Top 10 Health Issues in the World

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Health Issue has become global issue and each and every person in the world is affected by the state of their health. The definition of health has been defined as not just the absence of disease but in fact a state of well being in accordance to a person’s physical, mental and social state. There are many health issues that affect the world, some of them might differ for women and men but the Top 10 Health Issues that afflict the world are as follows:

10. Septicemia

Top 10 health issue

Lastly, septicemia which essentially poisoning of the blood is the tenth highest health issue that causes death in the world. The problem of Septicemia occurs due to primary infection somewhere else for example in the lungs, urinary tract infections or even the skin, which then travels to the bloodstream and in this way the infection has spread to all corners of your body through the blood. Because of this, this becomes a life-threatening situation when septicemia turns into sepsis and causes a widespread inflammation in the body tissues.

Apart from that, patients who are already hospitalized can be susceptible to septicemia if they have particularly very severe burns or wounds, if they are of a very old or very young age or have a compromised immune system for example like in HIV or leukemia. The symptoms of septicemia include patients feeling severe chills, having a rapid respiration and heart rate and furthermore, these patients have an elevated body temperature.

More severe symptoms which begin to show if septicemia is left untreated is the inability to think clearly and loss of cognitive ability, nausea, vomiting and reduced urine volume and a generalized inadequate blood flow in the whole body (which is known as shock).

9. Kidney Disease

9th highest health issue

The kidney is one of the most vital organs of the body, not only does it clear your body and your blood of all metabolic waste but it is extremely significant in maintaining the appropriate blood pressure in your body. Kidney disease ranks as the ninth highest health issue causing deaths worldwide however what is important is finding out what initially has caused the damage to the kidneys.

Diabetes which has high blood glucose levels in the human body, damages the blood vessels that are present in the kidney, what this furthermore does is damage the filtering power of the kidney and not only are waste substances not effectively cleared out of your system but your blood pressure’s equilibrium is also not maintained.

Diseased kidneys can be treated by medicine however irreversible kidney damage will have lead to the patient either opting for dialysis every few months or ultimately a kidney transplant.

8. Influenza and Pneumonia

Health issue

Although this might not seem to be a directly fatal disease, influenza which is commonly known as ‘the flu’ can turn into a serious lung infection which is known as Pneumonia. However, the good news is most people fight off influenza quite easily, by taking the necessary precautions and taking flu shots every season they can rest easy. Pneumonia can also be treated if you diagnose it early enough and take the necessary medicines.

7. Alzheimer’s Disease

7th highest health issue

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease and the 7th biggest health issue likely to be causing over 700,000 deaths in USA alone in 2016. The reason why Alzheimer’s is so fatal is because primarily there is no cure for the disease, no prevention and no particular treatment. Alzheimer’s patients suffer from a severe form of memory loss and their struggle increases as they get older.

Apart from short-term memory loss, Alzheimer’s patients will suffer from disorientation, mood swings and a lack of motivation to perform daily activities. The most important thing you can do for these patients is always provide them the right care and support at home, wherever they are most comfortable.

6. Diabetes

most common health issue

Type 2 Diabetes, also known as age-onset Diabetes afflicts people of older age as their body tissues start to become resistant to the effect of insulin. Diabetes can cause many complications as the excess glucose in the blood causes damage to the blood vessels all over the body. Particularly, organ failure such as kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and neuropathy is common in all those patients who do not control their diabetes.

All of these reasons are why it is the sixth highest health issue that is afflicting the world, particularly present in non-white races such as Asians and Africans.

5. Injuries

global health issue

Injuries can be major or minor as every one of us have experienced getting hurt, from our childhood to old age. However the most fatal injuries come from motor vehicle accidents, and these produce a very high number of casualties and deaths in many developed countries all over the world, thus making it a global health issue. Trauma from a motor vehicle accident can be very varied and doctors are not always able to save these patients as there are many variables that come into play.

The faster you reach the hospital the greater chances you have to survive. As a rule, one should always wear seat belts, get the airbags in one’s car checked and never indulge in over speeding or drive while intoxicated.

4. Respiratory Diseases

respiratory diseasesChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases such as bronchitis and emphysema are the fourth biggest health issue that causes deaths all over the world. With the popularity and incidence of smoking in teenagers in the recent years, the incidence of these respiratory diseases has also risen. Smoking, whether it is a shisha pipe, cigarettes or a vape are all equally (if not more) damaging to your body.

The inhalation of smoke causes damage to your lungs and greatly increases the risk of getting lung cancer as cigarettes have carcinogens in them as well. A sedentary lifestyle with the habit of smoking can be fatal in the long run.

3. Stroke

health issue

Stroke is the third biggest health issue that affects men and women all over the world. People do not understand that the simple solution to preventing strokes is maintaining a healthy lifestyle that simply translates to exercising frequently, eating healthy nutritious meals and abstaining from smoking, alcohol and processed food. These include having low calorie, and high protein meals while also having fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods.

The processed junk food that we obtain from restaurants particularly fast food outlets is not healthy. Fizzy drinks are especially harmful due to the excessive amount of sugar in them.

2. Cancer (Major Health Issue in the World)

famous deadly health issue

Cancer is a word everyone is unfortunately accustomed to hearing these days. The uncontrolled mutation of cells in your body causes tumors to form and these leave patients debilitated and facing complications in multiple systems of their body. Since there is no cure for cancer, even with chemotherapy and heavy medication it is still the second highest health issue that kills people all over the world.

The most devastating one being of lung cancer, the patients thus not being able to breathe properly and this respiratory distress decreases their lung function which ultimately leads to their death. Another complication of cancer tumors is the fact that they are rapid in their spread and can metastasis occurs through the lymphatic channels in the whole body.

The prevention of cancer can only be done if one gets regular checkups, the earlier the doctor is able to diagnose cancer and determine which stage it is in, the greater the chance of it being treated.

1. Heart disease

Most common health issue

Heart disease can be defined as a range of conditions that affect the heart, its vessels and ultimately its functioning. The heart is the most important organ in the body, in the sense that it supplies oxygen to every other part of the body and hence it is not a surprise that a disease of the heart is the leading cause of death all over the world. Heart disease can either be acquired or congenital which means that you are born with it. Congenital heart diseases are often surgically operable after the baby has been born.

However, cardiovascular diseases – primarily involving the narrowing and blockage of the arteries to, from and within the heart are fatal. It is the number one health issue that has affected the world with millions of deaths owing to cardiovascular diseases worldwide. The reason for such an increase in the deaths due to heart disease is that over the years, the lifestyle of the global population has changed. The twenty-first century has seen the introduction of internet and it is this new technology that has made people all over the world generally less active and living a more sedentary lifestyle.

Diet which is filled with junk and processed food can be lethal if persisted for a very long time as these high levels of cholesterol and fats are what occludes the arteries in the body and causes heart attacks. People all over the world should be aware of these risks and hence work towards maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.