Women’s Health Issues

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It’s a fact that women face a variety of unique challenges starts from when she gets mature continue till the period of menopause. It is important that women must aware of these basic her health issues that may give long time benefit for her healthy life.

Women’s Health Issues

10 General Health Issues

There are some common women health issues relating to breast cancer, heart diseases, weight gain, osteoporosis etc. women are not ready to take it as serious as it should be taken, women must need to undergo her health checkup to stay health and active because on time diagnosis and its treatment affects a lot on her health.

Breast cancer, osteoporosis, infertility issues

 9 Reproductive Issues in Women

The very first difficulty starts when menstruation begins, which causes too many changes in women health and its causes to women health issues which is directly related to their sex. If there is a chemical imbalance in the vagina can result in different problems like yeast infection, uterus and ovaries and various other medical problems.

Reproductive Issues in Women

8 Autoimmune Issues in Women

Changing appear in women’s body when she enters in her mature life and it happens due to autoimmune conditions where immune systems of our body reacts negative to the body and it causes degenerative symptoms and is decrease the quality of the patient’s life.  Three out of four patients of this disease are women.

Autoimmune Issues in Women

7 Gynecological health and infertility issues in women

Women’s health issues are due to reproduction system, menstrual periods, and if she not conceives in 6 to 12 months etc. if there is a pain or colored fluid discharge has considered a changing in women health. This type of health issues needs a proper attention and proper treatment. Women must need to give everyday care of her vaginal parts and avoids any infections.

Gynecological health and infertility issues in women

6 Osteoporosis

As a women age, the strength of her bones gradually decreases. The patient of this disease can suffer from brittle bones that leaves vulnerable to weakness in their entire body, it also makes them more susceptible to falls and increased the damage to the bones when falls occur.

Effects of osteoporosis on human's body

5 Breast Cancer

According to the society of breast cancer, 1 in 9 women have expected breast cancer in their lifetime and 1 in 29 will die from this disease. It is much lesser than in women whose body weight is normal. If you are struggling with it you can overcome on it by regular exercise, eat right kind of food to maintain your weight.

Effects of breast cancer in women health

4 Heart Disease in Women

It is leading killer of men and women in the US. According to Centers for disease control and Prevention 29% of women annually dead due to heart diseases. The real problem is heart attack leads to disability which effects on our lifestyles, like breathing problem while walking, and carrying various daily activities.

Heart Disease in Women

3 Pregnancy Issues

During pregnancy lot of changing has come in women’s health, make sure during this period women health should be given priority. Women must receive extra care during her pregnancy period which gives help in her delivery time. Lack of giving proper attention may increase the trouble of this issue.

Pregnancy Issues

Weight Gaining Issues in Women

One of the main causes of weight gaining is the presence of a high amount of fat in your body. Start eating food which contains fewer calories because high calories results in weight gaining.

Weight Gaining Issues in Women


It causes 3% death of female in the united state, it’s a serious women health issues and almost 26 millions patients. Nearly half of them are those whose aged is less than 20 years. We can overcome easily by maintaining healthy lifestyle, exercise, and by healthy weight and checked blood sugar regularly to allow for early diagnosis