Top 10 Best Laptops 2016 in the World

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Laptops are considered to be one of the most important item for any person. No matter whether you a student,business person or a teacher each single person do need a laptop facility to make their daily tasks much easy and simply effortless. In the past the people used to find it necessary to keep the computer sets in their homes but now the trend has been complete changed and now it’s the era of Laptop 2016.

There are so many brands in the market that have so far introduced with various models of the laptops with impressive features. But there are some companies whose laptops are dream to catch up. They do know what the laptop users want in any laptop. Now you would be thinking in mind that which laptops have made their favorite place in the hearts of the laptop lovers!

Below we will going to list down the names of famous and yet top 10 best laptops 2016 in the world.

10. Asus X555L

Laptops 2016

On the 10th spot we have the name of Asus X555L! This is one of the best laptop 2016 in the world that has been all set with the Full HD (1920x 1080) resolution display. It has the amazing pixel density of 141 pixels per inch and through this laptop you will be able to catch the fun of the rich detailed images onscreen. To give their images with the high quality effects they made the use of ASUS Splendid Technology that has color temperature correction. Its LED panel has been all comprised with the blue light that will save you from the eyesight retinal issues.

This laptop is standing out to be best alternative for the daily computing. It is stylish in designing and styling features. It is even added up with the elegant Zen-inspired spun finish or a brushed finish for the purpose of the premium metallic look. It has the long-Lasting Polymer Battery. You will be able to get this laptop in the affordable rates as it features will definitely going to make you fall in love with this laptop.

9. Aorus X3 Plus v5


This laptop is famous known with the name of “Mini Gaming Machine”. This laptop has been comprised with so many best features in which we include up with the name of the touchpad design. This laptop has been included with the processor Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz with the memory of about 5010 MHz, 354.35. It has the display screen of about 13.9 inch as well as 3200×1800 pixel. It has the weight of about 1.8 kg.

This laptop is best for the students and even for the person who is involved in some large and small business organisations. It has the best features which you always look for in any type of the laptop. They know what you want and therefore this laptop is one of the best laptop 2016 existing in the market today.

8. Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series 2-in-1 Special Edition (3153)

laptop 2016

On the 8th spot we discuss about the name of Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series 2-in-1 Special Edition (3153). This laptop has been all designed in the incredible 360-degree hinge design through which you will be able to flip the keyboard just as around and lay it flat on your lap to. You can even think about to position up the laptop as in the upright position in order to play games, scroll through songs and do much more. Moreover it supports full touch interaction. It has the full-sized keyboard.

It has been all featured up with the latest Intel® 6th Gen Core processors with the speed. It has the longer lasting battery life that can last for about 11 hours. It has the storage of about 500 GB hard drive. You can even make the use of the solid state drive to boot or resume in seconds. It is much light in weight to carry around. It has the 11.6″ edge-to-edge touch display.

7. Dell XPS 13 (2015)

laptop 2016

This is the best ever laptop that has been designed by the Dell. This laptop of Dell is all featuring with the Windows 10. It has the 13 inch screen that makes it one of the smallest one all over the world. Its screen has been all set with the borderless infinity display. Its screen size is very much impressive looking. It is 3 sided that is all measuring up with the miniscule 5.2mm border. It is 9-15 mm thick and starting at only 2.6 pounds.

It has been all set with the Full HD non-touch display. Its screen is touch friendly that will be giving you with the chance to get into interaction as naturally with your technology. We would suggest you that you should catch this laptop in order to give your tasks with some simple and effortless touch.

6. Apple MacBook (Best Laptop 2016)

laptop 2016

On the 6th spot we have the name of Apple MacBook! This laptop 2016 is coming across to be one of the thinnest and lightest one. It has been all included with the latest processors, faster graphics, faster flash storage all along with the longer battery life and a beautiful rose gold finish. It is all featuring up with the sixth-generation dual-core Intel Core M processors that is up to 1.3 GHz all along with the with Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.1 GHz.

It has the fastest form of the 1866MHz memory. MacBook is all set with the USB-C port for the purpose of the charging, data transfer and video output. It is offering its customers with the built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 for the sake of the fast wireless connectivity. You can use it as one of the perfect options for the streaming.

5. Acer Aspire R14 (R5-471T-52EE)

laptop 2016

On the next of laptop 2016 list we have Acer Aspire R14 (R5-471T-52EE)! It has the 14 inch full HD screen. Its memory speed is 256 GB SSD. This laptop is one of the best laptop 2016 because it has been offering with the best features within it. It is light in weight and has the longer lasting battery power. You can make the free use of this laptop for the finance holding as well as in the assignments. So what are you waiting for? Before this laptop gets out from the market just be the first to catch it right now!

4. Toshiba Chromebook 2

best laptop 2016

This laptop has been all set with the features of the 13.3-inch full-HD display, an Intel Celeron 3215U processor and along with the 4GB of RAM. It has the coverage of the CB35’s lengthy battery life. It has been all textured with the plastic shell and smooth edges through which you will be finding it easy to move from one place to another. You can get it in the amazing Ice Silver color.

It is coming up in the 12.6 x 8.4 x 0.76 inches that makes it much more thicker than the Acer Chromebook 13. It has the weight of about 2.97 pounds.As regard the keyboard has been mentioned then the keyboard has 1.53mm of travel that hence requires 54 grams of force to actuate.

3. Dell XPS 15 Touch (9550)

Dell best laptop 2016

On the next we have another one of the best laptops by Dell named as Dell XPS 15 Touch (9550)! This laptop has been included with the 15.6-inch 4K UHD touchscreen along with the intel Core i5-6300HQ. Its battery life can exist for about 10 hours. Its current market price is about $1,599.00. It has been all set with the striking 4K UHD display.

You will going to view that it has been even added up with the Infinity Edge display that is about borderless 15.6-inch screen. It is about 11-17mm thin and its weight is about 4.5 pounds. It is not just affordable with the rates but even added with the best features which you want!

2. Schenker XMG U 726

Best laptop 2016

Schenker XMG U726 is on the 2nd spot on our list of laptop 2016! This laptop has been featuring with the GeForce GTX 970M or a GTX 980M. It has been set with the processor that can be upgraded, too. But the sad thing is that they do not support Hyper-Threading that can be important in the future. This laptop even supports Nvidia’s G-Sync technology. Plus the laptop has been even put together with the high-end radio module from Intel or Qualcomm Atheros.

It has the setting of the backlit keyboard. Don’t forget to buy this laptop right now! This laptop will definitely going to end up making all your tasks easy and simply effortless. You will even going to recommend it to other people as well.

1. Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch, Retina Display (2015)

top 10 best laptop 2016

On the last and yet at the top of our laptop 2016 list we have the name of Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch, Retina Display (2015)! This laptop has been all set with the 2.7GHz Processor all along with the 128 GB Storage. It is included with the 2.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5. It has the built in battery that can stay for about 10 hours. It has the touch trackpad.

It is accessible at the market price of about $1,299.00! Rush to the market now and be the first to catch this laptop!
So this is all we have ended up with the top ten best laptops 2016 in the world! All the laptops are best with their features and we are sure that their specifications will going to come across a lot helpful for daily tasks!

Are you ready to buy these amazing laptops?