Top 10 Social Media Network Application

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Social media network is the demand of modern time and you can’t imagine your life without these. We owe a lot to these social media networks as they have made it much easier to stay in touch with your friends, family, and also help you to expand your circle by making new friends. These Social Media Network Application can easily be used both on your personal computer as well as on your android mobile app. There are innumerous apps that you need to know other than Facebook and Twitter.

With the passage of time, many new apps have come into play. Different users prefer different types of social media network application depending upon their usability, convenience and much more. No doubt there is a long list of social media networks that range from old to new applications.

But we are here describing the Top Ten Social Media Network Application.

10. Vine


Vine is a social media network application that has become very popular nowadays. This was launched by the manufacturers of Twitter and gained its fame in a few months. It is basically a video sharing application and works in a simple way. You just need to splice up the video clips and they are played on a loop. These six seconds looping videos are shared easily with your friends on Vine. The videos can also be edited just before uploading on Twitter or Facebook using this application. You can also use Vine to import videos in your phones.

With the new one touch video continuation feature, you can take multiple pictures and make a video out of it. You can do this all by making an account on Vine and can interact with other Vine users as well as can follow them. This application can be freely downloaded on iOS, windows and Android phone.

9. Tumblr

one of the favorite application

Tumblr has become very popular social media application all over the world recently. It works through blogs which you have to follow on your mobile platform. You have to create simple updates through texts, photos, audios as well as quotes or any other thing you want.  So with the help of Tumblr, you can create page in the form of mall blogs and dedicate it to anyone. You can handle multiple pages and also reply to the message received on those.

It can be used on your android as well as iPhone. You can easily manage your blog depending upon the interest of people who are following you over Tumblr. The offline support of this application allows you to reblog and like even when your device has no internet connection makes it more convenient to use.

8. LinkedIn

well known application

It is one of the best social media network application, which are used mainly by professional people to manage their connections. This application has around 300 million users now and is a great platforms for professionals. It can be synchronized with your calendar in phone and can help you to stay in touch with your meeting updates and you can view new or saved jobs that are recommended to you.

If you want to know who has viewed your profile you can become a Premium subscriber and can check your daily updates by your Notification center.

7. Snapchat

Emerging Application

When you want to share pictures and photo messaging, no other option is better than Snapchat. It is among the top social media application that can be used on both android as well as iOS. Earlier Snapchat was used to share pictures and videos with your contacts but later on it was evolved into an application that ranks as the best application for visual communication.

Along with the texting through Snapchat, you can now share the photos by weaving them together as well as the videos in the form of visual status of different types. The pictures get removed after a time of 10 seconds so most of the people used it to share silly pictures.

6. Pinterest

cool application

Pinterest is one of the best social media application, which is popular for sharing the pictures with your friends. It allows you to search for the things you are interested in and you can pin these things on your own virtual pin board that looks just like your creative and personal collage. This can be visible to your friends and they can follow your collage and can also comment over your pinboard.

You can also remove and pin new pictures. This application can be used freely on your Android phone as well as iPhone. You can use it to save the pictures which are important to you like recipes; home decoration ideas and can search or browse anything you want to use later.

5. Facebook Messenger

widey used application

It is one of the most commonly used applications that is associated with the Facebook but can be used separately.  The real communications through Facebook are handled by Facebook messenger application which can be downloaded on your android, iOS or Windows Phone.

You can easily chat with your friends using this application; can send those pictures, videos as well. With the new call feature, video and audio calls can also be made with your Wi-Fi turned on anywhere you want. It has been considered that Facebook messenger should be completely separated from Facebook and can be used all alone with any connection between the two.

4. Instagram


Instagram is one of the best social media application which have been used by nearly everyone to share pictures. This application is most commonly used on iPhone but people with android phones can also use it. You can use this application to show your artistic abilities with the help of its photo editing filters.

You can also share your own pictures as well. You can take shots with the help of this free application and these can be shown on your news feed visible to others. In your own newsfeed, the photos of your friends are visible to you. You can also search these photos by username or hashtag.

3. Whatsapp

emerging and cool application

Whatsapp is one of the top social media application, which is widely used on android and iOS or window phones. It is basically a simple messenger that allows you to message and connect with people for free. Recently the call option of Whatsapp has revolutionized its usage and became more popular.

Its best messaging services that not only works best locally but also internationally. You can not only send text messages with this application but can also send unlimited pictures, voice messages, videos, songs or any other document.

2. Twitter

widely used applicaton on smarthones

One of the most commonly used social media application is Twitter. It lets you tweet, which can be a quote, a news, a picture or whatever you want to share. You made an account on Twitter that can be followed by others and you can start tweeting.

With the help of its push notification, you will not miss your important news and other stuff. It is easily and freely available on Android, iOS as well as Windows phone.

1. Facebook Best Social Media Network Application

no 1 used application

Facebook is one of the best social media application that keep you in touch with your friends all the time. You are given a view of what your friends have posted in your news feed. Along with keeping a check on your friends, you can also share what is in your mind in the form of status, posts, pictures and what not.

You can also turn on the push notification about your favorite page or important stuff from that allow you to get each and every notification about that particular thing. This application also allow you to play several games and other Facebook apps can also be enjoyed.