Top 10 Ways for Women to Increase Estrogen Level

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Estrogen is one of the important hormones, which is required for proper body functioning of both males and females. Estrogen Level is related to females’ fertility, menstrual cycle, childbirth and is also integral to body metabolism, bone and heart functions. The estrogen level in women decreases naturally after menopause and it can lead to several signs and symptoms related to estrogen deficiency.

Hot flashes, osteoporosis, fat imbalance and heart problems can occur and it is also associated with some cancers. Estrogen imbalance also occurs in female of young age causing menstrual abnormalities. Poor diet, lack of exercise and certain medical conditions can contribute to the deficiency of estrogen in your body.

In this article we are devising ten ways to boost the estrogen level in women.

10. Reduce Sugar and Processed Food

estrogenExcessive intake of foods with high level of sugar and artificial sweetening agents can affect your metabolism of sex hormones of females and decrease the estrogen level in your blood. This hormonal imbalance is also associated with the intake of high amounts of processed and packaged food.

So to avoid the signs of estrogen deficiency it is advised to switch from high and complex carbohydrate diet to low carbohydrate and whole grain diet. You can replace white flour with grain flour and the use of brown rice and whole grain pasta is recommended.

9. Drink Coffee

ways to increase estrogen levelCaffeine present in coffee has a strong impact on the estrogen level of your body. Studies were conducted on females who consume 2 cups of coffee in their daily diets shown that they possess high of estrogen level in their body as compared to the females who don’t consume coffee. Increase the intake of organic coffee instead of sprayed coffee.

But it should be kept in mind that the estrogenic effects you get from caffeine do not boost your ovulation abilities and fertility. Also the excessive intake of coffee should not be encouraged and keep it in an average range of 200 to 400 mg per day. Other caffeinated beverages can also be consumed.

8. Chasteberry Herbal Products

herbal product estrogenHerbal products intake is rather encouraged in moderate amount as they are not associated with any chemical processing. One such herbal product is chasteberry that can easily be taken in the form of pill. The exact mechanism of action of this herbal product is not known but it may help to elevate the estrogen level in your body.

It has been proved that it helps to relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome but its role in fertility, lactation and reduction of menopausal symptoms is controversial. It should be taken by following the instruction of physicians and should be avoided if you are taking birth control pills, dopamine drugs or other antipsychotic drugs.

7. Quit Smoking

smoking killsSmoking is a major health problem of all times. Several studies have shown direct relations between smoking and estrogen level. It is proved that the chemical compounds present in cigarettes directly affect the metabolism of estrogen and hence decreasing its level in blood. The indirect effects also play an important role by modifying the enzymes and hormones involved in estrogen metabolism.

Besides, smoking also interferes with the release of several hormones in the body that are related with the production of estrogen and hence limiting its production. The menstrual irregularity and infertility is also associated with smoking and estrogen deficiency caused by it. So if you want to maintain your estrogen level within safe range, stop smoking now.

6. Take Herbal Tea Source of Estrogen Level

Take Herbal Tea Source of Estrogen LevelHerbal tea usage is associated with the maintenance of estrogen level in the body. It also helps to provide relief for the premenstrual symptoms as well as post menopausal symptoms. It is also simple to use and make the herbal tea. Black and green tea contains phytoestrogens that functions like estrogen. Similarly other herbal teas have other compounds.

A Chinese herbal tea contains Dong quai which also enhances estrogen levels. Red clover is also herb to make tea and have isoflavones in it to reduce postmenopausal symptoms. Black cohosh is said to have some functions like estrogens but does not increase its levels but still used widely in making herbal tea.

5. Add Seeds, Grains and Nuts in your Diet

Grains and NutsDiet plays a very important role in the maintaining of estrogen level in your body. Seeds and grains are important in this regard. Sesame, flaxseed and many other oilseeds if consumed are said to enhance the levels as well as functioning of estrogen. This all happens owing to the effects of phytoestrogen present in the grains and seed that mimic estrogen in structure as well as function. The level of phytoestrogen is three times more than that present in soybeans.

Similarly it is said that the grains like wheat, rice, barley and oats are also considered to be important in raising the levels of estrogen in females. Hence these should be included in your routine diet. Nuts are considered to be important sources of estrogen compound. Pistachios consist of the largest amount of phytoestrogen in it. Other nuts include cashew nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts etc. whose consumption can benefit you in this regard.

4. Eat Soy and Soy Products

Soy Products for better estrogen levelSoybeans products are considered to possess high nutritional values. Along with this these products contains certain compounds that have high resemblance with estrogen and mimic estrogen in functions as well. One of such compound present in tofu is genistein. But these are not associated with the stimulation of body to increase estrogen level.

Doctors recommend the intake of soy products in female after menopause to lessen their symptoms associated with menopause. The soy products you are encouraged to incorporate in your diet include edamame, soy nuts, tempeh etc. that may help you to combat estrogen deficiency effects

3. Stress Management

Stress ManagementIn the modern times, lifestyle has become so much stressful and competitive. Stress can affect our health in a very devastating way. It also decreases the estrogen level in our body. The mechanism behind this includes the release of cortisol hormone from the body under stressful conditions. This hormone interferes by blocking the receptors of progesterone hormone and down regulation of estrogen hormones as well. The down regulation of estrogen receptors decreases its effects.

Hence if you know the relationship between stress and estrogen, you should manage your stress. Find time for yourself and engage yourself in the activities that you like and spend stress free time.

2. Start Regular Moderate Exercising

body exercises for women estrogenWithout any doubt exercise has been playing an important role in our lives to maintain our body health. However several studies have proved that if women continue to perform excessive exercises they would experience a fall in the estrogen level in their body. The moderate exercise performed on daily basis is on the other hand beneficial for female body and can also protect you from diseases associated with estrogen deficiency

The importance of regular exercise cannot be denied but the fact that hard exercises and weightlifting can reversibly low the estrogen level. It has been observed that the female athletes have very low estrogen level as they develop excessive muscle mass decreasing the amount of healthy fats in your body hence decreasing the estrogen production.

1. Eat Fresh Vegetables and Fruits and Maintain your Diet

Eat Fresh Vegetables and Fruits and Maintain your DietMaintenance of the estrogen level requires the addition of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. There are special chemical compounds present in fruit and vegetables which are known as phytoestrogens. These compounds have chemical structure similar to estrogen and hence have estrogenic functions. They can also enhance the production of estrogen level in your body.

Vegetables like broccoli, beans, garlic, sweet potato and yams mainly contain high amounts of phytoestrogens and thus give your body a reason to boost estrogen production. Similarly fruits like dried dates and dried apricots have the highest content of these compounds. Other fruits with phytoestrogens include raspberries, peaches; strawberries should also be included in your diet.