Top 10 Proposed Airlines of the Future

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The people who travel frequently in airlines will be curious to know the Proposed Airline of the future. When you travel in some airline, you know it’s pro and cons. If you appreciate some airline, you will definitely recommend it to others. The World Airline Award ceremony that took place in Paris Airshow announced top 100 airlines of 2015. This was based upon the testimonials and feedback of travellers on these Airlines.

The World Airline Awards also described that the Oscars of the aviation industry are considered to be a global criterion for the excellence of airline. The top airlines of the year are also the proposed airlines with their extraordinary features.

Let us read through the proposed airlines of the future with their brief description.

10. Qantas

proposed airline

Qantas is one of the proposed airlines of the future and is located in Sydney. It was found in 1920 and stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services) airway limited and holds the position of national carrier airline of Australia. Recently it has been named as the flying kangaroo. It is the largest airline considering its fleet size, international flights and destination. It also holds the position of third oldest airline in the world.

However it showed improvement in every period. The best in-flight entertainment is available including Mainstream system, AVOD system, and passenger service system. Easy tickets availability is ensured to the customers. Qantas provide best tourism as well maintaining the pride of Australia. Owing to its extraordinary services and satisfaction achieved by the passengers, it has been added in the list of proposed airlines.

9. Eva Air

9th proposed airline

EVA name has been taken from Evergreen airline and it is one of the proposed airlines of the future. “Sharing the World, Flying Together into the future’’ is its slogan and it has following its slogan in true sense. EVA Taiwanese airline was established in 1989 covering 40 destinations domestically and internationally is one of the top airlines for future.

Since its establishment it has been serving its passengers in every possible way. The passengers can make online bookings and can print their electronic boarding passes electronically. It has also facilitated the passengers in the field of tourism with best trip advisors. EVA Airways, one of the proposed airlines, is listed as third safe stairline in January 2014 by AERO INTERNATIONAL with no accidents and fatality.

8. Garuda Indonesia

proposed airline for future

Garuda Indonesia is also among the proposed airlines of the future. The name Garuda is derived from the name of a holy bird of Hinduism; Garuda.It is the national airline of Indonesia having its headquarters located in Tangerang near Jakarta. It has been working successfully to connect over 40 destinations all around the globe since its establishment in 1949.

Skytrax rated Garuda as one of the five starred airline recently and hence it is the proposed airline for future. Its friendly and polite crew and full service packages airline offer best travelling experience. Its best In-Flight Entertainment System, best accommodation,USB ports with the seats and personal reading light are one of the few services it provides.Online booking is available.

In the year 2009, it started a 5 year program, the Quantum Leap, for its modernization that earned it the award of most improved airline and is one of the proposed airlines of the future.

7. All Nippon Airways

proposed airline,NIPPON AIRWAYS

All Nippon airways or ANA is the largest Japanese Airway that is one of the proposed airline with headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. It flies over in 72 different international destinations and several domestic destinations. Skytrax regarded it one of the five star airlines in March 2013, since than it has improved a lot and is serving its passengers with their best accommodation.

’’Inspiration of Japan’’ is a newly launched program for business class suites and is also the slogan of this airline. The ANA airline ensures the availability of online tickets and booking to facilitate its passengers. In-flight magazine with its android counterpart Virtual Airport provide the passengers the check-in facilities and other information. ANA with its best services is one of the proposed airlines of the future.

6. Etihad Airways

no. 6th proposed airline

Etihad airways are one of the proposed airline of the future and are national carriers of United Arab Emirate. Its head office is located in Abu Dhabi International airport. Etihad is the second largest airline in UAE with its 117 destinations internationally and domestically with its 1000 flights. Being established in November 2003, it has been regarded as the 3rd largest airline in Middle East showing the best of Arabian hospitality.

With its best services including Entertainment screen, AVOD, IFE system with Panasonic X2 called Ebox, wardrobe and full flats beds for first class it has become one of the top proposed airline for future. Online booking and reservation are available for the passengers to facilitate their passengers.

Hala Abu Dabhi, a destination management organization, works with Etihad Airways to enhance your tourism with easy Visa processing and venue selection. It has received many awards like best Airport Service award and best airline staff in Asia award and many more make it one of the best proposed airline.

5. Emirates

emirates is a proposed airline

With its slogan Hello tomorrow Emirates is one of the proposed airline. It is located in United Arab Emirates and was established in 1985. It is one the largest airline in Middle East and has become the 3rd largest International carrier due to its fleet size and international flights in around 80 countries covering 140 destinations. Considering the revenue, Emirates is the 7th largest airline in the world.

The airline was awarded with World’s best in-flight Entertainment award in the year 2013. Its inflight entertainment is based upon ICE programs including Information, communication entertainment. In the field of advertisement it sponsors ICC, IPL, cricket Australia and much. It provides the traveller’s best travelling experience with its excellent services and has been regarded as the top proposed airline of the future.

4. Turkish Airways

TURKISH AIRWAYS | proposed airline

Turkish airways are one of the top airlines which are also the proposed airline of the future. It is the national carrier Turkey with the location of its headquarters in Istanbul. After its establishment in 1923, it flies to 280 international and domestic destinations that makes it fourth largest airline of the world. It became Star Airway Alliance member in the year 2008.

With its slogan, widen your world, and many new affinity programs like miles and smiles and its sponsorship programs for football clubs like FC Barcelona, Aston Villa, A.S Roman and many more, it has gained much more popularity in the recent years that makes it one of the proposed airlines of the future that is on the way to further advancements.

3. Cathay Pacific

Cathay PacificCathay Pacific being the national carrier of Hong Kong is one of the proposed airlines of the future. The airline has won World’s best airline award for four times up till now. It was established in 1946 and the airline covers around 200 destinations both domestically and internationally. It made its first non-stopper flight also known as Maiden Flight in the year 1998.

Provision of best accommodation facilities and entertainment is one of the main aims of Cathay Pacific that is fulfilled. Passengers enjoy economical catering and medical services in time. The newly introduced online flight booking and tickets reservation have facilitated the passengers.

LIFE WELL TRAVELLED is the motto Cathay Specific that is expected to be achieved and makes it the proposed airline of future.

2. Singapore Airlines

second most proposed airline

Singapore Airlines was established in 1947 and is the National carrier of Singapore. It has achieved the ranking of World’s largest passenger aircraft and has also been regarded as the second largest Airline by International Air Transport association. It is among most respected airway in the world and is the proposed airline for future that promotes prosperity.

Passengers are provided with best IFE systems with entertainment screen and in-seat light system that is called Krisworld that was established in 1997 and is appreciated by passengers all over the world. Online booking and reservations are available along with the other best services that make it one of the proposed airlines of the future with its special tourism packages to promote the culture of south Asia.

1. Qatar Airways (Emerging Proposed Airline)

top proposed airline

Qatar Airways is one of the most proposed airline of the future with its popularity that was achieved in a nick of time after its establishment in 1993. With its youngest and the most modern fleets of, it travels to around 140 destinations all around the world. In October 2013, Qatar Airways has become a member of Oneworld Global Airline Alliance.

Best IFE programs like Oryx entertainment are provided to the passengers along with around 1000 entertainment options in its affordable prices. Its kind and polite crew provide you the best in flight services. It has been given the award of Airline of the year and without any doubt it is one of the proposed airlines of future with its rapidly growing popularity.