damon

Matt Damon
He has won best actor of in comedy category.Lawrence hugged Damon and appraised his performance in The Martian, but this is not the first time the actress got starstruck by her fellow actor.

7:Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence,2 times Golden Globe winner and having one oscar ,has once again got Golden Globe from her movie JOY.

6:Alejandro innartu

Alejandro innartu
As was expected the lest time oscar looting person has once again proved himself in THE REVENANT with his brilliant direction that earned him another golden globe.

5:The Revenant

The Revenant
Although the movie was so cruel and man of nerves could watch such movie but even then with a solid grip on script and originality in the movies has taken her a golden globe.

4:Sylvester Styllone

Sylvester Styllone
Although not very famous from his award winning capabilities but this time this man has showed extra ordinary performance giving him golden globe with the people of high ranks like Leonardo,Kate and Matt.

3:Ennio Moriicone

Ennio Moriicone
The musician of Clint Eastwood era with good,bad and ugly once again taken pride by winning golden globe from the hate eightful eight.He has already got academy awards and golden globes.

2:Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
The movie favorite for the best actor award category has fallen into the screenplay category.No doubt movie was made with great passion but could not get too many golden globes.

1:The Martin

The Martin
The martin as was expected has won best comedy movie in golden globes but the again description of THE INTERSTELLAR has disappointed the audience.But the jury knows the best.