Top 10 Revenue Generating Industries in the World

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All over the world, there a giant companies and the amount of revenue generated from them is absolutely crazy. There are approximately 65 or more companies in the world today, whose amount of revenue generated exceeds the $100 billion dollar mark. Those are some crazy figures right there. The amount of revenue generated by these companies is several times the GDP of a number of small countries combined. In the second quarter of 2015, U.S. based companies generated a profit of $1.8 trillion even after taxes, due to the huge amount of revenue generating industries by them.

Even though most of the world’s most revenue generating companies are U.S. based. Last year, the sum of the profit earned by the world’s most revenue generating industries was a whopping $223.2 billion. The amount of revenue generated by the world’s top twenty biggest companies exceeds $5 trillion dollars every single year. This insane amount of money is enough to buy a medium-sized country or two for that matter. Out of the world’s most revenue generated industries, there are approximately 21 companies that deal with oil and gas such as ExxonMobil, Chevron and Total, whether it be extraction or processing, while the other lot contains, automobile industries, telecom provider’s, retail giants such as Walmart and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

These companies not only generate insane amounts of revenue, but they also provide jobs to millions and overcome the problem of unemployment. The revenue generated by these companies not only has a big impact on the local development but also has a global impact. The world is made up of various corporations and industries. As humankind wants more facilities at their footsteps while applying minimal effort, industries are growing. Like the initial barter system, which can be seen as the basis on which industries now stand. You bartered what you had for what you wanted, whether it was a good or service. Say for example in the old days I would trade my baby chick for loafs of bread.

Now take this example and enlarge it on a mega scale, today’s revenue generating industries and Multinational corporations are basically doing exactly the same. They have a skill or expertise that you want. You have money that they want to generate high amounts of revenue therefore a trade takes place. There are a number of companies whose value of revenue generated is crazy. China, who is becoming the next super power of the world is also coming onto the scene with their companies that also have a huge amount of revenue generated.

Out of all the companies in the world, here is a list of the top 10 biggest revenue generated industries in the world:

10. Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

Revenue Generated Industries in the World

Last but not least the Kuwait Petroleum company. Is Kuwait’s national (state run) Oil Company, with headquarters in Kuwait City. Kuwait is also an oil rich company therefore KPC produces 7% of the world’s total crude oil. The company has rapid expansion plans to become the biggest producer of its kind.It was founded in 1980 as an umbrella company, which included; KOC, KNPC, KOTC, PIC.The company’s products are sold internationally under a subsidiary (one of many of KPC subsidiaries)named Q8.

9. Vitol

highest revenue generating industries

Vitol is number 9 on our list of highest revenue generating industries. The company operates within the commodities industry. It was founded in Rotterdam located in South Holland. Its current headquarters are based in Geneva, Switzerland.Physical trading, logistics and distribution are at the core of the business, these are complemented by refining, shipping, terminals, exploration and production, power generation, mining and retail businesses.

Vitol is a private company which is owned significantly by a proportion of its employees, who are known for their culture of privacy and secrecy, from both competitors and the general public. The company has some of the richest and most risk taking executives in the industry and pays its shareholder (comprising of its employees) large dividends.

8. ExxonMobil

Multinational American company

Our Number 8 pick, like the name suggest is a company that is a merger of two former oil and gas industry companies, Exxon and Mobil. It is an Multinational American company with its headquarters in Texas. It is also the third largest publically traded company by market capitalization. It is also the largest supermajors (a name used to describe the world’s 7 or 8 largest publically owned oil and gas companies).

The company is highly targeted by pressure groups due to its poor response to its Valdez oil spills, considerate one of the worst oil spills in terms of damage to the environment .Furthermore it is criticized for lobbying government campaign (to negatively affect the environment) and human rights violations.

7. Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Petroleum Company

Number 7 on our list is the internationally famous company, you and I all know and visit regularly to refill our car tanks , The Royal Dutch Shell , more commonly known just as Shell around the world, with its shell shaped logo (which emphasises their concern for the environment). Just like the name suggest it is an Anglo Dutch company with headquarters in Netherlands and incorporated in the United Kingdom.

The company originated from an amalgamation of two rival companies ,the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company (Netherland based)and the “Shell” ,trading and transport company (UK based).It is a dual listed company ,thus the merging companies maintain their legal existence but operate as a single unit. The company basically produces, petroleum, natural gas, and other petrochemicals.

6. Samsung

top revenue generating

Samsung, our number 6 pick is a household name across the modern world. People of every age are familiar with this brand name. In this technically advanced world it is impossible to be unaware of this conglomerate that produces many of our favourite product such as; apparels,Chemicals,consumer electronics,electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, ships and telecommunication equipment.

Some of its ever famous products include its smartphones and 3D flat screen televisions. The company is a South Korean multinational Corporation that was founded in 1938, the company has been around for more than 78 years. And much like many other big industrial giant it too has its cases against human rights activists in terms of labour abuses and other such issues.

5. State Grid

$333 billion USD

Number 5 in the highest revenue generating industries is, State Grid another china based company with in the energy industry, but this time electricity industry. It was founded not too long ago in 2002,some 14years ago, and has managed to gain this position through the resilience of its management team. The company serves, electricity to only china and has revenues estimated at $333 billion USD.

4. Saudi Aramco

environmental master plan

Number 4 on our list is also a company with in the oil and gas industry. It is a Saudi Arabia based company, a company known to be rich due to its oil reserves. Thereby Aramco has the world’s largest proven oil reserves and largest daily production.The company owns, and develops all energy resources for its country.Its headquarters are based in Dhahran. Coming towards the company’s environmental record the company has an “environmental master plan,” to minimize its negative effect on the environment. Parts of the plan are already achieved and others are on there way.

3. China National Petroleum Corporation

$428 billion USD

China is swinging it out of the park with its high revenue generating industries units. Number 3 on our list is also a Chinese company with in the oil and gas industry. The company generates revenue worth, $428 billion USD. And employees large numbers of employees. Its headquarters are also located in Beijing China.

2. Sinopec Group

$455 Billion USD

China Petrochemical Corporation or Sinopec comes second on our list, in terms of revenue generating industries. It is part of the Oil and gas industry much like many of the other companies that will soon be mentioned in our Top 10.It has a Revenue of $455 Billion USD or 1 trillion Chinese yuan’s. It is a corporation with its headquarters in Beijing, china.

1. Walmart Stores Inc. (Top Revenue Generating Industries)

top biggest revenue generating industries

Number 1 on our list is Walmart the retail giant. Walmart is an American based multinational retail corporation they own various different types of retail outlets around the world. There company logo the yellow smiley face is world famous and it is a retail outlet known for its low prices. They offer some of the lowest prices available in the market to consumers therefore the company experiences large volumes of customers around the clock.

The giant retailer has immense bargaining power with suppliers, therefore it is able to provide low prices to consumers, keeping low profit margins but gaining from economies of scale.But for the past many years Walmart is being criticized by pressure groups around the world on its business practices. They are even facing various lawsuits.