Top 10 Smartphones for Year 2016

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Who does not possess a smartphone in the present era? It has become a necessity of our daily lives. The convenience and facilities they provide to us are responsible for smartphones to be such popular. It’s like you have a PC in your hand sized according to your hand size. The services provided by Smartphone 2016 are those of previous popular devices like personal digital assistant, GPS navigation, media player, internet access and the touch screen interface.

The companies are making better smartphones that offer much more applications than previous ones like 4G LTE internet, mobile payments, sensors etc. Everyone has a different choice of smartphone depending upon the suitability, prices and services provided.

We are here providing you the best smartphones of the recent year with their brief introduction that makes them more desirable.

10. Honor 7

smartphone 2016

This is one of the best smartphone 2016 and is giving a tough competition to the other smartphone companies. The phone posses a thin all metal body and has 1080p and 5.2 inches display works well to add into its looks. The battery size of 3100 mAh with long battery life and 3GB RAM present in it makes it a better smartphone than many others. The 20 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera provide you a decent opportunity to take best pictures.

Additional features present in Honor 7 include dual sim card, fingerprint scanner, micro SD slot along with the voice control provided to its users. The phone also provides you interesting features like resizing by swiping the phone left to right and taking of screenshots by double tap. The phone can be buy in $430 and is a good smartphone 2016.

9. HTC One A9

smartphone 2016

HTC smart phones are among the popular phones with the best services they offer to us. The phone can be buy in just $499.99 price. Talking about its display, it has five inches full HD AMOLED display that adds to the looks of the phone. The battery of the phone is non removable and ha a size of 2150 mAh. The 13 MP rear and 4 MP front cameras work better than the previous smart phones of the same company.

Other features of the phone are Boom Sound and finger print scanner along with optical image stabilization present in the camera. HTC One A9 also has Sense Home application that works like stock Android to provide faster upgrades. However there are a few drawbacks of the phone like all metal body and high price as compared to the features but still it is among the best smartphone 2016.

8. Motor X Pure

smartphone 2016

This is one of the user friendly and economical smartphone 2016 with a price of $399.99. It has a large display of 5.7 inches quad-HD IPS LCD that makes it a phone with nice looks. The camera of the phone is highly incredible with 21 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. Other features provided by this smart phone include rapid charging, front facing speaker and micro SD slot for expandable storage.

The phone has 3000 mAh non removable battery that can survive for 10 hours even after being charged for fifteen minutes. It also provides you faster Android updates and many other incredible features with best performance in such a cheap price.

7. LG G4

best smartphone 2016

LG had bring in the market their best smartphone 2016 LG G4 that can be taken in $423 price with the best offers it has for users. The quad-HD 5.5 inches display that is bright and crisp and leather clad design of the phone has made it a unique smart phone. The exceptional camera of 16 MP rear and 8 MP front provides the manual control to the user that is highly appreciated. The only drawback of the phone is the quick wearing put of the leather that hatter its looks along with the slowing down of the phone.

Other features of this smart phone include 3000 mAh battery size, 2K display, wireless charging, removable battery along with micro SD slot to provide expandable storage, this all make it one of the best smart phone choice of the resent year.

6. Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

smartphone 2016

Lumia has been one of the most prominent smartphone 2016 ever. This new Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is among the top 10 smartphone 2016 with its incredible features. The phone has a classic 5.7 inches quad-HD AMOLED display that put forth a decent looking phone in the market. The camera of this window phone is matchless with 20 MP triple LED Flash Pure View camera that excels in taking high quality sharp pictures.

It lags behind due to lack of the apps that needs to be reviewed and the app gap needs to be bridged up along with the annoying bugs present in it. There is Continuum feature in this device that makes it to be used like PC. Window Hello and Office 365 are best featured for business. Battery size is 3340 mAh and other features include wireless charging, liquid cooling, removable battery and expandable storage in just $649 price.

5. Nexus 6P

best smartphones 2016

Yes! Nexus 6P is among the best smartphone 2016. It has 5.7 inches quad-HD display and its metal design attracts the users. The 12.3 MP camera is fast and sharp and works wonder in low light along with its excellent front 8 MP camera. The phone can be bought in $499 price. The battery size of the phone is 3450 mAh and works well for a whole day.

Additional features provided by Nexus are fingerprint scanner, Android Marshmallow per loaded and USB –C fast charging etc. however the phone has some setbacks like lack of wireless charging but it is still one of the best Smart phone regarding its camera and design.

4. Galaxy Note 5

smartphone 2016

This is another best smartphone 2016 made by Samsung and can be buy in $696 dollars. The phone has 5.7 inches quad-HD Super AMOLED display along with its premium and slick looks is without any doubt an incredible choice with one of the best display ever. About camera, 16 MP rear camera and 5 Mp front camera with good colors picture is an excellent function of the phone.

The other feature include, a battery size of 3000 mAh, the wireless charging, finger print sensor and S Pen stylus are incredible features offered by this Smart phone. Along with that, 4K video and Samsung Pay feature are worth mentioning feature of this one of the best Smartphone 2016.

3. iPhone 6S Plus

smartphone 2016

There is always an argument over iPhone and android phone. However iPhone 6S has beaten many other smartphone 2016 with its astonishing features. It has 5.5 inches IPS LCD display with 3D touch and 4 K video that make it one incredible phone to us. The full HD display has added to its attraction. About battery, it has 2750 mAh battery size and rapid charging. Talking of the camera of this new iPhone, it has been improved a lot from previous ones, with a 12 MP rear and 5 MP front cameras.

The beautiful colors and high details of the picture taken by this phone make it one of the top ten phones. It is however large and heavy as compared to iPhone 6S as it possesses the new taptic engine in it. No doubted, it enhances the experience of using an iPhone being a long lasting and incredible phone available in $749 price.

2. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

best smartphone 2016

Sony has produced many smartphones but Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is one of the best smartphone 2016. The 5.5 inches display and the 4K footage gives it the incredible look. It is the first phone with 4K. Other features include finger print sensor and the rapid battery charging of its 3430 mAh battery size. Talking about the camera, it has 23 MP rear camera and 5.1 MP front camera with incredible colors and high details with fast auto focus makes it the best camera ever.

It has a waterproof design and expandable storage that make it a convenient phone to use. This phone possesses some flaws as well like no improvement in the software and a few other but these can’t hold it from being in the list of top ten smartphone 2016. It can be buy in $673 price

1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Considered best Smartphone 2016

smartphone 2016

This is one of the latest smartphone 2016 put forth by Samsung Company. It can easily be buy in $499.9 price. The Smartphone has a curved screen that is five inches long and has a battery size of 2600 mAh. The best feature includes its 16MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. Additional features provide by this smart phone are heartbeat tracker, Samsung Pay and wireless charging mainly.

The galaxy S6 and Edge have always remained people’s favorite phone being an excellent device. However it has some setbacks like short battery life, and inability to expand the storage. The Exynos 7420 chipset provides it a real fast speed that beats other smartphones. The excellent colors and incredible brightness along with the best camera with high quality pictures make it among the best smartphone 2016 list.