Top 10 Oscar Categories Predictions Of Winners in 2016

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The 88th Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, will honor the best films of 2015 and will take place on February 28, 2016, at the Dolby Theatre.

10:Best Director

Best Director
I guess,Lenny Abrahamson will be the winner of this time because the story he has selected and portrayed in his movies ROOM is incredibly amazing.The art to show deep relation between mother and her son inside and outside the prison is really going to make something extra-ordinary.

9:Best Costume

Sandy Powell
Sandy Powell is the person to be selected in this category due to her perfect clothes designing in movie CINDERELLA.It was a hard job to design every kind of clothes for characters appearing other than cinderella ,but he remarkably did her job.

8:Best Picture

Best Picture
I believe Alejandro innartu once again fulfilled his side with the epic story involving every aspect.Although movie is bit vicious but still his work praises his efforts on the film.

7:Best Actor

The Revenant
When a person has been nominated for 4 times and did his best in all these four but could not get the award,it is quite hard to predict about him.But,here we have the only Leonardo Dicaprio who is the most predicted person to have oscar this time.I can only sat him:Good luck man!

6:Best Actress

Best Actress
Although it’s difficult to select Brie Larson for this category when there is Cate and Jennifer on the other side but the point is that she has wonderfully done her job with her natural acting in her previous films like SHORT TIME 13 and once gain in ROOM.Now it is the time to give her back.

5:Production Design

The Revenant
Once again i will say it will be THE REVENANT winning this category because it was just above our imaginations where the director has shot the film.And with natural light it gets even hard to discontinue your work for next day.

4:Actress in Supporting role

Kate Winslet
I will definitely choose Kate Winslet from all the nominations.The expressions and an entire support to Steve jobs during film is indicating something good for her.

3:Actor in Supporting Role

Actor in Supporting Role
As far as the acting is concerned Christian Bale deserves better chances to have it than Tom Hardy because of his multi-style performance in The Big Short

2:Best Original Screenplay

Best Original Screenplay
Ex Machina is the movie of complete fantasy but its on screen appearance has made it one of the best ever.On screen this movie rules more than any other movie.

1:Best Foreign Language Movie

Best Foreign Language Movie
Theeb is the best movie i select from all oscar nominations.